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Posted on 27 August 12 at 18:26
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Did you play DW:Gundam 1 and enjoy it? Good!
I bet you got DW:Gundam 3 and found it more challenging, but your options were more expanded. You might have had fun.

This game. This game I hate posthumously. I enjoyed DW: Gundam because I'm a huge gundam fan and it was a relatively easy 1000. So When I saw this on the game store shelf, I jumped on it with all 50 of my $1 bills. and then I payed credit cuz I forgot tax. ANYWAY, this game promised much more than DW:G1 and I squealed with joy as I popped it in my console. I learned a great deal of story from the lesser-viewed Gundam series, and this game brought me to actually watch them. I thank it for that.

The problem came when I went for the full 1000.

Some missions are only available upon certain temporary conditions (friendship levels). This chapped my ass fierce and resorted to translating Japanese guides for x360a (I got partway before having to stop and go TA full-time at work...shhh). But the firend ships were not the worst part. Here's the worst mission (which is NOT the Zaku or Ball) in a nutshell:

Difficutly: Hard (only hard)
Pass conditions: Don't let M'Queve die in his Gyan.
Aces: a lot...in really good suits. And the Dark/Devil Gundam
Your suit: A FRIGGIN GYAN. Do you know what a gyan's special is? Neither do I cuz it sucked more than a sump pump in monsoon season. It's neigh impossible to beat the Dark Gundam before M'Queve strolls in with this stupid vase. There must have been a clipping issue cuz he will run to the thing and try to keep running through him. Without so much as a sword swipe. Ass.

Still, It's possible but good luck on missions with forced suits. The only saving grace for the Hard missions with impulse+shockwave+overdrive with Turn A gundam. It's nukes every field and recharges you to throw more nukes. Most aces can't make it out alive. So in that sense it's broken.

But this is a review, not a walkthough so let's get down to brass tacks.

Music: Nostalgic OSTs. Nice touch.
Graphics: Pretty standard for DW games, some awesome cutscenes.
Controls: It's a DW game. You only need 2 buttons and a stick.
Tech: little lag here and there, and loading is pretty quick.
Fun: Yes, but not for long, especially for achievements.

All in all, I would say Just get 3. It's better for your health and you won't miss much.
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