4. Dying Light Story Walkthrough Part 2: Old TownUpdate notes

Welcome to the second part of the Dying Light world: Old Town. To recap, you just made it to the end of the Sewers if you were following the previous page. Open the door to see the Old Town for the first time. During this time you will unlock this.

You will now finish The Saviors quest and begin the next quest called Find the Embers after talking to Troy on the radio.

Find the Embers

Find the Embers updated with "Ask Troy to help you find Jade".

Alright so we are going to start this section of the game by heading to the two taller bell towers that are right next to each other. These are called "The Loft" and are basically the Tower of the Old Town. The majority of your quests will take place in this building. From where you start in the area, head straight until you arrive at the Loft. Climb up and enter the Loft. You will talk to Troy for the first time and she will tell you where Jade is after you try to make amends with Jade through the radio.

This ends the Find the Embers quest. Next up is another story quest called Higher Education.

Radio Station, Office Outpost, and Lost in Space (Part 1)

Before we start this quest, we are going to do the beginning side quests in this area. While in the loft, drop down and talk to Savvy. He will tell you that the radio station and office outpost are serving as Rais's supply depots in the Old Town. During this conversation, you will get a distress call from Dawud (what a surprise...) saying that he has been bit and needs immediate help. This is the Lost in Space side quest, and we will start with this side quest.

Lost in Space (Part 2)

Lost in Space updated with "Help Dawud".

Head south to the map point and enter the house...to find an infected Dawud. Put him out of his misery to "help" him out.

Lost in Space updated with "Find Sammy"

You're now tasked with finding Sammy, who is in a wardrobe in a different room (whats up with all the kids in wardrobes?). Talk to him and he will tell you how his dad got infected. You call Troy and she will send someone to take him back to his mother. This ends this side quest. While you're over here, head across the road and secure the safe house over here. Now we will go on to the next side quest.

Office Outpost (Part 2)

North of the apartment where you did the Lost in Space is Rias's Office outpost.

Office Outpost updated with "Clear the Office Outpost".

Once you arrive at this outpost, use your grappling hook to get to the roof of the office building. Once here, head up there and go inside. There are approximately 15 enemies inside this outpost, all of which have guns. Once you kill all of them, 4 more enemies attack you. Upon killing all the enemies, you will finish this side quest.

Radio Station (Part 2)

Exit the Office Outpost and head East to the Radio Station. The entrance is at ground level.

Radio Station updated with "Clear the Radio Station Outpost".

Head inside the Radio Station. There are A TON more enemies in here than the office outpost (around 20-25). This one is more clearing the outpost floor by floor instead of the office outpost where all the people came to you. Once you kill all the enemies, you will finish this side quest. Now its time to get back to the main story.

Higher Education (Part 1)

Higher Education updated with "Talk to Jade at the University".

Exit the Radio Station and head north in order to get to your next story quest. Once you arrive, climb up to the roof.

Higher Education updated with "Ask survivors about Jade".

Talk to the Guard who is sitting outside and he will tell you that he saw her talking to someone. Head inside the university now. Go down the stairs and talk to a man named Fidan, who will tell you that she was here.

Rupert the Gunsmith (Part 1)

Talk to Fidan once again and he will tell you to go see Rupert about getting a better gun. Wait to do this until you finish the Higher Education quest.

Higher Education updated with "Leave the University".

Exit the university the same way you came in and head up to the roof.

Fountain (Part 1)

Talk to the man named Mort Norris up on the roof and he will give you your next side quest called Fountain. Again, wait to do this until you're done with Higher Education.

Around this time you will get a radio call from Troy telling you to go back to the Loft to look at something.

Higher Education updated with "View the transmission Troy captured".

Fan Zone (Part 1)

Head back to the Loft. Once you get up on the roof, talk to a man named Noah to get your next side quest called Fan Zone.

Head inside the Loft and watch the video that says the GRE were planning to sell the weaponized virus. The next clip they show you says that the government is planning on "decontaminating" the zone, meaning they are going to bomb it and kill everyone inside. Upon finishing this cut scene, you are now done with the Higher Education quest, and will receive the Public Face story quest.

Public Face (Part 1)

We are going to go back to the side quests that you have received before starting the main story back up. We will start with Rupert the Gunsmith since his quest branches off into a lot of smaller quests.

Rupert the Gunsmith (Part 2)

Rupert the Gunsmith updated with "Go to Rupert's apartment".

Head northeast to Rupert's apartment, clearing the safe house just south of the objective.

Legless Spider (Part 1)

On your way to his apartment, you will receive a radio call from Savvy giving you another side quest called Legless Spider. Continue on with Rupert the Gunsmith for now.

