EA and UFC Partnership Announced [UPDATE]

Update: A trailer of Dana White taking to the stage and speaking about the deal has been added below. Original Story: In one of the biggest shocks of the day so far, UFC President, Dana White took to

Posted 11 years ago by Dave Horobin

Reminder: EA Server Closures Today

We were given a months notice, and now that month is up. Electronic Arts is shutting down the servers on select titles today, and here’s a reminder on what titles are affected: - Burnout Revenge - Cr

Posted 11 years ago by litepink

EA MMA Going Down With a Fight

By now, you've all undoubtedly been made aware that servers are shutting down for various EA titles on April 13th. Among those titles is EA SPORTS MMA, which looks to be a long haul of a boost if you

Posted 11 years ago by Michelle Balsan

EA Announces More Server Shutdowns

Hi TAers. Are you all sitting down? Good... good. Now, we don't mean to alarm any of you, but you know how occasionally, a big publisher like... oh... say... Electronic Arts will have to shut down a

Posted 11 years ago by Michelle Balsan

EA Sports MMA Live Broadcasts to End

EA has once again updated their notorious Service Updates page. Once the current Rise to Greatness Championship has ended, EA will be terminating all Live Broadcasts for http://www.trueachievements.c

Posted 12 years ago by Rebecca Smith

EA MMA Quadruple Experience!

Last Friday, we got a little surprise: for some reason the experience on EA SPORTS MMA had jumped up to "quad exp", which was nice. We searched for an official word on the matter, and as we couldn't

Posted 12 years ago by Lavindathar

EA Sports MMA Double XP Weekend

If you're a fan of MMA, you will probably be aware of the Strikeforce Grand Prix this weekend. To celebrate, will be hosting a double XP eve

Posted 12 years ago by Dave Horobin

EA Sports MMA Triple XP Event This Weekend

EA have announced a triple XP weekend for EA SPORTS MMA. The event will start this Friday (April 15th) and runs until Sunday. Triple XP will be awarded for all ranked matches, with a number of achiev

Posted 12 years ago by Dave Horobin

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