3. Elea Story walkthrough

To begin, let’s get a weird achievement out of the way. You need to do nothing for 18 minutes. Yep, nothing… (well, technically something - make sure your controller doesn’t go to sleep.)

You need to be on the main menu screen.

External image

Anything that interrupts the screen will reset the timer, so every few minutes scroll up and down through the menu options to stop your controller going to sleep or the Xbox screen saver kicking in.

After 18 minutes, you’ll unlock:


Thank you for moon watching

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player

Now you can get going! Remember the warning on the previous page in relation to the Lazy achievement. You want around 1.5 hours free to get to that done in one go.

Start a New Game. On the screen listing the controls and icons, press cn_LT or cn_B to continue. This is indicated at the top of the screen but it’s hard to spot.

You start with a long cutscene. There will be a couple of prompts to look around cn_RS and zoom cn_RB. Let the scene play out as things get psychedelic and very confusing. You can try to push cn_LSu at one point when you are looking through the machine to speed things up. When the scene fades, you will unlock:


Complete the Prologue chapter

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 1: A Life Full Of Promises

You will start with a black screen and an alarm sounding. Press cn_A to wake up and answer a call from your husband, Ethan. You will have some sort of hologram-communicator in front of you. Look down at your stomach when he asks about the baby.

When prompted, choose from the dialogue options. Pressing cn_B will progress the scene.

Use cn_LS to move to the window, just ahead to the left. When you get near enough, the dialogue will continue.

There is an achievement for cleaning up the room. Find the side of the crib on the floor. It can be tricky to grab but look at it so a hand cursor appears. Press and hold cn_RT to pick it up. Move to the crib nearby and when you’re close enough, it will automatically attach.

External image

Grab the blue drawer and blue door panel and put them back into the wardrobe.

External image

These simple actions will unlock:


Assemble the furniture

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Find the white sliding door. Open it and head through, turning left after the very quick cutscene.

Go through the door to the left of the red toy car. Directly in front, there is a dress on a hanger. Press cn_RT to interact with it.

Turn around and interact with the mirror on the wall, just around the corner from the door which you entered from.

You need to find Elea’s mug. It may be on the bedside table nearby, the coffee table in the corner or in the bathroom on the sink (or possibly even somewhere else). To put an item into your inventory, you need to press cn_RT twice - once to pick it up and once to store it.

External image

Head to the bedside table on the far side of the bed from the mirror. Click on the bottom drawer and grab the Folic Acid from inside.

Head into the door nearby to enter the bathroom. Interact with the right-hand tap. You will automatically drink the Folic Acid.

Exit out of the bathroom and the bedroom. Head down the stairs in front of you. Stick to the right wall and head into the room with the neon lights. Go forward a little towards another set of stairs and the power will go out. Turn around and stick on the wall (on the left now). Go past the stairs and continue around.

Just past a keyboard, you will come across a doorway marked as “Storage Basement” in red. Head inside and move the white box on the ground somewhere out of the way.

Click on the door on the ground and you will be prompted to retrieve a basement key. This is another randomly located item but it will be somewhere in the room behind you. It will be highlighted in green and looks like this:

External image

It may be on the kitchen bench, a shelf around to the left, the dining table over to the right or a side table past the dining table. As the lights are off, look for the pulsing green outline.

Get back into the Basement Storage room. Click on the door again to open the way down. Head downstairs.

Head around to the right and find the flashing red generator. Press on the panel next to it to turn the power back on.

Go back upstairs and out into the kitchen. Just to the left, there is a bench with a sink. In the sink, there is a grey pot you can interact with.

Turn right and cross the room, to the right of the dining table. Look for a white toy car on the ground next to a chair. In front of that chair, there is a broken glass on the ground. Approach it for dialogue. You can’t interact with it.

On the floor here, there is a white dividing line. Follow this across to the other side to find a doorway on the right into a bathroom. Interact with the mirror in here.

Exit and head forwards, past the stairs you used earlier (in the direction where the power cut out). You will see some double-doors marked “Spa”.

Head inside and interact with the picture of a fish on the right.

In the centre of the room, there is a moon rock on a stand. Pick it up, put it back down then pick it up a second time to start a short dialogue.

Turn right to see two doors. On the left is the “Sauna” so head in there.

Inside there is a panel to turn the sauna on – look around to the right as you enter. Activate this then interact with the bench to sit down - LAZY – 1 of 7.

Wait patiently for a while. Eventually, you will unlock:


Enjoy the sauna

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Backtrack out of the Sauna and out of the Spa (no need to enter the Gym). Turn left and find the door to the garage, next to another set of stairs.

In the garage, you can interact with the motorcycle for more dialogue.

Leave the garage and head up the stairs on the right. At the top, loop around to the left to find a chair here. Sit on it for LAZY – 2 of 7.

Stand up and walk around past the top of the stairs. Approach the panel attached to the large doors and enter 4 4 7 2.

You can now open the door. Head in around to the right. Interact with the large computer on the desk.