Once you arrive at his apartment, head inside. Go down the stairs to your left, and head down one floor. Once here, open the door to find Rupert, along with a bunch of children.

Rupert the Gunsmith updated with "Talk to Rupert".

Go over to Rupert and he tells you that he is waiting on his wife to come back. After this conversation, the side quest ends. While talking to Rupert though, he gives you your next side quest called Health Potion.

Health Potion

One of the little girls under Rupert's care has diabetes and needs insulin, otherwise she will die. You're sent to go find some.

Health Potion updated with "Search for insulin in the pharmacies".

Exit the apartment building and head to the pharmacy to the north. It doesn't matter which one you go to first, the first one you clear will never have the insulin. Open the door by using a lockpick, and check all of the fridges in here for the insulin, but you will find none.

Head to the next pharmacy. Clear both of the safe houses near this pharmacy in order to make your life easier if you end up dying somehow. This pharmacy is guarded by Rais's men, so be sure to kill them all before attempting to lockpick the door. Once you clear this pharmacy, you radio Troy and she will tell you to use the pharmacies computer to try to find the most recent person to get insulin.

Health Potion updated with "Use the computer to find the transaction history".

Use the computer in either one of the pharmacies to find the last person to get insulin was the little girls father, so you get the address from the computer.

Health Potion updated with "Search the apartment".

Exit the pharmacy and head east to the apartment. If you took my advise and went to the north pharmacy first, then the west pharmacy, you will be much closer to the apartment. You enter the apartment through the ground level, then grappling up into an open window. Once inside, kill the zombies and look for a note on the fridge that Ekrem (the girls dad) went to get the medicine, then go get pizza, so you are heading to the restaurant now.

Health Potion updated with "Find Alya's father".

Exit the apartment the same way you came in, then head north to the Pizzeria. Once you get inside the pizzeria, kill the two zombies and search Ekrem's body. He is right in front of the cash register.

Health Potion updated with "Recover insulin from Alya's father".

The insulin is on the ground right next to Ekrem's body. Pick it up.

Health Potion updated with "Return to Rupert with Alya's insulin".

Go back to Rupert's apartment and give him the insulin to end the quest. You will now get a steady stream of children's quests.

Blocks for the Boy

One of the boys dropped his blocks near the basement, but is to scared to go and get them. Looks like a job for this "brave warrior".

Blocks for the Boy updated with "Collect all the missing blocks 0/9".

Head down to the basement, collecting the colorful blocks on your way down. Make sure you use your survivor sense to make them easy to spot.

Blocks for the Boy updated with "Give blocks to Kadim".

Go back upstairs and give the blocks to the kid, and you tell him that you heard noises in the basement as well.

Blocks for the Boy updated with "Talk with Rupert about the noises".

Head into the bedroom and talk to Rupert. He will tell you that he wasn't completely honest about his wife...she is actually a zombie down in the basement. This ends this quest.


Talk to Rupert again to receive yet another side quest from him called Dungeon.

Dungeon updated with "Take care of Rupert's wife".

Go back down to the basement. Open the door that you now have the key for. Go to the left and head through a few rooms before arriving at a room with a power box in it. Turn it off in order to be able to access the path to the right of where you entered. Head right now through a few rooms, until you finally get to the room where Rupert's wife is. Take care of her for Rupert.

Dungeon updated with "Get back to Rupert".

Exit the basement and go back up to where Rupert is. Tell him that you have done the task and he thanks you for it. This is the end of this side quest.


Head into the room where you talked to the boy, but this time talk to the girl instead to get your next side quest called Troll. Its time to go chase kill the troll away.

Troll updated with "Slay the Troll".

Leave the apartment building and go down to the parking lot. Use your gun to kill the brute. But it turns out that the brute wasn't actually the troll. Instead its a Demolisher. This time he is much easier to kill since you now have your weapons. Aim for the head shoot the Demolisher a few times to kill him. Rupert will call you and tell you that help has arrived and he is headed back to his workshop.

Troll updated with "Get back to Rupert".

Head south to Rupert's workshop. Once you arrive, kill all of Rais's men and zombies that are outside in order to be able to go inside. Once inside, talk to Rupert and this will end the side quest. Up next is Fountain.

Fountain (Part 2)

You now need to turn the water back on in 3 different areas in order to restore the water in the city.

Fountain updated with "Turn on valve near Hotel", "Turn on water near Town Hall", and "Turn on water near Canal Waterfalls".

We are first going to go to the valve near the Town Hall, which is directly north of Rupert's Workshop. Once you arrive, go inside the door that is marked by the highlighted point and head down some stairs. Drop down into a big pit of water, then lockpick the door underwater that is right next to the flare. Swim back up then head to the blue valve.

