6. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough One: Part FourUpdate notes

Frostspire Mountain

Walk around the pyre and head into the Causeway gate.

Glitterdelve Causeway

Head forwards and the Causeway will construct itself ahead of you.

Stonebridge Causeway

When you reach the save point, turn left and walk through the Causeway gate at the end.

The Grand Chapterhouse

Exit the Causeway room and speak to Marten and Odo. If you still haven’t unlocked the Maximum Charisma achievement, select “No, She’s Weak”, “We’ll need an army” and “Odo is right” to improve your influence with Anjali. Leave the Chapterhouse and head back to the Meisterhall.


Once you reach the main hall, you will be drawn into conversation with the Meisters. Tell them that you need their army and go for it.

Spire Bailey

After the conversation has ended, you will be transported to the Spire Bailey. Head forwards and down the stairs to enter another conversation. If you still need influence over Anjali, choose either “I won’t spare Jayne” or “You’re lying” when prompted. With the conversation over, head through the gates and pull the lever ahead of you.

Head through the open gates to find another lever, so pull that as well. Try to open the doors to the building here to trigger the Side Quest: Dungeon Siege. Turn around and walk out into the square, then turn to your right and enter the now-open gate. Directly to your right in the grass by the statue you’ll see a small plate on the floor. Stand on this to open the door to the building. Head back and go inside.

Spire Dungeon

Head down the stairs and pull the lever at the bottom. Just past the save point is another lever. Pull this to open the next door. When you reach the large circular room, head to the left and down the first corridor here. Approach the last cell on the left to talk to Fitch. He’ll send you off to find the keys.

Head back into the circular room and up the stairs to your left. At the top of the stairs will be a chest. There is another over the other side next to the other stairs. Continue down the middle into the last room to fight the Jailer. He moves a lot faster than he attacks so he shouldn’t be much of a problem. He will drop the jail keys.

Head back down the stairs but to the opposite side to Fitch. Enter the first room on your left to reach a large cell area. You will now be able to open each of the cells here to free the prisoners. There is a chest in the first cell on the left and directly opposite the chest is a breakable wall, followed quickly by another. The chest in this cell will contain a golden item and on the table by the wall will be Lore: Who is Azunai?

The first cell on the right will contain a chest, and opening the final cell on the right will unlock:

Head back over to Fitch and talk to him. “I changed my mind” will award more influence with Anjali, if you need it. No matter what you choose here, you will complete the Side Quest: Dungeon Siege. There are chests in each of the three other cells here. Exit the Spire Dungeon.

Spire Bailey

Fight your way to the centre area of the Bailey and turn right into the area with the plate switch from earlier. Continue onwards and open the gate to a new area. If you follow the path around to the right of this area, you’ll find a chest next to the stairs. Head up the stairs to battle Archon Handmaid. There is a chest next to the grass in the far left of this area.

Head up the next set of stairs to find a save point. Head through the next door to find another chest. Go around the corner and you’ll see stairs in front of you and a door to your right. Head up the stairs and follow the path all the way to the end to find a chest. Head back down the stairs and through the door.

West Turret

Immediately to your right is a chest behind two large jars. In the other direction is lever-operated lift. Use it to reach the top of the tower and fight the Archon of War. She should drop some rather tasty items, as will the chest at the back of this room. Leave the tower.

Spire Bailey

Make your way back to the centre area of the Bailey again and then head to the one gate you haven’t been through yet. Just to the left of the Statue before this gate is a chest. Head through the gate and out the other side. This area is basically a mirror image of the previous area.

In both the left and right corners of this area are chests to the sides of the stairs. Head up the stairs to fight another Archon Handmaid. To the right of this area is another chest next to the grass. Head through the door and past the save point to fight another Archon Handmaid. Head right and follow the path all the way around to talk to a merchant who sells some pretty nice stuff, like the Wraithband and Pendant of Blood (HP regen for the win \o/ ).

The small wall in between the merchant and the previous door can be destroyed to reveal a room with five chests. Head back around to where you fought the Handmaid and in the far right corner will be a chest. Now head through the door to the right into the next area to fight an Azunite Lieutenant.

East Turret

Follow the path around to the right to find the lift up to the tower. Head up and fight the Archon of Vengeance. She is a lot more dangerous than the previous Archon because she spawns fire jackals and her fire attacks can stun. She will also drop some excellent items.

Now work your way back to the entrance to the Spire Dungeon.

Spire Bailey

Head around the back of the Dungeon building to find another gate which is now unlocked.

