1. Elea Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

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Hello and welcome to the Trueachievements walkthrough for Elea – Episode 1. The game is described by developer Kyodai as a “first-person Sci-fi interactive storytelling adventure”. It sets the scene as you play as Elea, initially on Earth then again 12 years in the future as you take to space in search of your missing husband. Bear in mind that this is Episode 1, so it is not a complete story and ends leaving more questions than answers…

Expect the game to take between 2 and 4 hours, depending on how distracted you get and whether or not you need to replay the game, due to the buggy nature of several achievements which will be covered on the next page.

Thanks go to IfIsF1Backwards for his walkthrough video which is referenced in this guide and can be found here.

Strap in. This space odyssey is going to get strange...

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