10. Dying Light DLC: The Bozak HordeUpdate notes

Time to start the DLC packs! We'll start with Bozak's horde, a round/challenge based game mode. Think Call of Duty Nazi zombies on steroids. Each round involves completing a set list of a variety of challenges in order to survive (although the challenges remain the exact same and in the same order). You have three lives or retries, and once you use all three, it's game over. Another twist of completing the challenges is that you have a bomb strapped to your ankle. So if you don't complete the challenge within the given time....lets just say a zombie is going to have a fun time chewing on a leg...and a few other pieces of you.

Alright, to begin with, before you can even enter Bozak's horde, you have to put all your weapons, resources, anything and everything you have in your inventory in the supply box. What makes Bozak's horde difficult is that you have to pick up dropped weapons and medkits while completing the challenges. You're not allowed to have your high powered weapons, you have to fight for all your supplies and weapons.

Next, if you followed exactly what I did on the story guide, you should be a pretty high, if not, max level on all three skill tiers. These skills become incredibly useful while in Bozak's horde, since in the first few waves you don't have great weapons. You should not be attempting this if you aren't close to max level on all 3.

So let us begin! I will go through this by telling you each challenge in the order they come up. They always stay the same no matter what, so this list is the exact order they happen in.


You will want to set up another session for this to do it with 4 others!!! If not, you will not be able to get this achievement!

This achievement can be a bit buggy. People have said that only people who aren't the host have the ability to get this achievement. In order to get this, the person who is getting the achievement must take at least one point of damage from another player in order to have the ability to get this achievement. Once the person takes damage, kill all of the other players and hopefully the achievement will pop.

Another key component is the time you complete the Bozak Horde in. Here is a table of the times you need to complete the horde in.

1 player - less than 31 minutes with one Demolisher at the end

2 players - less than 28 minutes with two Demolishers at the end

3 players - less than 26 minutes with two Demolishers at the end

4 players - less than 25 minutes with two Demolishers at the end

If you manage to complete all the challenges less than the time needed, you will unlock this achievement:

Alright here we go!

Challenge 1: Disarm the bomb: Go to the yellow van across the parking lot. You have 30 seconds, should only take about 20.

Challenge 2: Kill all Virals: No time limit for this challenge, but your trying to kill them as quickly as possible. My advise is to jump up on top of one of the vans and instant kill them with the finishing move as they climb up. The number of Virals varies depending on how many people you have. Should only take about 30 seconds, maybe less.

Challenge 3: Kill all Virals and disarm the bomb: You start the round out by being attacked by A LOT more Virals than last time. Use the same method to dispatch them. This time you have to defuse a bomb in the middle of the round as well. Try to kill all the Virals before you need to defuse the bomb. Should only take about a minute to 1:15 to do this round. It also helps if someone stands by the bomb (located to the northeast of the first bomb you defused on top of some pipes) to defuse it as soon as it activates.

Challenge 4: Kill all Bolters to claim your reward: You have 1:15 (maybe less with more people) to kill all the Bolters, however you wont die if you don't kill them all. Try to do this as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next round quicker. If executed well, it should only take about 30 seconds to kill them all.

Challenge 5: Find the crate with the detonator and disarm it: The crate is to the west of the first bomb behind a giant gate that you have to jump over. In order to do this, climb up on top of a nearby van, then jump up to the small entrance above the gate. You have a minute to disarm this bomb. You then need to exit the area through a hole in the wall located next to the second bomb you deactivated. From here, you need to deactivate 3 more bombs (one of the crates is a dummy crate). You have 1:45 to do this. The whole challenge should take about a 45 seconds to a minute if executed well (have one person deactivate the first bomb, the other 3 stand by the entrance into the next area in order to cut down time).

Challenge 6: Pass through all the checkpoints in the given time: You have 1:30 to get through all the checkpoints, starting at the ground and working your way up. With one person doing the entire run, it takes about 50 seconds, but if you split it up into different sections, Ive seen it done in less than 30 seconds. All the checkpoints remain in the same location, and the next checkpoint has a white aura to it, while the current one has a green one. This helps identify which checkpoint is next.

Challenge 7: Kill all goons: Close to where challenge 6 ended, 2 goons (I call them brutes throughout the walkthrough) will come out of the wall. With a well placed propane container that you can find nearby, you can finish this challenge in about 10 seconds. Otherwise, it will take upwards of a minute to kill them both.

Challenge 8: Kill all Bolters and claim your reward: Another challenge where you have 1:30 before the Bolters disappear, but you can move on as soon as you kill them all. This challenge should take 30 seconds if you can dispatch them all quickly.

Challenge 9: Find 2 crates and disarm them: There are 4 crates again and you need to find the 2 with a bomb in it. Best thing to do is have each person go to one crate and open it. This can be done in 30 seconds, depending on how fast people can get to the crates. Another tip is to climb as high up as you can before the challenge starts. All the crates are located above the ground on the various platforms in the sky.

Challenge 10: Pass through the checkpoints before the explosion: Another running challenge. You have 1:40 to do this one, but again, it helps if you split up and cover different sections. Again, the next checkpoint will appear in white, so plan accordingly. With one person doing it, it can take a minute, but if you split it up, it can take much less time (30-45 seconds).

