6. Dying Light MultiplayerUpdate notes

Alright, so once you have the five quests ready to go that I have recommended in the story walkthrough, I advise setting up a session for Dying Light by using this link here.


Make sure to set the number of people to 4, since the achievement requires you to complete 5 quests with the same set of 4 people. Since the online service for the game can be a little tricky, I recommend asking the people being from the same country/continent as you. This will help you eliminate a little of the chance of having someone being disconnected due to bad connection. Also, make the session with 5-7 days to spare, in order to allow people enough time to join.

I recommend doing this early in the story, or on a second quick play through. It also will be made a million times easier if multiple people in the session have these quests set up as well. The first time I attempted this, no one could connect to the person who had all the quests set up and we had to postpone our session in order to have me set up the quests.

If anyone disconnects at any point, you will have to redo 5 quests.

So if you have done what I recommended and saved these five quests:

Steal From a Thief

On the Hooks


Gassed up

Spare Glasses

Then you should be able to easily get this achievement within a couple seconds after completing the first quest.

Once you complete all 5 quests as a group of four people, you will unlock.

Here is some info regarding where you need to turn in each quest, and who you need to turn them in to.

Steal From a Thief: Turn into Jaffar after collecting the dynamite from the construction site.

On the Hooks: Turn into Tolgar and Fatim after getting the hooks from the hanger.

Firebug: Turn into Zaid after getting the Zinc Powder and Turpentine from a different hanger.

Gassed up: Talk to Jeff and watch his wall

Spare Glasses: Turn into Khaliq after getting his glasses and vegetable book

Now after you are done cooperating with your teammates, it's time to compete against them to figure out who the best dying light player in your group! There are six different types of competitions, which i will include in a second. Before you start going for the competitions, back out to the title screen and change the competition frequency to high. This will cause more competitions to become available while in the game. The competitions are split up into the three skill tiers (power, survival, and agility) and whenever you win the competition, you will get xp for that category. Here is the six different types of competitions, with the category they fall under.

Some quests can be tied. If you do tie with your opponents, all people are credited with a win.


Race- Race against your opponents to a certain point. Only one person can win.


Kill zombies- Kill the most zombies in a certain time. Can be tied.

Inflict damage on a goon- Damage (or kill) the most special zombies.


Clear out a safe zone- Kill the zombies in the marked safe zone. Can be tied.

Mission objectives- Complete certain objectives before other players. Can be getting to the quest location, finding supplies, or clearing an area.

Once you win 7 different coop challenges, you will unlock this.

Do 3 more and you will unlock this.

This is all for the multiplayer part of the base game, but there is one more DLC achievement that is multiplayer. Go over to the Bozak Horde page for more info.

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