7. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough Two: ReinhartUpdate notes

For this playthrough you should choose Reinhart Manx. Start a new game and invite your co-op buddy in as Lucas Montbarron. There will be very little changes between each playthrough, though some characters will be replaced by others (for example, you will meet Katarina in Raven’s Rill temporarily) but nothing major will change. Dungeon Siege III is an incredibly linear game, so follow the walkthrough for Playthrough One, with the following differences:

Gunderic Manor

When deciding the fate of Gunderic Manor, make sure to choose the different option to what you picked on your first playthrough to unlock the other of:

Upper Raven's Rill

When you face Rajani in Upper Raven’s Rill, if you missed these the first time around, try for them again:

Defeating her will also unlock:

Now play through the game as you did last time until you reach level 20 and unlock:

From that point onwards you can ignore the side quests and just concentrate on completing the game, which will net you:

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