Challenge 11: Find the canisters and throw them into the hole: This is honestly probably the most difficult challenge of the entire Bozak horde. Getting the canisters into the hole in the wall is an absolute pain. The best way to do this challenge is to have one person at each of the canister locations. These people throw the canisters down to the people standing on the platform in front of the hole that the canisters need to go into. From this point, the two people on the platform attempt to throw the canisters into the hole. The key to doing this is to aim a good ways above the hole. You have 3 minutes to do this challenge. If done successfully, you can finish the challenge in about 1-1:30, but if you cant make it in, the challenge is going to take a lot longer.

Challenge 12: Proceed to the next area and kill all the enemies: Upon completing the previous challenge, go through the now open door below where you threw the canisters. Soon the door will open up and you need to hop on the zipline that goes all the way to an elevator. At this point you will have a large number of Virals attack you as the elevator goes up. For this you all four will want to stand in a corner and swing your weapons as much as possible to avoid being overrun. This one takes 2 minutes and there are no shortcuts to it.

Challenge 13: Run through the checkpoints: Once you get to the top of the elevator, open the door, then head through and open the next door. At this point, you will have 1:15 to run through all the checkpoints in this new area. Its best to split up again so you can cover more ground. With one person doing the entire run, it can take a full minute, however if its split up, you can get it done in about 35-45 seconds.

Challenge 14: Take the gear and kill all the enemies: When you finish the checkpoint run, drop the shipping container that you finish on. Jump down and grab the gear. Next, more Bolters will come and you have 1:50 to kill them all. In this challenge, you don't have the option to run the clock out like you did with the previous bolter challenges. You can finish the challenge in about 50 seconds since you should all have guns at this point.

Challenge 15: Kill all the enemies and disarm the bomb: Another round of killing all the enemies before the time is up. This time you have to kill spiters and Virals. In the middle of this round, you will have a bomb come up that you have 1 minute to defuse. This bomb is behind a door that you have to lockpick, so your best bet would to be having 3 guys dispatching all the enemies as quick as possible and one person focusing on disarming the bomb. All in all, this challenge should take about 45 seconds.

Challenge 16: Fill all the chutes with packages: Go on top of the buildings and grab the package from the supply crate. All players have to be up here before you can grab the package. As soon as you grab the package, you have 2:30 to find and fill all of the chutes with goods before the bomb will blow up. The best way to do this is divide and conquer. With one person you can do it in about a minute, but with multiple people you can get it done in around 35-45 seconds.

Challenge 17: Pass through all the checkpoints within the given time: Another challenge where you have to go through the checkpoints. This challenge starts at around the same place as the last challenge, and you have 1:10 to complete it. All players have to be present before the challenge will start. The best way to do this is to split up and cover different areas. One person doing the whole run can get it done in about 45 seconds, but if you split up and cover the different points, you can cut the time down to about 30 seconds.

Challenge 18: Find and disarm all detonators: Another challenge where you have to disarm 2 detonators, but have 4 crates. You have 2:10 do this challenge. For the crate that is in the air, take the zipline that you had to take for the checkpoint challenge, then jump off onto the shipping container while in midair. That is always one of the detonators. If all 4 people go to one of the detonators, you can have this challenge done in about 30-35 seconds.

Challenge 19: Kill the Bolters and claim you prize: Another challenge where you have 1:30 to kill the Bolters. I advise just ignoring them and preparing for the next challenge instead. Gather up all of the propane tanks around the map and prepare for the final round.

Challenge 20: Kill all the enemies and go through the gates for more time: This is the final challenge in the Bozak's horde. Depending on how many people you have in the game (4 is the recommended amount) you should have 2 Demolishers (1 if you are doing it solo). You will have a massive number of Virals to kill along with the Demolishers. Make sure to use the propane tanks to take out the Demolishers. Its best if you split up and have two people working on each Demolisher and Virals in the area. If your running low on time, have one person head off and use the gates in order to get more time in the challenge. It will definitely take you the full 1:30 that the challenge gives you, and odds are you will have to hit one or two gates.

Final Round: If you are in a game with 2-4 players, you will have the final deathmatch round where the last player standing is the champion. If you are going for the together until the end achievement, make sure the person getting the achievement is not the host of the game, and takes at least 1 point of damage by any of the other players before the person getting the achievement kills everyone.

Alright if you successfully completed all the challenges for the first time, you will unlock this:

Now that you have completed the Bozak horde for the first time, you will unlock the Bozak Bow. The next achievement is relatively easily and can be done solo or with a group. In order to get it, you need to kill 10 Virals with the Bozak Bow during the same round. The easiest way to get this is during round 3 when you are attacked by Virals. If you don't kill enough during the round, just die. All your kills carry over if you stay in the same round, so getting 10 should be easy enough. Once you do, you will unlock this:

The final achievement in this DLC pack is also easy as well. It requires you to kill 10 of Rais's men using a bow with headshots. Just head back to Old Town and look around for groups of Rais's men. Once you kill 10 of them with a bow headshot, you will unlock this:

That's it for the Bozak Horde! Time for the final DLC of the game: The Following!

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