8. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough Three: AnjaliUpdate notes

This will be a solo playthrough so pick Casual difficulty and choose Anjali (as she’s the strongest character for solo play). For best results, level up all of her abilities that involve stunning enemies and equip items to match – it’s possible to completely stun-lock mini-bosses with the right setup. Play through the game as normal until you unlock your first party member from the cage in Stormsong Cavern, which in this case will be Lucas. Now the aim here will be to improve your influence with him enough to unlock his first Deed: Montbarron Ally.

To do this, watch out for the following conversations:

Stormsong Cavern

After freeing Lucas from the cage, choose “The Legion protects.”

Legion Chapterhouse

When speaking to Odo, choose “I’m skeptical.”

This will be enough to gain the Deed: Montbarron Ally. This is Lucas’ first level of influence, so now just play through the game until you meet your next party member, Katarina, on the bridge on your way to the swamp. Switch out Lucas and bring Katarina instead.

Swamp Battlefield

Soon you will meet Lord Devonsey, when prompted choose “[Lie] We’re just travellers” to gain influence with Katarina.

Stonebridge City

When speaking to Ursula for the Side Quest: Supply Lines, choose “What’s the reward?” to gain influence with Katarina.

This will be enough to unlock the Deed: Bewitching Ally. Now continue on until you reach the Meisterhall. We need to do things in a slightly different order than previously.


Go in and speak to Sigmund as normal. He will lead you in to speak to the Meisters and complete the conversation. When the conversation is over, speak first to Fiddlewick, and only Fiddlewick for the Side Quest: Mediations. Now immediately go to the Krug and decide his fate and you’ll meet Reinhart. As you speak to Reinhart, choose the option “That’s very generous.” when prompted to gain influence with him. Now replace Katarina with Reinhart.

Now go back into the main hall and speak to Rorik Cassel. Choose “You’re arrogant” when prompted to gain more influence with Reinhart.

This will be enough to gain the Deed: Academic Ally and unlock:

Now continue through the game as normal until you reach level 20 and unlock:

You can now ignore all the side quests and proceed to complete the game to unlock:

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