2. Dying Light General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Alright before we start doing anything, let me just give a little context on how I constructed this guide. In order to insure story accuracy and the points at which I unlocked achievements, I replayed the story on a second account. Since TA is able to integrate clips and screenshots from your main profile, and I am not that skilled at YouTube, all clips and images found in this walkthrough are from my main profile, which I have already done all the achievements on. The clips are of me doing the actions required to unlock the achievement, but will not show me unlocking any achievements, as I have already got them. If there are any questions feel free to message me on TA or Xbox.

To begin with, Dying Light is based around the zombie slaying character Kyle Crane. Kyle is an operative for the GRE, who is sent on a special assignment to figure out just what has been going down in Harran. I'll discuss him more the further we dive into the story, so let me get started with some key tips.

START WITH THE MAIN STORY! Don't try to tackle any of DLC first. First of all, Bozak's Horde and the parkour challenges require immense skill, and will be made a million times easier once you level up and acquire more skills and abilities. Besides, you can't access the Bozak's Horde or the rest of the parkour challenges until you reach old town, which is the second half of the story. When it comes to The Following DLC, wait until you finish the story, as it contains a few spoilers related to the story, and it will make much more sense after you finish the story.

Next, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE CUMULATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS! The achievements for climbing 8,848 meters and running 42.195 will come with time. If you don't end up getting them before the end of the story (which is highly unlikely), I will touch on them in the miscellaneous page.

And, MAKE SURE TO MAKE IT TO A SAFE ZONE BEFORE NIGHT! Night time is when all the scary monsters come out, and you don't want to be caught out in the middle of them. I will put in points in which you have to go out at night in order to complete certain side quests. Otherwise, go out at your own risk. Your safe house may not ever see you again if you do. However, once you get enough experience with the game and have leveled up a bit, it will be alot easier to survive nighttime adventures. But to begin with, I HIGHLY ADVISE NOT TO GO OUT.

Finally, ONCE DONE WITH THE STORY, YOU ARE ABLE TO CONTINUE EXPLORING. This means that even though you complete the story, you are able to go back in and finish up any side missions or pick up left over collectibles. However, I advise completing all of the side missions and collectibles BEFORE finishing the story. It will make it alot easier to go from the story to the DLC packs, instead of finishing the story, continuing the story to finish up anything you left over, then going to the DLC. I will note the last mission of the story, which is where you should have all the side missions and collectibles done.

Last thoughts: For the side missions, I will incorporate each side mission into the story walkthrough, when it becomes available, where it's at, etc. I will tell you exactly when I start the quest, where I have to go, and where i complete it. On the side mission page, i will have a more detailed description of each side quest (location of where quest is given, who gives the quest, any supplies needed for the quest, where said supplies can be found, and location the quest wants you to go).

One last suggestion, make sure to check out the multiplayer page. One of the achievements is completing 5 quests as the same group of 4 players. I highly recommend doing this on a second play through, as the quests I have marked are early in the game and will inhibit you from doing future side quests along the quests timeline. Be sure to do exactly as I say to make this achievement as quick and painless as possible. I will tell you the five quests I save on the story walkthrough, side mission page, and on the multiplayer page to emphasize the importance of saving these quests. Otherwise, it will take much longer to complete the 5 quests, and due to this games....lackluster....online support, you will have a greater chance of someone being disconnected from the game. I will touch on what to do if someone does accidentally get disconnected.

Alright, I think that about sums up all the tips I have. Now its time to really start having fun!

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