EA SPORTS UFC 4 Achievements

Full list of all 27 EA SPORTS UFC 4 achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. It takes around 15-20 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One.

  • The Pro

    Finish your training and sign your first Career contract.

  • Unleashed on Cam

    Knockout your training partner during a streamed session in your Career.

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  • Employee of the Month

    Complete an optional Contract Bonus in your Career.

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  • No Pain No Gain

    Receive a major injury and win the match in your Career.

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  • I'm Back!

    Use Evolution Points to recover a lost attribute point in your Career.

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  • Rubbing Shoulders with the Best

    Invite a top 5 fighter and learn a new move in your Career.

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  • Did My Homework

    Unlock all gameplans for a Fighter in your Career.

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  • Overachiever

    Complete all optional challenges from a sparring session in your Career.

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  • Undefeated

    Defend the belt 12 consecutive times in your Career.

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  • The Specialist

    Unlock 5 perks in a single category through Evolution Points in your Career.

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  • The Apprentice

    Upgrade a move during a fight or training in your Career.

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  • The Master

    Prestige a move in your Career by knocking out or knocking down opponents with a 5-Star Move.

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  • The Legend

    Become the GOAT in your Career.

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  • Facebreaker

    Finish a fight by ground & pound.

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  • Sleepy Time

    Finish a fight by choke submission.

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  • Bend to my Will

    Finish a fight by Joint Submission.

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  • Stay Down!

    Perform 5 successful takedowns in a fight.

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  • High Impact

    KO your opponent from clinch.

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  • This is Me

    Edit all categories from your Player Card.

  • Wear'em with Pride

    Equip 5 accolades in your Player Card.

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  • Show the Flag

    Equip a Legendary Background on your Player Card.

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  • Words of Wisdom

    Add flair text to your Player Card.

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  • Back to the Arcades

    Play a match of KO Mode.

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  • Undisputed

    Become champion and defend the title once in Online World Championships.

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  • There Can Be Only One

    Achieve Ultimate Victory in Blitz Battles.