1. Dying Light Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Hello all, and welcome to the interactive zombie (and other various creatures) killing experience known as Dying Light. I'll be your host through this wonderful journey of twists and turns, large amounts of zombie killing, and many more tasks that can become quite difficult without the right tips and tools. To begin with, the majority of the game can be done in single player; however, 4 base game and 1 DLC achievements require you to cooperate with 3 other players using the online capabilities of the game. I will input the multiplayer achievements on their own page.

Aside from this, I will be providing a step-by-step walk through of the story (I will put sensitive plot information within spoilers, what fun is playing a game when know what is going to happen beforehand?), and putting in maps that show key locations, and of course, the collectibles. I will be splitting the story up into two sections, which are the two main areas of the game: The Slums and Old Town. Once the story is done with, I will be including major tips of how to complete the Bozak Horde DLC, including a detailed description of what each round contains, and the estimated time in which you should be at for each round in order to get an achievement, which I will touch on later.

Next, I will include a guide to each parkour challenge, showing you exactly what I did, but be warned, these will definitely be the toughest achievements to get. Finally, I will guide you through The Following DLC, which will basically be built like the story walkthrough, since it is practically its own game. So what are you waiting for!? Let the zombie killing begin!

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