Eekeemoo Splinters of the Dark Shard Reviews

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    13 Mar 2017
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    Eekeemoo: Splinters of the Dark Shard Review
    Published & Developed by: Cogg Games
    Release Date: March 3rd 2017

    On first impressions, Cogg Games had what I thought was a unique and quirky title ready to release upon the gaming public. I was intrigued to say the least, and eager to get my hands on Eekeemoo. But as with any game, it can sound good on paper, and still shots never truly allow you to indulge oneself in a game, until you finally play it. Sometimes you get exactly what you expect, and others, you get a complete surprise. Whether that be pleasant or not.

    Unfortunately, Eekeemoo falls into the category of "could do better", with a series of problems. I appreciate the concept, and it could have been a sleeper hit. But perhaps Cogg tried to take on far too much in terms of project size. Levels are unique in design, an are varied enough to keep the games look interesting. But aside from that, there really isn't much in the way of anything to do apart from despatching enemies as you journey from point A to point B and naturally, the end level boss fight.

    Enemies are lacking in design, and are mostly either a large or small zombie with a different skin for each level. The combat is simplistic, and you have 2 attack buttons for each character, of which there is 4 to unlock. Although you will mainly use your starting character, despite he seems to be twin wielding the slimmest sticks you will have ever seen.

    There are some bugs with enemies disappearing along with yourself. The music is uninspiring, and on a repetitive short loop, with sound effects barely in existence. Even though it's a short game, it begins to grind on you by the time the end game is upon you.

    With a lot more work, a narrative and some serious work on polishing the game, Eekeemoo could well have been a popular game. As it stands, it has fallen well short of the mark for the high standards that many Indie games are reaching now. Obviously, smaller studios with fewer resources will have a harder time to produce a game of a higher standard than those with manpower. But still, quality testing and attention to detail are a must.

    Level designs are all unique, giving the game a redeeming quality. But aside from this, there is little else to offer the visual senses. Characters are also worthy of note for all being individual in appearance too.

    Dismal to be honest. The looped track replays over and over on a short loop, and quickly begins to annoy. Sound effects barely register, and when they do, try seldom register on time. The music had the potential to be sinister, haunting and atmospheric. Sadly, Eekeemoo fails here also.

    Awkward to say the least. Only 2 of your 4 characters are of any use in combat, with one being melee and the other being ranged. Yum Yum is to cumbersome and slow, leaving him open to a swarm and quick death all to often. D-Bot is unlocked almost at the end game and does little to combat and will unlikely be used.

    None whatsoever. The game can be completed in under 3 hours. This includes all achievements.

    All achievements are easy to unlock. Nothing will trouble you, and if you have a guide handy, the splinters you need to destroy will prevent a second playthrough. As there is no chapter select.

    A lack of an involved story, boss fights that don't instill fear and dread, and overall, just a mindless slog through a game that you will be glad is over. Eekeemoo could well have been a decent game given the time, resources and fine attention to details. Sadly for Cogg, it wasn't meant to be.
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    Hanrec2Fair review, I would add the 'could do better' summary is probably reflective of its price point. I would have been more disappointed if it was priced at normal ID@xbox game price point.
    Posted by Hanrec2 on 13 Mar 17 at 18:10
    FullMoonBeaverVery true. Wasted potential.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 13 Mar 17 at 18:38