8. Dying Light Miscellaneous and collectablesUpdate notes

On this page, we will cover all achievements not obtained in the story walkthrough, most of which are level, killing, or crafting based. We will begin with the relatively easy crafting achievements.

To start with, we will be getting the achievement for using blueprints 100 times, or making 100 craftable objects. The easiest way is creating lock picks using metal scraps. Each lock pick only takes 1 metal scrap, which are quite abundant in the story (by the end of the story, I have approximately 450 metal scraps). Another good way is to get to the opposite side of the Infamy Bridge in the slums. In this area, there are A LOT of gauze and alcohol to make medkits. The supplies reset every time you travel to old town then back to the slums, and is great if you are low on medkits. By using blueprints 100 times, it will net you this achievement:

For the next crafting relating achievement, we will craft a sword or khopesh with a fire effect. You should be able to get this achievement after you finish the "troll" quest in Old Town for Rupert the Gunsmith. If you have any questions regarding where and how to get this quest, please refer to the quest page earlier in this guide, but if you followed the story walkthrough with me, you should have this quest completed. After completing this quest, you will unlock the Angel Sword blueprint. This blueprint adds a fire effect to any weapon, so if you have a sword or khopesh in your inventory, add it to the weapon to get the achievement. If you don't have either one of these weapons, go to a vendor to buy one. Vendors in the old town are more likely to have these weapons, since it is further in the story. Once you have bought either one of these weapons, just add the fire effect to the weapon, and you will get this achievement:

Next, find a group of spikes. Now using your newly obtained fire weapon or a Molotov cocktail, hit a zombie once with the weapon, but not in a spot that will kill it. This should light the zombie on fire. Kick the zombie using cn_LB into the spikes. This will unlock:

Here is a quick clip of me using the Molotov cocktail on a zombie. Note my location on the map in the video, the spikes are always at this location.

Now we will be going for another kill related achievement using a wrench. This achievement requires you to unlock the vault ability, which can be unlocked at level 4 on the agility tier, and drop attack which can be unlocked at level 10 on the power tier. Once you have met the level requirements, you need to have a wrench. The type and power of the wrench does not matter, as you will kill the zombie no matter what. Wrenches can be found at the beginning of the story, and are most common in the slums. Next, equip your wrench, find a group of zombies, jump over one, then hold cn_RT to use your drop attack on another zombie. The best place to do this is at Infamy Bridge in the slums, as lots of zombies can be found here. You know you did it successfully when you unlock:

Here is another clip of me showing which skills you need to unlock, and how to successfully execute the maneuver. I apologize for not doing it with the hammer, at the level I am, it is impossible to find one and shops no longer carry them. This is best done early in the game, or if you start a new game.

While we are at Infamy Bridge in the slums, there is another achievement for jumping off the bridge into the water below, at night time. While on the bridge, there is a safe house located on the shore to the right of the bridge. This safe house has a bed inside, and you need to sleep and set the time to night. Once this is done, run up the side of the cliff and climb your way up onto the bridge. From here, run all the way to the end of the bridge, avoiding all the volatiles and as many zombies as possible. Be sure to have a few medkits just in case you take a few hits, and it also helps if you have your agility level up a bit, vault is incredibly helpful for crossing the bridge. Also, don't risk just jumping off the side, as you won't get the achievement, and of course, you will die. Just run all the way to the end of the bridge, then jump off into the water to unlock this:

Here is a clip of me doing this, starting from the safe house, then making my way up to the bridge and jumping off at the end of the bridge at night

Now that we jumped off the bridge, swim back to the safe house and change the time back to day. Climb back up to the Infamy Bridge, and we will start working on the kill related achievements since the bridge contains a large amount of zombies. We will start with the kill 25 ground pound or drop attacks achievements. The ground pound ability can be unlocked at level 7 on the power tier, but in my opinion, it requires a lot more effort to set up compared to the drop attack. In order to successfully execute the ground pound attack, you have to have a two handed weapon such as a sledge hammer, which I find cumbersome. Meanwhile, the drop attack is incredibly effective at eliminating zombies, despite being unlocked at level 10 on the power tier. In my case. I prefer drop attack over the ground pound attack, but I will show you a video of doing both. Once you kill 25 zombies using either of these attacks you will unlock:

Here is a video of me doing both attacks.

The next achievement we will go for is for shocking 5 enemies with electricity at the same time. If you followed the story walkthrough, you most likely got this when you turned on the power at night for the quest voltage (I got this with both tags I played the game with). If you did not do this quest and are just looking to get this achievement, the best way to get this is by using firecrackers and an electric trap. The electric trap is a puddle of water with a generator next to it that can be flipped on, causing the water to become electrified (WARNING: This can shock you as well, not just the zombie). So in order to get this, you will have to find a decent sized group of zombies (at least 6) close to the electric trap. Then you will want to throw the firecrackers onto the puddle of water so the zombies investigate the loud noise. Once all the zombies are in or close to the water, you will want to flip on the generator and watch this pop:

Here is a good location to do it. In the clip I show you the safe house that I am at, then where the electric trap is and how to get it:

