Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Walkthrough

The walkthrough for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce needs a new owner. Please post in this thread or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
Information Posted on 06 August 12 at 18:08
Please use this thread to discuss the Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce walkthrough
Information Posted on 28 August 12 at 20:14
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Walkthrough
Posted on 10 June 14 at 09:09
In legend locations page:
there is almost verbatim copy of solution:
Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceLegend CollectorThe Legend Collector achievement in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce worth 96 pointsCollect all Legends.

I think original author deserves credits.

Also on same page link to achievement is broken (top link).

Next, second part of Story Mode page is messed up - it renders bad on all my browsers. Problems start where treasures are listed
Posted on 12 June 14 at 17:16, Edited on 12 June 14 at 19:14 by Basta37
omg, quality of this walkthrough is worst I have ever seen on TA. Another problem:

"Since we're in a city, send a message to someone and ask if you can trade for the achievement. Trade an officer and you will get "

This is impossible. You can't exchange officers if you don't already have one and you can't get one until finishing first couple missions in the story.

Also, treasures part in Story Mode page is again verbatim copy of existing solution:

Al Soure Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Treasure Collector Al Soure's solution for the Treasure Collector Achievement in Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceCollected all Treasures.
Posted on 13 October 14 at 08:21, Edited on 13 October 14 at 15:28 by thirtysmooth
This walkthrough is now unavailable due to the issues that Basta37 has reported. The owner has been PM'd about the issue.

I'll update this thread when/if I receive a response.


EDIT: This walkthrough will need to be rewritten. If anyone wishes to do this, please let me know.
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