Educational Games for Kids Achievements

Full list of all 34 Educational Games for Kids achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Baby Jump.

    Tricycle Driving: Jump with the green ramp.

    1 guide
  • Baby wheelies.

    Tricycle Driving: Do a 10 sec wheelie!

    1 guide
  • Double Shot.

    Math: Destroy 2 UFOs with one shot.

  • Find Cyprus.

    Geography: Answer the question 'Where is Cyprus?'

    1 guide
  • State Guru.

    Geography: Find all North American states without tips or errors.

  • Europe Cities.

    Geography: Find all Capital cities in Europe without tips or errors.

    1 guide
  • Greece's Flag.

    Flags: Find Greece's flag.

    1 guide
  • European Flags.

    Flags: Name all Europe countries from their flags with no errors or tips.

    1 guide
  • African Flags.

    Flags: Find all African flags from the name of the country with no errors or tips.

  • Perfect Memory.

    Memory: In 4x4, find all doubles by turning each piece only once.

    1 guide
  • Soccer Balls.

    Memory: Find a pair of soccer balls.

    1 guide
  • Gold Coin.

    Maze: Get the gold coin in the hardest maze.

  • 15 Seconds.

    Maze: Finish the knight and Princess maze in 15 seconds.

    1 guide
  • Photo Girl.

    Dress Up: Dress up the girl and take a photo of her.

  • Lion Colors.

    Coloring: Color the lion similar to its original colors and take a photo of it.

    1 guide
  • Perfect Animals.

    Animals: Move all animals to their correct place without any errors.

  • Red race.

    Colors: Place 5 red items correctly in 25 seconds.

    1 guide
  • Square race.

    Shapes: Place 5 square items correctly in 25 Seconds.

    1 guide
  • Maestro.

    Music: Finish a game with no errors.

    1 guide
  • Color Wheel.

    Color Mixing: Finish a game with no errors.

  • Hidden pattern.

    Patterns: Answer with a pattern containing the same 'group' of objects.

  • Pattern master.

    Patterns: Finish a game with no errors.

  • Banana.

    Objects: Place a banana in the baby’s mouth.

    1 guide
  • Match order.

    Match. Place: bear, airplane and house in this order.

    1 guide
  • 10 Red.

    Numbers: Pop 10 red balloons with stars after the game is over.

    1 guide
  • Unlock the Dragon.

    Finish all the games and variants with 3 stars.