Fountain updated with "Turn on valve near Hotel" and "Turn on water near Canal Waterfalls".

Exit the underground area and head north to the Canal Waterfalls valve. Before going and activating this valve, go and clear the safe house just to the north of the valve. If you have been following the guide and clearing the safehouses when I have, you should unlock this.

Head back south to the Canal Waterfalls valve. Open the door and head down some more stairs. This time, the water below you is electrified, and you need to use your grappling hook to get to the other side to turn of the power. Once you make it to the other side, follow the red wire that is obvious to the power box and turn off the power. It is now safe to jump down and turn the valve.

Fountain updated with "Turn on valve near Hotel".

Exit this underground area and head south to the last valve near the Hotel. Once here, go through the door near the electric trap and head down more stairs. Kill the 3 Spitters here and turn the valve. If this is your last one, you will get a call saying that you need to go to the main valve.

Fountain updated with "Turn on main valve".

Leave this underground area and head east to the main valve, which is located next to the river near the middle of the map. Go inside and go down some stairs and turn left when you reach a T. Kill all of Rais's men here and then turn the valve. Once you do this the water has been restored to the Old Town.

Fountain updated with "Try water from the fountain".

Leave the final underground area and go to the courtyard that has the marked point. Pick up the cup in the fountain, then take a drink to end this side quest. Now it is time take the highway to the Fan Zone.

Fan Zone (Part 2)

Fan Zone updated with "Check what happened in the Fan Zone".

The Fan Zone was a news production studio that was dark, but now has a distress signal coming from it. It is on the east side of Old Town, so head that direction. Once you arrive, head inside and go up the elevator.

Fan Zone updated with "Find the source of the message".

You need to find the point where the distress message is coming from. Turn left, then go down the hall until you see two locked doors. Try to open one of them, but they are both locked.

Fan Zone updated with "Find the source of the message" and "Use Key Card".

The Key Card to get inside the news room is on a coffee table just to the right of the hallway with two doors. There should be another entrance into the news room right in front of the card. Pick up and use the card on the news room door.

Fan Zone updated with "Find the source of the message".

Continue into the news production room and interact with the computer to stop the distress call. But instead of stopping, it continues on through an intercom inside the building, but this time its threatening your life instead of being a call for help.

Fan Zone updated with "Take the elevator".

You find out that the man on the speaker system has been luring. trapping, and killing people inside this news station. You tell Troy what he has been doing, and now you're going to stop him. Go to the elevator to confront the murderer.

Fan Zone updated with "Defeat the killer".

Use the elevator, but it goes down a few feet, then gets stuck. Climb through the hatch in the roof, and continue through the airduct system. Don't be alarmed when the killer shoots in front of you, he can't hit you. Once you reach the end of the duct, drop down and use your duct to kill the murderer.

Fan Zone updated with "Turn the power back on".

During this time, the killer cut the power, so head to a supply room to the right of the elevator to restore the power.

Fan Zone updated with "Take the elevator".

Go back to the elevator and go down. Once you leave the elevator and are back outside, you finish the quest. Up next is Legless Spider.

Legless Spider (Part 2)

Head towards the south most safe house on the map to get to your next destination.

Legless Spider updated with "Find out who's causing the smoke".

Once you arrive, head up to the roof and find a guy here who is in bad shape. Talk to him to find out that he "knows the source of the epidemic". Since he's wounded, he needs you to take a bag of supplies to a man named David.

Legless Spider updated with "Take Spider's bag".

Pick up Spider's bag that is on the ground next to him.

Legless Spider updated with "Collect remaining objects 0/3 Shisha parts".

You now need to go and grab 3 different supplies from the northeast part of the Old Town. They are all relatively close together and inside little voodoo shops. They all look like little toy tops. While inside one of these shops, you will most likely encounter your final zombie type: a screamer.

Screamers are little kids who weren't quite as lucky as the rest of the children you have seen thus far in the game. They alert nearby zombies of your presence, particularly pesky Virals. In the shop that you find a screamer in, go up to him and press and hold cn_X in order to put the poor child out of his misery. You will also be awarded this.

Once you collect your third Shisha part, you will be ready to move on with the quest.

Legless Spider updated with "Go to David".

David is located at the northern part of the Old Town in an apartment. Head that direction, and on your way, your likely to find a few people with exclamation marks on the map who you can talk to. They are in a safe house that doesn't appear until after you have found the location. It is located just north of a water well that you can drink out of, but if you are having some trouble, just travel along the north side of the map until you run into it.

The Bunker (Part 1)

Once inside the safe zone, talk to a woman who tells you that Sammy (Dawud's son) is on his way back to the slums to be with his mother. Talk to the man named Ihsan as well. He will tell you that there is a possibility of a hidden cache of much needed supplies. This starts the side quest called the bunker. Continue on with our current quest for now.

