2. Elea General hints and tips

The achievements in the game are quite buggy. There are two achievements where the unlock conditions have not been confirmed, while others may glitch and fail to unlock. Nothing should become permanently unobtainable – worst case is another playthrough of the game. Thankfully, the game is quite short.

The game plays out in 3 distinct chapters. You start in your Earth house, completing some basic tasks and getting used to the controls. The middle section goes a little crazy. The final chapter takes place on a spaceship (there is also a section on the spaceship which could be considered another phase, but it’s very short).

There are a number of achievements that are problematic. Master of Curiosity and Master of Recovery relate to optional interactions in Phase 1 and 3 respectively. The guide will list all interactions which should unlock the achievements although it’s a good idea to explore, interact with (cn_RT or cn_A) and look at everything you can find.

When attempting these achievements, be methodical. When you pick up an item, rotate it through a full turn before putting it down. For books, magazines and tablets, make sure you look at all pages (shown at the bottom of the screen). For lights and switches, turn them on and off a few times. Let every action take at least a few seconds to make sure it counts. This should make sure that everything registers as it should. This is, without a doubt, overkill and probably not required but it should ensure these achievements unlock when they should.

Lazy would only unlock for me in a single session. Dashboarding was fine, but turning the console off seemed to interrupt the achievement. Others have been able to unlock it across several sessions, so it appears to be random. When sitting in chairs, wait 10-20 seconds to make sure they register.

Theseus Heir may have to be completed several times to unlock. You have to exit to the main menu and restart from the previous checkpoint but this occurs right at the start of chapter 2 so you don’t lose any progress. You may have to dashboard and restart the game. It may even refuse to unlock and require a whole new playthrough.

There is also a bug where you will crouch and not be able to stand up again. Unfortunately, if that happens you need to quit out and continue, losing all progress since the last checkpoint, or possibly even restart the game.


cn_A or cn_RT – Pick up or interact with an item, also to put a picked up item in your inventory

cn_B or cn_LT - Put down or close an item

cn_LB – Run (only available sometimes)

cn_RB – Zoom

cn_B - Crouch

cn_up and cn_down – Scroll through inventory items (displayed on the left of the screen)

There are several keypads in the game. Unlike most games, you must hold cn_LS in the direction of the number you want and press cn_A to select it. Releasing cn_LS moves the cursor back to the centre.

A few of the items in the game may spawn in different places. Likely locations will be listed, along with an image of the item you are looking for in case you need to hunt for it.

When dialogue is playing, you cannot run and your movement may even be slowed. Annoying.

Finally, when you start the game, go into Menu > Settings > General. Scroll down to Crosshair and turn it on. This makes targeting items much easier.

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