9. Dungeon Siege III Playthrough Four: LucasUpdate notes

Now this is where it gets really difficult. Start a game on the hardest difficulty and select Lucas as your character. Use this website to set up a four player boosting session for the achievements Worthy of Legend, Party of Four, Fellowship of the Ding, Jinx and Military intelligence. As Lucas, you should be levelling up any ability that has a vampire effect to be continually healing, and also any ability that boosts knockdown or stun.

Lucas and Anjali will be the front line attack, with both Anjali’s and Lucas’ stun abilities maxed out you’ll have a much easier time of this playthrough than if you levelled up the other abilities first. Reinhart will be the mid-range character as his mid-range attack can be incredibly powerful. Katarina will be the one on the edge of the battle, picking off shots with her rifle. Heartseeking Shot and her ‘curse’ abilities that debuff opponents will be the most important.

Play through the game as usual, making sure to save as often as possible. Make sure not to miss an opportunity to gain these achievements:

  • Jinx

    You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in agreement as to what to say.


When you level up for the first time you will unlock:

When you reach level 20, you will unlock:

Now you can just run through the main quests in order to complete the game to unlock:

If you haven’t unlocked it earlier, you will almost certainly unlock:

while playing as Lucas due his tanking abilities.

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