When you finally get to David's location, you will find that he has been cornered by Rais's men, and you have to deal with them all.

Legless Spider updated with "Help David".

Kill all of the enemies in the area. David will not speak with you until every one of Rais's men are dead.

Legless Spider updated with "Talk with David".

Go inside the apartment and help David up. Talk to him and he will tell you that the epidemic came from space and you need to go get samples from a meteorite.

Legless Spider updated with "Find the meteorite samples 0/5".

Head north to the meteorite crash site that is across a lake. In this area, the meteorites sparkle like a diamond, but have a blueish color to them. If you need more help, there is a generator in the middle of the crash site that you can turn on and it lights up the locations of the meteorites with a greenish light making them easier to spot. Pick up four samples on the land, 3 of which are embedded into the side of the cliff, one that is in a crater, and the last one is in the lake that you swam across in order to get to the crash site.

Legless Spider updated with "Bring samples to David".

Go back to the apartment you found David in in order to drop off the samples. Now you will hear some serious hocus-pocus about a whole bunch of weird alien stuff. Luckily after hearing all this interesting stuff, the side quest ends. Up next we will be doing the Bunker, but before doing so, we are going to go and grab another side quest.

Do You Believe? (Part 1)

Before we start the quest, look on your map and you should see that there is another side quest available at the University. Head south towards the University and head inside. Once in there, go down a floor and talk to a man named Mufio who is standing between bookcases. He will give you your next side quest called Do You Believe? For now, go ahead and do the Bunker side quest since you are right next to its starting location.

The Bunker (Part 2)

From the University, head south to talk to a man named Thabit.

The Bunker updated with "Talk to Thabit".

Once inside the apartment that Thabit is in, talk to him. He will go into a big long speech saying you need all these forms in order to gain access to the Bunker. Instead your going to take the short way and just get the mayor's seal of approval.

The Bunker updated with "Find the Mayor's Seal".

Exit the apartment and head west towards the hotel that the mayor was last seen at. Go up to the roof and go inside via a hatch. Once inside, begin heading through the top floor. Go through various rooms until you arrive at a bed room that has an open bathroom with a hole in the wall. Drop through the hole onto the next floor. Head through this floor, finally dropping down into the main lobby. Go over to the computer to access it and find the mayors' last location. He was on the second floor. Go into his bedroom, killing the Viral that pops out of the bathroom. Finally, go over to the foot of the bed and lockpick a chest to get the mayor's seal.

The Bunker updated with "Give the Seal to Thabit".

Go back to the first floor and push the cabinet out of the way in order to leave the hotel. Go back to the apartment that Thabit is staying at. Give him the seal and he will tell you that the bunker is under the town hall.

The Bunker updated with "Check the Bunker under the town hall".

Leave Thabit's apartment and head across the courtyard to get inside the town hall. Once inside, kill the Virals that attack you and a few normal zombies. Go downstairs and lockpick the door leading to the underground bunker. Kill the Spitter here, and try to go into the bunker, but find that its locked.

The Bunker updated with "Get the Bunker key".

Thabit tells you that the key card is on the police chief, who is out shambling in the streets. Exit the bunker and head west to the street that the captain is on. Turns out the captain was turned into a Demolisher (oh joy!). Kill the Demolisher in order to get the bunker key card from his dead body.

The Bunker updated with "Get inside the Bunker".

Go back to the town hall and head back down to the bunker entrance. But once you get there, Thabit's newfound power of the mayor seal has gone to his head and he now wants everything inside the bunker.

The Bunker updated with "Kill Thabit".

Kill him with one swift stroke.

The Bunker updated with "Check the Bunker".

Go inside the bunker and follow the yellow pipe on the ceiling. Once you arrive at a locked red door, look up and to the left for an open air duct. Go inside the air duct and drop down into the bunker storage room. You radio Ihsan and tell him what you find, ending this side quest. Now do you believe that it is time for the side quest Do You Believe? Because I believe it is.

Do You Believe? (Part 2)

Leave the bunker and head outside.

Do You Believe updated with "Find out where the music comes from".

Head north to the marked apartment. Go up to the roof and drop down onto a terrace in order to get inside the apartment. Once inside, talk to a man named Ishaq in some kind of ritual/tribal room. He sends you to go get herbs at night in order to allow him to be able to foresee a prophecy.

Do You Believe updated with "Find night herbs on the river bank 0/6 Night Herb".

Use the rest point to wait until night. Once night arrives, head north to the river bed. The herbs glow BRIGHT green, it would be impossible to miss them from 100 meters away. Grab 6 of them, even though there are around 20.

