Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Reviews

  • Pyro1099Pyro1099165,927
    01 Jul 2011 12 Sep 2011
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    Great game but so much is wrong with it.

    1. The save system is terrible.

    It saves XP, money and what you have but it wont save your current progress in a quest. The Auto save feature does not work. Do not rely on it, always save every 5 minutes or after each battle.

    2. Loot.
    Loot is always the same. Gold (50 times in a row) then a low level weapon.

    3. Glitches
    There are glitches that can take away your attributes. Glitches that will reset your assigns. Glitches that corrupt saves and glitches that lose your loot.

    The multiplayer system I like simply because its great for leveling up and running through the campaign... BUT The constant amount of hangs when someone joins your game which is usually every 10 minutes with people always leaving after a big loot or fight.

    People always go AFK and stop you from completing a quest because of the doors requiring everyone nearby.

    People Dying and not being revived in 20 seconds ends your mission and you restart from a save point which is very far back due to the crappy save system.

    Now some good points...

    1.Merchant System.
    Merchants NEVER run out of potions thanks to the instant restock of them when you leave the shopping window. So you can take on the world and never die. So you can now screw the crappy save system for no need for it.

    With the crappy save system you can get a friend to join and send you all his stuff for you to sell so you get loads of gold and he loses nothing since he doesn't save and he can keep doing it after leaving and rejoining your Private Game.

    3. The last big fight
    I can't say anything since I can't give spoilers but I loved it and to me it made up for the crappy way the game was built.

    I would suggest buying this game when it is on discount because it can be a lot of fun. BUT NOT at the current price of 1200MSP (£10.20) on XBL. Wait until it is 560 or at the very least 800MSP.

    Gameplay and Storyline 7/10 but the way the game was built and put together 4/10.
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    Pyro1099Why devoted this? Atleast comment on why.
    Posted by Pyro1099 on 05 Jul 11 at 11:44
    neeker75This game is horrible. I cannot bring myself to continue playing it after the tutorial. The reason I downloaded it was because it's free (yes, it is) in my region.

    I curse my friend who told me about it anyhow.
    Posted by neeker75 on 12 Dec 11 at 06:00
    Pyro1099:L. I liked it. Took forever to get over the problems though.
    Posted by Pyro1099 on 20 Dec 11 at 09:15
  • Grimslinger19Grimslinger19235,304
    31 May 2011 01 Jun 2011
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    This is a hack n slash fantasy game that allows you to gather gear, gain experience and just kill a lot of things...

    Essentially this game reminds me a lot of the Champions of Norrath games that were on the PS2, but it is lacking the polish. I say this because there are a few things that irritate me about the game.

    Thing 1 is that it gets buggy. In single player it isn't so bad; you'll notice that enemies you kill won't leave the screen and will instead remain in whatever pose they were in before death. Thing 2 is that if you try to shoot something the aim system is very temperamental. It normally works fairly well, but in some boss fights it does not let you shoot at what you want to shoot at since if you are rushed from behind that is the area you'll inadvertently focus on.

    There is no voice acting to speak of when you take quests, and while I was really upset about this initially, it has become a source of great amusement for me. Go ahead, just listen to the noises that the NPC's make, and then tell me if you don't think it's funny, because it is!

    It's really buggy in Co Op, however. In my experience there have been times where I see a buddy fighting something that is not on my screen, and it should be. So I often wound up dying because the game itself would lag and I wouldn't be able to prevent my death. I'm hopeful they will patch this though.

    As far as customization goes, there are a TON of weapons and armor to choose from, so you won't be let down there; and for those that see something shiny in the shop and want to buy it, go for it because while some loot is really great, not all loot is.

    The mapping of talents and attacks is pretty fluid though it can be frustrating when you want to change from one health potion to the next as you have to later in the game because the lower ones just don't cut it anymore.

    It is a short game, but despite all of the reasons i've criticized it, I do enjoy it. The Norrath games were my favorite games on the PS2 and I still play them. I hope that in the sequel to this they work on some of the issues it has, because it could be truly great.

