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  • The Chuck ChuckThe Chuck Chuck468,118
    29 Mar 2009
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    Like the low budget, second-rate sci-fi movies that it emulates, EDF 2017 is not for everyone. Some will be turned off by the play control. Some will not like the fact that there is very little variety when it comes to enemies and levels. Some people "grow up" and won't eat peanut butter and jelly anymore. And that is precisely what EDF 2017 is. It is a game for the video game kid in you that played through Contra on the NES with a buddy after school. It is the sleepover party where you rented Rampage and stayed up until 3am to finish it. EDF 2017 is about unlimited ammo, increasingly ridiculous weapons, and blowing up every ant, spider, and robot in sight. It's about hilarious chatter from the expendable NPC's ("It was my bullets that killed him!" "Gimme some ammo!-Do it yourself!" "I can't believe they killed the rookie!"). It does not bother itself with penalties for collateral damage (and actually, leveling every building in sight is decent strategy). There aren't magic points or special skills to keep track of (Pick 2 of the 171 guns and start the mission). You don't have to worry about a complicated plot line and characters (EDF=good... bugs + robots=bad... shoot and/or blow up). The modern sophistications of gaming are absent. Heck, the health, weapon and armor pickups are sprites. Again, to some gamers this is a bad thing. But if you are like me, and I am, sometimes commanding a squad, managing supplies, and issuing tactical orders gets tiring. Where are the days of just jump and shoot? They are in the year 2017, and they belong to the Earth Defense Force.
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    DimehagIt personally took me around 40 hours of gameplay to 100% but I could easily knock that down a fair amount as me and a friend tried to do Inferno first (needless to say that failed miserably). If I started again I could probably knock the 1000g out in around 24 hours.

    Great review, almost exaclty what I think of the game and I can honestly say that it is one of the most enjoyable, if not the most enjoyable, game I've ever played.
    Posted by Dimehag on 07 Jan 12 at 02:20
    madmankevin"But if you are like me, and I am" -haha, what?!
    Posted by madmankevin on 22 May 13 at 20:35
    RatpoizenI just don't get how anyone can dislike this game. It's so much fun and with challenging gameplay. Who cares about story or graphics if the thing you are playing grabs you and you can't let go? To this day EDF2017 is in my top 5 Xbox 360 games. The sequels were were excellent also.
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 31 Jan 16 at 23:12
  • Acurate BobAcurate Bob761,202
    27 Apr 2019
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    This was the begining of my experiences of Earth Defence Force. My first day impression was "I paid for this!" It looked bad. It sounded bad. It's a repetitive game of shooting bugs and blowing up buildings for no reason. So why have I spent around 80+ hours on it and still not had enough.

    That's the hard part. The part where some people decide it's not for them. They stopped playing it before they realised that IF you play it enough and see beyond the poor animations, textures and audio. IF they get the guns for the higher difficulty settings, along with the health to survive them. They will see a game that will take more then skill to finish 100%

    As of writing this I have seventeen stages left to do on inferno, the games hardest setting, and four still to do on Hardest, the second hardest setting. 10% of the weapons still to get and they add up to half the achievement's of the whole game.

    The catch with this game, is the RNG in weapons collection. The fact that each individual armour pick up is only worth 1.175 health. Currently sitting on almost 7000 health, that still is not enough for some levels solo. It rewards your time for replaying missions you have already cleared. You play a mission, get some green weapon crates and red armour pickups and hope you got something NEW. Then if not, then do it again until you do. At least you get more health out of them until you do.

    As you get better weapons you might be able to finish the higher difficulty settings, in hopes of getting even more powerful weapons. It is possible without them, but easier with them. You will hit the wall at some point, then get a better rifle with a bigger clip that gives more damage per bullet, and still not succeed because of your low health. This is the hook.

    Skill will be required on the hardest settings. Give it a go, stick with it. Find what it means to be part of the EARTH DEFENCE FORCE!
  • cc99999cc99999340,340
    28 Oct 2009
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    In a Minute Review - Earth Defense Force 2017

    Japanese game development is pretty much dead. I say this as someone who has imported about twenty or thirty Xbox 360 Japanese titles and has played nearly every title on the 360. That means- I'm probably not the most objective commentator on the subject.

    Barring the occasional AAA title, most Japanese games feel like Earth Defense Force 2017. That is- weakly visualed, low budget affairs that don't really control well to my western tastes. It seems that after the dawn of the FPS era, few, if any Japanese studios really understood how to compete in the new console paradigm.

    I don't fault Earth Defense Force 2017 for what it isn't. It's not a western game, it offers the fewest achievements of a retail game allowed by law. And it has that zany- make up for not much game by repeating it over and over again at increasingly difficult levels (granted there are more than fifty short missions in the game and hundreds of item pickups).

    What makes the game fun is also what makes the game infuriating. Playing at the higher difficulties on most levels is doable as you progress through the game. The later levels, and a few in particular, are brutally hard. So hard that it will take the average gamer a twenty or thirty hour RPG experience grind to even consider attacking the late levels at the harder stages. Oh, and I meant, doing that with an equally capable co-op buddy.

    At the core, the experience is worthwhile. The constant unlocking of weapons and the health leveling give you that carrot to keep playing. The game itself is mindless B movie hilarity- and you get to shoot your fill of ants, spiders, and UFOs. Graphically, the game almost looks like Katamari Damacy if it was made into a third person shooter.

    You won't find yourself blown away by any one particular aspect of this game- but it is amusing to a point- and one of the better Japanese imports on this console.