Do You Believe updated with "Talk to Ishaq".

Go back to Ishaq's prophecy room and he will tell you to put the herbs in the brazier to begin.

Do You Believe updated with "Put herbs in the fire bowl".

As soon as you put the herbs in the side quest ends, but another one begins called The Shadow of the King.

The Shadow of the King

Immediately following the ending of Do You Believe, you will start this side quest.

The Shadow of the King updated with "Talk to Ishaq".

Talk to Ishaq and he will tell you a prophecy that leads to you facing "the king".

The Shadow of the King updated with "Follow clues from the prophecy".

Wait until morning, then leave to the highlighted area to the south east of the Old Town. Once you arrive, you will see a fountain full of different human remains. This is outside of the hotel that you need to enter.

The Shadow of the King updated with "Enter the hotel".

Go inside the hotel through the front door located directly in front of the fountain.

The Shadow of the King updated with "Find room number 9".

Once inside, go upstairs to the second floor, then turn down the right hallway and open the elevator. Go up the hatch in the elevator to get to the third floor. This will get you to "the deceitful 9", which actually means a 6.

The Shadow of the King updated with "Check room number 206".

You won't be able to get in the room since its locked. Looks like we need a different way in. Head back to the elevator and drop down to the second floor. This time, head up to the third floor by using the stairs. As soon as you get to the 3rd floor, check the ground in front of the stairs for a red key card. This is the staff key card, which gives you access to the staff rooms down on the first floor. Go back down to the first floor and use the key card on the locked staff room door. Head left to enter the reception desk area, where all the room keys are located on the wall in cubbies. Look for the room 206 key (should be the top right key). Feel free to pick up all the keys in case you want to go exploring in other rooms.

Head back up to the second floor, use the elevator hatch, and then go to the room 206. Use your key card on the door. Go inside and kill the Viral. Lock pick Rais's crate in the room to find out that this was his room prior to the outbreak. As soon as you open the crate you finish the side quest. Now back to the main story since we ran out of side quests....for now.

Public Face (Part 2)

Exit the hotel you were in.

Public Face updated with "Meet with Michael in the sewers".

Go to the south part of old town. You will arrive at a park like place with 3 Spitters. Don't worry about them, instead drop down into an open manhole and swim up to get to the sewers entrance.

Public Face updated with "Find Michael".

Once inside the sewers, drop down into the open panel and swim to the next open one. When you get out, go right down a tunnel. Continue to follow the path that is illuminated by flares. Eventually you will open a door and have another infectedness moment. Continue on, opening another door and you will find Michael at the end of the hall. Talk to Michael and he will give you the run down on what you are doing. And it involves explosives, so that's always fun.

Public Face updated with "Take the explosives".

The explosives are located right behind Michael. There are four detonators that you need to pick up.

Public Face updated with "Reach the 10th floor".

Head through the red door and up a few flights of stairs. Eventually your way will be blocked off. Go through the open door and go to the elevators. Use the elevator call button and get on. Ride the elevator up to the 5th floor before a zombie drops on top of your elevator, stopping it. Go up through the elevator hatch and continue climbing up until you reach the ninth floor. Once you get here, head through the elevator doors and down the end of the hall. Open the door at the end of the hall and go up through a hole in the ceiling to get to the 10th floor. Michael will radio you and tell you which apartments to put the explosives in.

Public Face updated with "Plant explosives in apartments 105 and 106".

Head down the hall and go through a few apartments in order to reach a different hallway that has the two apartments that you need to go into and put the explosives on the stove tops for both apartments. Once this is done, Michael will radio and give you the next two apartments you need to plant explosives in.

Public Face updated with "Plant explosives in apartments 134 and 137".

Go back to where you entered the 10th floor at and go into a stairwell. Head up more stairs until you arrive at the 12th floor. Once on this floor, turn left and go a little ways down this hall before you see another hole in the ceiling. Climb up it to get to the 13th floor, where you need to plant the explosives. Once you plant one of these explosives, go to the other room. If you did not kill a screamer earlier, you will definitely kill one now. Once you plant the explosives, you will move on to hearing Michael get attacked.

Public Face updated with "Find Michael's detonator".

Leave the apartment that you planted the explosives in. Head to the elevator and slide down the wire to get back to where the elevator is on the 5th floor. Go inside the elevator and activate it. It will drop you down to the ground floor. Leave the elevator, and go right. Head down more stairs to arrive at the sewer level. Go down this hall and go left to find Michael's detonator on the ground next to a flare.

Public Face updated with "Leave the building and detonate the charges".

Drop down into the sewer tunnels and continue following the new trail of flares that Michael left. Keep following this path until you arrive at a large room with a brute in it. Use your grappling hook to get to the sewer exit point.