You will automatically put down your Wristcom. On the screen, highlight Messages with cn_LS. Press cn_A to select your message, then cn_A again to unlock the parental access. The panel at the bottom of the screen will change to green. You may need to wait a moment while the events happen here.

You can now press cn_RB to access an ultrasound image on the second page of the message.

This should be the last optional interaction in Chapter 1 and will unlock:


Complete Elea’s optional interactions

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Exit out and head towards the door. Press cn_A to answer Ethan’s call when the prompt appears on the screen. When a dialogue choice pops up on the screen, choose Francis.

Exit the room and head down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, head forward and go up the set of stairs ahead - back to the area where you started the game.

At the top, turn left and open the door to Francis’ room. Enter the room and approach the bed, then head around to the right for a cutscene to end the chapter.


Complete the “A Life Full Of Promises” chapter

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 2: A Broken Mindscape

The achievement coming up in the maze is known to be buggy. You may need to quit back to the main menu and continue a few times before it unlocks.

Turn around and move forwards towards the door. The screen will go a crazy red colour and you will find yourself in a coloured maze.

Turn around and look down to see a solid line on the ground which is changing colours. Follow this around to the right. When it splits, take the left path but keep going forwards. Follow this around to the right. You should see a spinning yellow flower-thing ahead. Keep following the line to where that flower was to find the door. Walk right up to the door and turn around and the maze will collapse in on itself. You should unlock:


Get out of the labyrinth for under 15 seconds

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableTime/DateBuggy -

You can see a video of the path here

If it hasn’t unlocked by the time the maze disappears, quit out and continue. You will be back at the start of the chapter so it’s not too big of a deal. You may need to dashboard and restart the game to get it to unlock. Just keep going and you'll get it eventually.

Walk back over to the window, prompting Elea to start talking. She will be interrupted and a shimmering orb should appear in the middle of the room. Zoom in on the crib out in the water if it doesn't. Walk into the orb and wait.

Once you’ve been in the orb for a short time, the scene will reset and you will be back in the room again (no maze this time!).

The scene will play and the orb will re-appear. Walk into it a second time, with another reset (ignore Elea's comments). Repeat again for a third time to unlock:

ERROR BD1:F3D:KTRSS0x003c75f97c0

You truly are the master of “blue” screen of death

ERROR BD1:F3D:KTRSS0x003c75f97c0
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

The screen will go crazy and the game will crash back to the main menu – it’s supposed to do that!

At the main menu, continue to get back into the game. When you load back in, you will be stuck in the room and nothing will happen for a random amount of time. (In testing, I had to wait between less than a minute and over 15 minutes, so it really is random!)

Wait it out and eventually, the scene will start up again. It seems the more you move around, the quicker things will happen. Elea will talk and the orb will appear in the centre of the room.

Approach the window and zoom in on the crib out in the water, just off to the left. A few weird events occur. A spectral dolphin will fly at the window. A shark will float past and eventually the crib will float over to the window. Again, these events may need to be prompted by moving and zooming.

Look down at the crib when it’s next to the window for a very short scene. Freaky...

Now look back at the orb. You will be able to interact with it with cn_A. This will cause it to float up and away, then the shimmering structure inside will also float up.

The doors will finally open. Head through into the elevator.

You may need to look up where you can see "Come Up" or similar for the doors to open.

After a short but interesting elevator ride, the doors will open. Step out onto the platform and cross to the other side. Now just wait.

Once again, things will go crazy and it may seem like the game has frozen or glitched a few times.

Eventually, a pathway will form ahead. A golden avatar of Kazumi (also known as Kaz), the ship AI, will appear and a short discussion will ensue.

Kazumi will disappear and the screen will, once again, go crazy before fading to white, signalling the end of the chapter. This unlocks:


Complete the “A Broken Mindscape” chapter

Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Chapter 3: RSS Recovery

This chapter starts just as the last left off – crazy. Just wait around and eventually the scene will end. You can walk around if you want but it's not necessary.

Eventually, Kaz will drag you out of the simulation. Phew… things get a little more normal now.

***The second achievement for optional interactions begins now. For most of this chapter, take a moment to look around each room and make sure you follow the actions listed in the guide.***

You start sitting in a chair. Look up to see a light flare and disappear. You start a conversation with a crewmate, Alice, who is sitting opposite. Read the message when prompted with cn_A. Be sure to read the 2nd page with cn_RB.

Start at the table next to where Alice is sitting opposite you. Interact with her coffee mug and her Wristcom on this table.

Head over to the window with the red sun and the view of the planet over to the right. Interact with the window and choose both dialogue choices. You will automatically sit on the chair nearby. Just to be sure, stand up then sit on the chair again for LAZY – 3 of 7.

Stand up and down by your feet is a drink can (Rakia apricot - look at) and a book (Future Impossible - look at and read) on the floor you can look at.

Next to the chair is a low table. Click on it to turn on a hologram image. Turn it on and off a few times.