The next achievement is for blinding 25 enemies in the light trap. This can only be done at night. The best way to get this is in the slums at night. Leave a safe house and look for a light trap. Once you find one, use firecrackers to attract as many zombies and Volatiles as possible. Activate the light trap, then head back to the safe house. Sleep until day, then sleep again until night. Repeat this process until you pop this:

This next achievement is just like the enlighten achievement mentioned above, but instead with electric fence traps. You need to kill 25 zombies with the fence trap. The best place to do this is in the slums. Leave a safe house and head to a fence trap. Use firecrackers to attract zombies, then activate the electric fence. Once the zombies are dead, go back to the safe house and sleep until night. You can do this again at night, but it is more dangerous. Repeat this until you unlock this achievement:

Up next is using the UV flashlight or flares to blind 25 Volatiles. The best way to do this is to go out at night, use firecrackers to attract them to your location, which begins a chase. During the chase, use the flashlight or flares to blind the Volatiles chasing you. While running, press cn_Y to look behind you to see how many you have chasing you. If the chase begins to get out of hand, run back to a safe zone to end it. Once you have blinded 25 Volatiles you will unlock this:

Here is another achievement that is done at night, but is relatively easy. You need to kill 5 bolters and take their skin. The best way to do this is in the slums. There is a safe zone located to the east of the Tower that is next to a bolter feeding ground. Once there, head out during night, sneak up on the bolter, then kill and loot it. Go back to the safe house and sleep until night again. Repeat this until you have done this 5 times to unlock this:

Here is a clip of the safe house I am talking about. The blue waypoint is the location of the safe house and the hunting grounds. The clip shows me at the safe house, then going out and killing the Bolter at the location it spawns every night:

Up next is another achievement that is better to do during the day. You need many throwable weapons such as throwing knifes and ninja stars. It is also recommended that you learn the explosive ninja star skill on the power skill tree. Head to the Infamy Bridge and stand on top of a car and start throwing your weapons using the cn_LT. Once you kill 50 you will unlock this achievement:

For this next achievement, if you didn't take any damage when you were going for the throwable weapons achievement, you should have unlocked it about halfway through the achievement. This one is for killing 20 zombies without taking any damage. If you are just looking to get this achievement, I strongly recommend standing in a safe zone and using ranged weapons such as guns to kill zombies from the distance. Once you kill 20 without taking any damage you will unlock this:

This achievement is for grappling 50 zombies using the grapple skill. The grapple skill is under the agility skill tree, and is pretty useful in escaping tight situations. The best way to do this achievement is to go to Infamy Bridge and begin using the cn_LS + cn_A combo to throw zombies around. Once done 50 times you will unlock this:

Up next is for completing 15 agility or power challenges. These mostly consist of killing zombies in unique ways, such as with headshots or with the grapple ability, and are pretty straightforward and easy once you have leveled up a bit. These challenges are marked on the map with agility and power symbols. They are often times given by the same people, so you won't be able to move on to the next challenge until you complete the previous one for that person. Here is two clips of the maps so you can see the challenges. I highlight each of the challenges in blue (although they don't appear on my map as I have already done the challenge).

SLUMS (Sorry about the middle of the clip...I had a moment where I forgot the location of the next challenge).

OLD TOWN (There's one more challenge located near the bottom of the map. You can see it close to the end of the clip. I forgot to highlight it.)

Once you complete 15 of these challenges, you will unlock this achievement.

Up next is for selling $10,000 worth of items. By the end of the story you should have plenty of items and weapons to sell to a vendor. Just head to either the Tower or the Loft and sell any unneeded items or weapons. Once you sell $10,000 worth of items you will pop this:

Alright now head back to the Old Town in order to get this achievement. This one is pretty grindy and will take a while to get as it requires you to kick 100 zombies off of the rooftops. Although you can get this in any area, the Old Town is littered with zombies that are on the roofs. Just use your grappling hook to get from roof to roof, kicking zombies as you go. You will know it is successful if you gain around 200 points of exp in the power tree, or if you check your achievement percentage and it has gone up. Once you kick 100 zombies off of roofs you will pop this:

For this next one, I didn't unlock it until the Following DLC, but if you are looking to get it, just gather lots of supply drops to build up your survivor level. You need to get to level 18 survivor rank. At the end of the story, I was only 15-16, but you might be higher if you saved more survivors from zombies, collected more supply drops than I did, or die a lot less than I might have. Once you get to survivor level 18, you will pop this achievement:

This next achievement is for clearing all of the quarantine zones. There are 8 of them, 5 in slums and 3 in old town. They are not marked on the maps and only become available once you have found them. Here is a clip of each of the maps, the quarantine zones are red and have the biohazard symbol. I also highlight them with the blue waypoint.



Once you have cleared all 8 of these zones, you will pop this achievement:


Now its time for the most boring part of many games: collectibles. I was not able to make my own video as I am not that skilled with youtube and editing, but I found this great video guide on YouTube.


Note: This only counts the main story collectibles. Don't worry about having to find any of the collectibles in The Following DLC.

I recommend doing all the collectibles at once. It should take around 2-3 hours if you are starting with no collectibles. I also made sure I didn't pick any up during the story so I wouldn't be confused on which ones I had and hadn't picked up. Once you find all the collectibles, you should unlock this:

That's all of the miscellaneous achievements, now its time to move on to the DLC, starting with the parkour title update.

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