3. Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires Story walkthroughUpdate notes

So off we go :)

Start off by choosing Empire Mode. Choose the Yellow Turban Rebellion and choose a force that has characters you want to play as. A few quick notes about the cards, or tactics. At the start of each turn, you can choose consult, delegate, and assign. Consult allows you to choose from a couple different suggestions from your officers. Delegate tells an officer to do whatever they want. Assign allows you to use a card you've used with either consult or delegate previously whenever you want. You want to keep an eye out for bladesmith, spearsmith, weaponsmith, and allsmith. Each of these gives experience to the weapon type in their name (or all three, in the case of allsmith). Once you get a weapon type to level 3 you can use all your attacks, so make this a priority. Once you've used one in consult/delegate you can use it with assign whenever you want.

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The other card you want to look out for is the recruit card. It allows you to look at all the officers available for hire and choose one to try and hire. If you see this in consult or delegate, get it immediately as you'll need it to gather all the officers for the related achievements. You can also use development and production to make equippable items, but horses are the only real important ones. You can move around and finish battles much faster that way. Red Hare is preferred.

Skip the first turn or attack someone, it doesn't matter. After you've skipped or fought a battle, someone will ask you to join the attack on the Yellow Turbans, click yes and win or lose save afterwards and you will get this achievement

Fight through the rest of the campaign. As you take forces down you'll be given the chance to hire their officers, do so every chance you get. Before the fight for the last territory save and you should have the following achievements or close to it.

After you've fought the last person you will get a chance to hire all the enemies and after you save you will get

As well as this for finishing the scenario

Next start the next scenario Dong Zhuo in Luo Yang and either fight a battle or skip again then you will get a message to attack Dong Zhuo win or lose you will get

Once you get to the last force take all there areas out except one then keep using the card search-wide (or recruit, if you have it) for people and then when you are full and you cant find any more officers attack the last force and hire all of them and then save and you will get

Now choose A Divided Land. There are no special battles in this one so just finish this scenario and you will get

After this you will unlock Battle of Guan Du. In this one there is one special battle which is obtained if you choose Yuan Shao and skip turns. After a while you will get asked to fight Cao Cao click yes win,lose, or retreat you will get

Finish the scenario and you will get

Now we will proceed to play Flames Over Chi Bi. There are two special battles in this scenario and I will explain each one to you. Choose Sun Quan for both of these battles. For the first one just skip the first battle, and then you will be asked to fight at Chi Bi. Say yes and win or lose you will get

Note: For the Battle of Chi Bi special battle, I don't know if it's glitched but I was doing a speed run of the Battle of Guan Du with Cao Cao and the Battle of Chi Bi popped up so I got this achievement in a different way.

For the next one wait until Liu Bei takes over Chang Sha and the area directly to the left of it. Then take Chang Sha and skip a battle and you will get a special battle, say yes and win or lose and you will get

Finish the rest of the scenario and you will get

I am sad to say this leaves us with one scenario left :( but let's get on with it. This last scenario is called A Gathering Of Heroes. It has been there since the start but I like to leave it until last. Now that you're familiar with all the characters choose the force with your favorite one in it and complete the scenario to get

Now that all the scenarios are completed you will unlock the max officer limit option so start up A Gathering of Heroes and take all the territories except one. Now use recruit and the search tactics constantly, hiring everyone you can. If you have not hired an officer before it won't have "get" by their name. If you run out of room in your army you can remove officers from your force. After you've got them all you should be able to save and then you'll get the rest of the achievements. It's said to be glitched for some so you might not be able to get all of them in one game for one reason or another, simply start another one using the same method. Once you've gotten all the officers you'll have all of these after saving

Hope this helped you all, good luck with getting all these achievements.

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