Public Face updated with "Detonate charges to let the world know there are people in the quarantine".

Head through the door to watch a cut scene and see how your explosives turned out (pretty cool face)....until an airplane blows it up. At this point you will unlock this.

During the cut scene, Jade radios you and says she wants to meet up. This ends the Public Face quest and begins Rendezvous.


After making amends with Jade, she wants to meet up with you. Best not to keep a girl waiting.

Rendezvous updated with "Meet with Jade in the red building on Emerald Canal".

Go east from where you ended the Public Face quest and arrive at the apartment. Go inside the apartment on the 2nd floor. Open the door to find that Jade has been taken by Rais and is at the museum. You radio Troy and she directs you to Tariq, the museum's curator. This ends this main quest, and you start the Museum quest.


After finding out Jade has been kidnapped, you need to go meet with the museum's curator to find the best way in.

The Museum updated with "Find the museum custodian".

Leave the red apartment and head north to the safe house where you got The Bunker side quest. Once you arrive, head inside the apartment. Talk to Tariq and he will tell you there is an underwater entrance to the museum that you could swim through.

The Museum updated with "Find the underwater entrance in Emerald Pond to get into the Museum".

Chasing Past (Part 1)

Before leaving to go find the secret entrance, talk to Tariq again and he will give you another side quest regarding how the little boy who he is taking care of showed up. This quest is called Chasing Past. We are going to go ahead and continue with The Museum and come back to this once we are done.

Once you're done talking to Tariq, begin heading all the way south. Once you arrive at the Emerald Pond, the entrance is on the cliff side and is underwater. Swim through the passageway, eventually coming up to a door. This is your way into the museum.

The Museum updated with "Find a way into the Museum".

Head through the red door to make it into another area with more swimming. Head through this swimming section, go into another doorway, go through another swimming section, another doorway, and a final smaller swimming section where you go to the middle and find a tunnel that goes straight up. Climb up this tunnel to make it into a wooden section. You will now go through a series of long wooden platforming sections. Once you finish these, you will finally be at the entrance to the museum. Kill two of Rais's guards, then head through the gate leading into the museum.

At this point, there is a cutscene where Rais surprises you and a bunch of his guards attack you.

The Museum updated with "Eliminate Rais's guards".

The first wave is four enemies and the next wave is 4 enemies on the higher level. Once you kill all of these enemies, climb up to the 2nd floor (you can't use your grappling hook right now). Once on this floor, 3 more guards attack you as you make your way down the next hall you have to go down.

The Museum updated with "Rescue Jade".

Go through a closed gate, then drop down into a courtyard below. Go outside where you will be attacked by 3 more enemies. Kill them and you will be able to see 2 more enemies on the second floor of the next building that you need to go into. Kill them as well. Climb up to where those enemies were and kill 3 more guards on this floor. Head to the opposite side of where you entered and climb up onto one more platform. Make your way across this large hallway. Try to stay off the ground, as the floor is covered with zombies. Once you make it across, you will be attacked by 2 more guards.

The Museum updated with "Kill the infected".

There are about 15-20 zombies on the first floor that you need to kill. Stay up on the second floor and kill them from above. Drop down once it is almost completely clear. Head through the large doors to have another cut scene where you finally meet up with Jade.

The Museum updated with "Help Jade and kill all the infected".

About 25 infected attack you, use your gun to kill the Virals, which can be quite difficult.

The Museum updated with "Escape the Museum".

Head towards the door and try to open it, but its locked. You have another cut scene, but your infectedness takes over and you're now left in a dream-like state. Head through the left door into another room. Go through the left door in this room as well. Go through a small hall, open this door, then head to the right door in this room. You're now in a huge, open world that has scenes from the school and the Tower intermixed. Follow Jade through this path. It is quite long, and requires basic parkour skills. Eventually you will arrive at the transmission tower and have to climb up platforms. Finally, you will go on a zipline that ends at a red door. Open the door and a cutscene happens.

The events that take place in this scene are quite awesome, but I am keeping the details as it contains major spoilers.

The Museum updated with "Defeat Tahir".

You only have a machete when you're fighting Tahir, so take your time and be sure to dodge his attacks. Halfway through this fight, you will be attacked by 5 of Rais's guards as well. Take care of them as they can take a large chunk of your health away before you can resume your attack on Tahir. As soon as you defeat Tahir you will pop this.

The Museum updated with "Leave the Museum".

Leave the museum the same way you came in. Troy will radio and tell you that you need to install an amplifier in order to contact the Ministry for help.

The Museum updated with "Take your stuff from the bag".

Kill the two guards by the supply bag. At this point you should have access to 200+ power weapons, which are extremely effective.