    EDIT: So I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but me, but in the single player on the final boss if I get hit in a certain way I can't move from the spot I got hit. I can still attack, but the thing with that fight is that you have to take one side out and then go to the other side; so when you aren't able to move it's terrible. That and if you are playing as a warrior then you are effectively screwed as if you can't get close you can't use your abilities.

    EDIT 2: Ok, so the glitch still happens but if you hit RB again to block you can move again. Not sure if this occurs in MP or not.
  • Golgo28Golgo28190,797
    27 May 2011
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    Let me start by saying.I really want to like this game.But this game fell short of my expectations.

    Graphics-Perhaps the best part of the game.The graphics were very good for an arcade game.decent lighting and shadowing.Colorful particle effects from spells,made for a visual feast.

    Sound-Here is were the game starts to fall short.Generic soound effects and a lackluster score.Left me resorting to playing music stored on my hard drive.At times the clang of weapons would be non-exsistent.
    Achievements-Nothing new here.Standard kill x(enemy),level all classes to lv x,beat mission x,etc.Nothing you can't 100% if you want.

    Gameplay-Mediocre crontrols.Repetitive gameplay and enemies.Lacking customization,unimpressive feat and power selection.Loot doesn't drop often enough for a hack n' slash rpg.And what loot does drop,is lacking variety.

    Other-The claims on the marketplace,of bringing fourth edition alive.Are grossly over exagerated.I question if anyone on the development team even read the source material.As a person that plays fourth edition DnD,I was greatly disappointed.

    Final verdict-I truely had been looking forward to this game.I honestly wanted to give it a good review.But after playing it for four hours.I couldn't in good conscience recomend this game at 1200 msp.If you really want to try this game,wait for Dotw.Even though this game has online co-op.It just isn't a great game.It's average at best.3/5 stabbed goblins.
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    Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale offers engaging “hack and slash” gameplay, bringing an accessible version of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition to life. Travel to the Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms, where the journey begins in the remote Desertsmouth Mountains. From the sulfuric catacombs of the mines of Tethyamar, to the dizzying heights of the Tower of the Void, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale delivers an action packed challenge that will satisfy the most seasoned of adventurers.

    Growing up I was a fan of D&D, then AD&D before moving to Palladium RPGs. However, I still have spent many nights playing the Intellivision AD&D games, Secret of the Silver Blades, Baulder's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Hillsfar, Dungeon Hack and many other D&D games. So D&D: Daggerdale is the newest edition to the grand old tradition.

    Gameplay: The game is an action-RPG take on D&D, even more so than Neverwinter Nights did. You start your game by picking from four pre-generated characters (figher, rouge, mage, cleric) and then descending into the depths of the mines of Tethyamar. This iteration of the D&D franchise seems to follow the Diablo hit the monster-pinata for treasure model, and soon you will find yourself happily making it your quest to single-handedly bring about Goblin genocide for treasure and profit. However, it doesn't quite capture the joy of Diablo's "I click on something and it dies" formula.

    Controls: The controls are introduced during the first few minutes of play, and for the most part respond well. There is definitely an issue with the ranged weapon auto aim, and I occasionally have experienced trouble with responsiveness. However, once you adjust to the game's rhythm you should be fine.

    The camera on the other hand, is another story entirely. If you want to be able to see your character (or the creatures that are attacking you), you may or may not be able to depending greatly on where you choose to stand. I've already dealt with clipping and with the camera just hiding the action behind parts of the world. This can create issues in your enjoyment when you get beat down by the monsters the camera helped allow get the drop on you.

    Audio: There isn't much to say about the audio except that it is there, you will hear it, and then you will promptly forget about it. It has not stood out as bad, nor has it been great. It just is.

    Graphics: Apparently there is a mad dwarf that leaves barrels of money everywhere (and then complains that people break them to take the gold out). The graphics are much like that, in that you will see a lot of the same things over and over again. Variety is not this game's bread and butter.

