1. Dungeon of the Endless Walkthrough overview

The first time I played Dungeon of the Endless, I put in over 150 hours, largely because I didn't know what I was doing when I started. I looked all over the web trying to find information on the game and found some here and there, but I still operated in the dark for a long while. So, hopefully, this walkthrough will save some people a bit of frustration.

I will be walking you through different pods in the game, showing you the most efficient way to get your achievements. I'll warn you though; you're in for a long haul with this one, so I hope you like this game. Even knowing the best way to do things, it takes a long time to grind out the achievement of opening 10,000 doors, so settle in and enjoy the ride.

Since everything in this game is generated randomly, a few of the achievements may pop at different times for you than they do for me in the walkthrough. I'm replaying the game so that I can give you as accurate an estimate as I can, but the randomness will affect a few things.

Finally, this game crashes from time to time. It's much, much better than when I first started playing the game. It crashed on a regular basis early on (usually on Floor 10 or 12, so I wanted to throw a controller through the TV), not so much now, so I'm assuming it's been patched even though I never received an update notification. It can still crash, however, so try not to get discouraged if it does. The worst crash I experienced was on the 17th floor of the Drill Pod. Just think of these partial games as adding to your door count.

Another thing to know before you get started is that the online play for this game is terrible. Not only will you find it difficult to find someone with which to play, but the online play is still quite buggy, getting out of sync and kicking players or crashing. Hopefully, this will be patched soon, but it hasn't been yet.

I will go into great detail in the earlier pods to ensure that you get down the basics of how to play with less detail later.

1) The Escape Pod

2) The Infirmary Pod

3) The Armory Pod

4) Endless Day

5) The Library Pod

6) The Refreezerator Pod

7) The Sanitary Pod

8) Some backtracking and clean-up

9) The Drill Pod

10) Online

Now, let's have some fun!

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