The Museum updated with "Leave the Museum".

Head through the wooden door that is located next to the supply bag. Once outside, you radio Dr. Camden and tell him that you are going to bring him the samples.

The Museum updated with "Meet with Troy".

Head north back into the Old Town and go to the Clock tower safe house (not the Loft, but the other one you unlocked on the east side of town). Once there, talk to Troy and she will tell you how you're going to execute the installation of the amplifier on the radio tower. This ends The Museum quest and the next main story quest called Broadcast begins.

But you know what...if you have been diligent in doing the side quests...THIS IS THE LAST ONE! So just think, as soon as you finish this, you will be DONE with the side quests...its sad when the side quests take longer to do than the main story...

Chasing Past (Part 2)

Go south to the apartment that the quest takes place in.

Chasing Past updated with "Find the apartment at Dolma Street 11/2",

Once you arrive, enter through the door at the street level. Go up a flight of stairs, then enter the apartment that is on the right and has its door cracked open.

Chasing Past updated with "Find clues in apartment 11/2".

Head into the bedroom straight in front of you in order to start listening to the tape. You find out that the two boys were looking for their missing father.

Chasing Past updated with "Search other apartments".

Leave the apartment and head up stairs to the third floor. Once there, you listen to another recording that says one of the boys went to the basement, so now its time to go there.

Chasing Past updated with "Check the basement".

Head down all the stairs until you arrive at the basement level. Open the door to the left and try to open the door with a "1" on it to start another tape. Once that is done, go to the far right room that has a "3" and a bloody handprint and try to open it to find that it is locked.

Chasing Past updated with "Search apartment 3 for basement keys".

Leave the basement and head all the way back upstairs to the third apartment. It should now be unlocked, so go inside and pick up the keys from the end table to the right of the door.

Chasing Past updated with "Investigate the basement".

Go all the way back downstairs and open the locked door...to find a sad scene. Pick up the dog collar to continue. But before this you are attacked.

Chasing Past updated with "Kill the cannibal".

The guy trying to kill you has seen better days. Take care of him.

Chasing Past updated with "Inform Tariq what has happened here".

Exit the apartment building and head north to the safe house that you met Tariq in. Once you get back, talk to Tariq and tell him what you found. He gives you the keys to the museum storage that contains weapons, so were going to check it out.

Chasing Past updated with "Find the reward".

In order to get to the reward, you have to go in the underwater entrance that you came in in The Museum quest. Once you get inside through swimming, open the gate. Open all four of the crates that you have to lockpick. Upon opening the last crate....you will finally pop this well deserved achievement.

Time to get back to the actual story.

Broadcast (Part 2)

Leave the museum and head all the way north.

Broadcast updated with "Use sewer tunnels to reach the radio tower".

Travel north until you get about 50 meters from the marked location.

Broadcast updated with "Enter the sewers".

Go to the marked point and head down some stairs, open the gate to the left, then head down some stairs. At the T, turn right then continue down this path until you get to the entrance to the sewers.

Broadcast updated with "Find the underground path to the radio tower".

Continue down the clear one way path until you arrive at a junction. Here is another chance to kill a screamer in case you didn't do it. Look for the locked door that you open by using a wheel. Head down that sewer tunnel. Continue down this small tunnel until you arrive at a bigger room with an open grate. Drop down and head through this until you arrive at a large room. Kill all the Spitters in here and then grapple up to the ledge that has a blue pipe next to it. Go down this hall, then up several flights of stairs. You will arrive at a floor with about 10 Virals that are unaware of your presence. Sneak up on all of them and eliminate them before they can warn the other Virals. Head through this floor until you get to more stairs to go up. Once you run out of stairs, go through this hall and exit the sewers.

Exit outside to find that you are close to the Radio Tower.

Broadcast updated with "Jump down".

Jump off of this high point onto the trash bags below. You radio Savvy and tell him that you are close to the radio tower and he tells you that you need a key card in order to access the ratio tower, and you have to find it off of the dead body of the last runner who attempted this.

Broadcast updated with "Search the containers for the access card".

Head up to the first storage container and search the first and second floor of it. Make sure to open all the lockers...only to find the card is not there. Head across the bridge and into the second area where there is two Demolishers. Ignore them, as you don't have to go through the effort to try to kill them. Climb into the blue containers through the roof and search these containers lockers. You will finally find the dead runner, with the key card right in front of him.

Broadcast updated with "Enter the power substation".

Leave the storage area and continue up the road to get to the power substation. Go inside the area, and use the key card on the large building on the left side of this area. Once inside, be sure to close the door behind you to prevent any unwanted guests from joining you in this small room. You radio Savvy and tell him you found the station.

