Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (KR)

Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (KR) Achievements

Most Earned

Minnow K.O.
Minnow K.O.15 (15)Defeat first rank and file soldier.
Victory Toast
Victory Toast16 (15)Complete first Quest.
Officer K.O.
Officer K.O.17 (15)Defeat first Officer.
Online Venture
Online Venture36 (30)Connect to Online City for the first time.

Least Earned

Treasure Collector
Treasure Collector62 (30)Collect all Treasures.
Dynasty Warrior
Dynasty Warrior271 (130)Unlock all achievements.
Grand Strategist
Grand Strategist121 (60)Use all Card Tactics.
Card Collector
Card Collector60 (30)Collect all Officer Cards.
All Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (KR) Achievements