    Worse, this game suffers from some pretty bad graphical glitches. The new armor I purchased for my rouge elf is either trying to turn her partially pitch black because it is that awesome for rouges, or it is just that some programmer forgot to assign a color to the template. While there is nothing that truly breaks the game, it shows the lack of care put into it.

    Multiplayer: Apparently this portion of the game was programmed by goblins. I would love to tell you this is the best part of the game, as it should be. Because what is D&D if not a reason to get together with friends and participate in monster genocide. However, it is hampered by bad code that creates lag and chaos for those trying to play it. And even if you manage to get it to work, the poorly designed camera implementation will work against you.

    Overall: At the new and reduced price of 800 MS Points, this isn't a bad action-RPG. However, it also is not a good action-RPG. The co-op, which should be a selling point is instead a mess of lag and bad code. If you are wanting an action-RPG, there are plenty of better choices out there. If you have played them all and still want an action-RPG, this is probably worth 400 MS Points when Microsoft puts it back on sale.
  • NufftingzNufftingz416,473
    27 May 2011
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    First off this is my first review so bare with me.
    This game is a classic hack and slash style game. If you are an RPG hack and slash it's worth to buy. Very easy achievements. Some are time consuming but like i said if you like this style of game then you wont notice. not to long about 5 hours to complete. There are four classes to choose from. A Dwarven Cleric, A Mage, An Elf Rogue and a human soldier. Fun co-op game people can join in at anytime. Four player co-op which is a plus. Some gliches no gamebreaker glitches. Slight lag but nothing to worry about. Also what makes it a great game is the enemies are always around the same level. So yes gamers you can't go back to earlier levels and get stronger and beat the level you coulden't beat before. You get items that you can only use when you reach the level it says to reach. level ten is the max but it takes a while to max out your level. You have to be very picky on the skills you pick for your character cause you only get a small amount to work with. Every character has there own special with RB. Some bosses look extremely cool and some cut scenes and bosses will make you laugh overall the game is excellent. its worth as shot.
    Have fun.
  • TanogrusTanogrus181,120
    06 Jun 2011
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    Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale is a basic arcade hack and slash role-playing game. This game has some decent graphics considering the fact that it is an arcade game.

    Personally, I really enjoyed the single player campaign, until the glitches arrived. Getting my skills taken away, using my sword to shoot imaginary arrows, and not to mention even a glitch that I enjoyed, which gave me extra skill points. I still don't know how to replicate that glitch to this day.

    I believe this is a great game, but I do believe the game may have been rushed just a tad bit, with all the glitches, and bugs that I have come across. Or, it could just be me, but from the sound of things, it seems others are having the same issues.

    I absolutely love role-playing games, and once this game has gone through an update, I believe that this game will be extremely fun to play online. The multiplayer co-op is a great way to work together online, and meeting new players is always a good experience for any gamer.

    All in all, I must say I will give this game a 7/10, from my own experiences.
    06 Jun 2011 05 Jan 2012
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    I usually wait to 100% a game before I give it a review but I may not even try with this thing. The game bugs so much its not worth the 15 bucks in MS points for the game itself. Not a bug but why ask me if i want to accept a quest if its the only thing i can do to progress the game. DONT GIVE ME A CHOICE JUST LET ME ACCEPT AND GET ON WITH IT. One bug i ran into was I could not use any buttons but the Y button for some time until we all jumped out of the game and restarted. I could revive my fallen comrads and pick up stuff but that was it. THIS IS NOT A 4 STAR GAME. Those other reviews I MUST disagree with. 2 at best.

    EDIT 1/4/12 After seeing my negatives for this review skyrocket I decided to try it some more, and completed it today. First I was about to change my stance on if it is a good game or not based completely on the other players who I have had a great time playing with however, As i was compelting the fourth character to level 10 at about level 8 all my special abilities stopped functioning no matter how many times i mapped them to the LT X,A,B,Y button combos. It would show how much damage those actions should have done but I was not allowed to use them again until I was one block away from being level 10. I stand by my two star review of this game.