Broadcast updated with "Turn on the transformer".

Open the other door in this room....for a nice jump scare. Head inside and use the power box.

Broadcast updated with "Turn on the control panel".

Leave the substation and head over to the radio tower base. Throw a firecracker, then open the control box to flip it on...now comes the fun part: climbing.

Broadcast updated with "Hook up the amplifier before the bombing".

The cable is going to snap with a rather large explosion, and there will now be a opening in the base of the radio tower. This is where you begin your assent. To sum it up...you will be climbing for a while. Once you finally reach the top platform, use the transmitter box to install the amplifier and watch a cut scene where the bombers almost take out the city. You get a call from the GRE asking for you to get Dr. Zere's research so they can cover their tracks. Once the cut scene is over, you will pop this.

Savvy will radio you and tell you to come back to the Old Town.

Broadcast updated with "Return to Old Town through the tunnel".

Use the zip line closest to the waypoint in order to land as close as possible to the tunnel entrance. Your zipline cuts off part of the way, so you have to travel some on foot.

Broadcast updated with "Find an exit to Old Town".

Go through the door on the left once inside the tunnel. Continue down this hall, down the main tunnel, and down the right tunnel until you finally reach a large truck blocking your way on the main tunnel, with no other entrances nearby. Climb on top of the truck and drop down to find a door to the right. Continue down this hall until about halfway, then turn right. Inside this room, you will find a sewer entrance. Drop down and swim through this tunnel. Climb up the ladder in the water, then continue down the hall until you finally arrive at the Old Town exit.

Broadcast updated with "Contact Dr. Camden".

Call Camden and let him know that you are on your way with the samples.

Broadcast updated with "Let Camden examine Zere's infected samples".

Exit the tunnels and head east to Candem's lab. Once you arrive, enter the lab through a small opening at the ground floor. Kill 2 of Rais's men in here. Once this is done, Camden will radio you and tell you to use the elevator to enter. You will also unlock this.

Use the elevator to get to the ground floor. This will also end the story quest Broadcast. Up next is The Clinic. We are on the homestretch.

The Clinic

The Clinic updated with "Find a way to reach Dr. Camden".

Open the elevator. Go straight then to the room on the left. Climb up into the air duct and follow it until it drops off into the control room. Kill the zombie in here, then pick up the key card on the table by the door. While doing this, also open the locked door using the touch terminal that the key card was on. Leave the control room. Go through this now open door and continue down the hall. Go through the only open door, then go to the right side door. Camden will tell you that in order to go through this part, you need to activate the decontamination sequence, but you need to restart the generators in the office area.

The Clinic updated with "Reach the office area".

Leave the decontamination room and head back out into the hall way you entered the lab area from. Camden will open the office area. Kill all the zombies here.

The Clinic updated with "Use the vent system in the office area".

Use the key card to open the office area. Make your way through the offices, then climb up into the air vent above.

The Clinic updated with "Find Lab Storage".

Make your way through the air duct. Follow the path until you arrive at the storage room. Now its time for a fun game of "the floor is fire".

The Clinic updated with "Find a way to the generator room".

In this room, make your way across to the other side without touching the toxic ground. The other half of the room is fine to touch. Use the forklift to lower the boxes so you can access the next tunnel above you. Climb up and go across these pipes. Turn left at the first entrance and drop down. Use this forklift to raise the boxes so you can go into the next room. Jump through the broken window into the generator room.

The Clinic updated with "Restore the power source".

Activate the right and left generators in this room.

The Clinic updated with "Run decontamination process".

Exit the generator room and run to the end of the hall. Use the key card to open the grate and slide under. Head back into the decontamination room that you were in earlier to start the process. Press the button and watch as all the zombies in the other room have their heads explode on them.

The Clinic updated with "Give the samples to Camden".

Go into the decontaminated room and continue into the next room. Open the next door to head into the main lab and watch a cut scene with Camden where he begins running tests on the samples and tells you not to trust the GRE.

The Clinic updated with "Contact the GRE".

Leave the laboratory the same way you entered. Once outside, head east to the point where you need to contact the GRE. But instead of getting the GRE, you get Rais. He tells you to come and confront him. This ends The Clinic, and its time for the final mission of the game: Extraction.


At this point if there are any loose ends you need to tie up, such as side quests, challenges, or collectibles, now would be the time. You can come back once you're done with the story, but it would be easier to knock it all out now.


Its time for the final confrontation between you and Rais.

Extraction updated with "Confront Rais at the top of his Tower".

Head south to the waypoint where you entered the Old Town from. Once you get here, were heading back inside the Sewers. I will now be going to the 3rd and final page of the story walkthrough since we are going back to the Slums.

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