Chancel of Azunai

Head up the stairs to find a chest to the left just before the building’s entrance. Go inside to find a save point. On the floor you will find Lore: Report from Issachar. Head onwards to meet Jeyne. When speaking to her, if you still need influence over Anjali, choose “We have unfinished business”. This is an incredibly difficult fight as you will be swarmed from all directions by a multitude of different enemies, while Jeyne and her friends bombard you with magic from the middle. If you see a huge circle form under your feet, run away. The first mini-boss during this section will be a Cyclops Brute. With the first Cyclops Brute dead, another one turns up to see what all the noise is about. Next you will be attacked by Saraya. When Saraya falls, Jeyne will run away. Collect all the loot (which will usually contain some great items) from around the arena. There will also be three chests around the edge. Head up the stairs and through the door to find a save point.

Head through the next door, use the lift and go through the doors at the top.

Sanctum of Fire

Here you will face Jeyne and her handmaids. Here you should concentrate all of your fire on Jeyne herself to force her to flee from the battle, abandoning her handmaids and unlocking:

Now defeat her handmaids, who will drop more awesome equipment. There’s also four chests spread around the room. Head up the main stairs to find a save point. In the next room is another lift, so ride it upwards.

Saint’s Solace

There’ll be chests here to your left and right, so loot them then head up the stairs to face Jeyne yet again. She is very, very difficult and hits like a truck. If you stand still, you’re dead. Your best bet is to bait out her rush attack, where she teleports behind you, and roll out of the way. She follows this up with a combo which is usually enough to hit her a couple of times. Avoid her magic attacks at all costs. When she’s finally defeated, you’ll unlock:

Marten will appear and begin a conversation with you. Decide what to do with Saraya and run after Marten and use the lift.

Spire Dungeon

As you walk through the door, there’ll be a chest to your right full of gold items and a save point to your left. Head down the stairs and on your right will be the final shop in the game. Sell everything in your inventory, by now you should have enough to unlock:

If not, you can buy back all of your stuff and sell it a second time to pop the achievement. When you’re done, head to the Causeway gate to start a conversation with Marten. If you still need influence with Anjali, choose “Don’t follow me”.

Enter the Causeway.

Causeway Hub

Head along the Causeway and into the gate on the other side.

Legion Chapterhouse

And here we are again. Armand will run to you with bad news. Follow him to Odo then run back to the Causeway gate. Odo and Armand will leave, so head down the stairs all the way to the bottom and leave the Chapterhouse.

East Forest

Here, just run straight down the middle, killing anything that attacks you. During this last section, you’re very likely to unlock:

If not, don’t worry too much. You’ll need to play through as Lucas as well and he’s a proper tank character meaning you’ll take way more damage with him.

Eventually, after lots of Archons and multi-limbed super Archons, you’ll reach the Radiant Youth and a save point. This is your last chance for influence over Anjali, so pick “Looking forward to it” when available.

Continue forwards once more and fight your way to the final battle. Eventually, the forest will make way into a single path, floating unsupported in the air. Head down into the clearing at the end and speak to Jeyne. When the conversation ends, you must fight the Corrupted Creator.

If you are not level 30 by now (you should be at least level 28) then this is a great place to farm for XP. There will be a lot of regular enemies to kill during this fight, so make sure to make use of them.

During this fight, it is very important to not get knocked unconscious as it will void an achievement. Always have a healing power activated, never stop moving and don’t be afraid to hide behind the rocks when the Creator is attacking (and by this, I mean make sure to hide behind the rocks when the Creator is attacking).

Firstly he will be swiping around the level and calling down Archons to fight you. At this stage, his attacks are easy enough to dodge and you won’t find yourself overrun. He also has a magic attack, but this is easily avoided with a dodge or two. This the best spot to farm for XP as there are never too many enemies and they’re easy to kill. Keep killing the archons to unlock:

With that unlocked, start attacking his hands. After a while, his glove will shatter and he will take more damage when you attack his hand. After a few more attacks, his arm will explode. Those rocks I mentioned will now fall into place, so run and hide behind one, just in case. He’ll now spit black goo all over the place, make sure to avoid it. Lots of little creatures will spawn and he will try and hit you with a laser attack – those rocks are sure going to come in handy...

He will then kill any remaining enemies himself and spurt more black goo. Hide behind the rocks for this attack as it will knock you down. Then, his head will fall to the floor allowing you to unload into it with everything you’ve got. He will then repeat this cycle until you beat him.

A good strategy is to roll continuously when the regular enemies are about and letting the Creator do all the work.

When he is defeated, you will unlock:

Now it is time for you to decide Jeyne’s fate. After the conversation you will unlock:

And that's your first playthrough completed! Only three more to go...

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