2. Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires General hints and tipsUpdate notes

There are no cheats in this game but the game is very easy so nothing is lost. I would like to say that it's good to pick a force that have people who you would like to play as. I choose Wei because I like Xiahou Dun but you can choose any force, it won't affect achievements. I have a few tips.

1. Achievements you meet the requirements for will not unlock until you save (with a few special exceptions), so don't panic if they do not unlock immediately.

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2. I would advise getting all your weapon's levels up to level 3 so you have all the combos.

3. Hire EVERYBODY you can if you wanna get the achievements for getting 250 + officers.

4. Put the difficulty on novice to make it easier on yourself, since difficulty doesn't effect the achievements.

5. Turn off officer death. You need to recruit every officer for achievements, and that will be hard if they die.

6. Put officer limit to the highest setting every game. It should be "many" at the start, until you unlock others.

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