Past the chair, there is a tablet next to a mug and plate. (Note To Self - look at and read), near the other side of the window.

Head back to the seat you started in. Next to it is a small table. Interact with it, then sit back down into your seat. You may need to look around to start the Mars Memory.

Once you load in, turn around and you will see a circular garden bed with a large tree. On the edge near you is a red origami swan.

External image

Pick up the red swan (hold cn_RT. Just nearby there is a white origami swan on a rock in the garden. Press cn_LT to throw the red swan. If it knocks the white swan off the rock, you will unlock:


Origami pusher

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

You can make multiple shots as long as you can find the red swan. If you lose the swan, you can quit out and continue, but you will start back at the beginning of the chapter so be sure to interact with everything before entering the Martian Simulation again. If you’re having trouble with the shot, look at the video here.

Walk past the garden to see a female figure standing next to a table on the opposite side of the room. Approach her and look at the hologram for Socializing - 1 of 14. You will not get any acknowledgement so just look for a few seconds.

Exit out of this room. Turn right before the stairs and follow the path around. You will come across a man and a boy sitting on a bench. Look at them for Socializing - 2 of 14.

Head back to the stairs and just past them, there is a woman standing at the railing - Socializing – 3 of 14. As well as looking at her, be sure to interact with this woman/the bubble she’s looking at (single interaction).

Turn to the left and just ahead there is a boy lying on a bench for Socializing - 4 of 14.

Continue this way for a trio of figures who are dancing. Look at them for Socializing – 5 of 14.

Head back and now you can go up the stairs. A cutscene will play. Don’t walk too far forwards or you can mess up one of the figures up here. Stop at the top of the stairs and let the scene play out.

Ahead and to the left is a figure on the very edge of the bridge holding onto a pole. Look at her for Socializing – 6 of 14.

Just past this figure is a man sitting on a bench. Look at the man for Socializing – 7 of 14 then sit on the bench next to him for Lazy – 4 of 7.

When you stand up, a red man will run along the right side of the bridge (this may have already happened). Follow him to where he stops at a fountain at the end and look at him for Socializing – 8 of 14.

From the edge, look at the girl sitting on the statue base in the middle of the fountain. She is Socializing – 9 of 14. Remember you can use cn_RB to zoom in on her.

Walk to the left of the fountain and on the left, past a bench is a dark figure. Approach and look at it for Socializing – 10 of 14 and it will disappear.

On the bench next to this figure is a tablet (The First Meeting - look at and read).

Now continue past the fountain and stick to the left. You will come across a pair of figures exercising, doing sit-ups. Look at them for Socializing – 11 of 14.

Progress and you will go down some steps off the bridge. Take the left path and there is a woman at the end. Look at her for Socializing - 12 of 14.

You have to now backtrack to two of the figures who will have changed. The exercising pair on the bridge will have changed from sit-ups to push-ups Socializing – 13 of 14. Cross the bridge and on the right after you descend the stairs look at the woman looking at the orb Socializing – 14 of 14.

This will unlock:


Martian stalker

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Head back over the bridge to the far end. Enter the building here to find a screen labelled “Exit Simulation”. Not surprisingly, this ends the simulation and takes you back to the spaceship. You will also unlock:


Complete the “Mars Memory” simulation

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

You will automatically stand up, so turn left. Next to the doorway is a button to call the elevator. Head inside once it arrives. On the right is a panel where you can select floors – choose Deck 1.

This elevator is a bit finicky. The game takes a few seconds loading. If you stand too close to the doors, they will not close and you cannot select a Deck to travel to – you will instead get a loading-style icon when you look at the buttons. Just step all the way into the elevator if this happens.

Exit on Deck 1 and turn right. On the right along this corridor is a doorway to Network Support. Interact with it but you won’t be allowed in.

Continue around the corner. Keep going straight across the intersection and around to the right at the end to find the door to the Medical Bay. Look out for the cleaning robot on the floor – they can get in the way and even block the doorway.

Open the door and head in. Turn right and interact with the lamp on the 1st desk.

On the other side of the room, there is a chair by the window with a table next to it.

On the small table, there is a lamp to turn on and off and a magazine (Neoscience - look at and read 2 pages).

Sit in the chair for Lazy – 5 of 7.

When you stand up, look to the left of the window to find a panel on the wall with a double arrow icon. Interact with this to pick up a tablet (Specimen: Sputum - look at and read 2 pages).

Continue left around the edge of the room, back towards the entry door. Past the medical machine, there is another desk with a lamp to turn on and off.

There are two sets of monitors attached to the large machine in the middle of the room. Interact with both.

Find the door labelled MEDSCAN 5003 on the floor and head through - it's on the right side from where you entered.

In the next scene, you are controlling the figure through the window. cn_RS turns the figure and cn_LS moves forwards and backwards. It can be tricky but you need to move the figure over to the right. A long cutscene will play once you’ve moved to the right place.

Once it's done, exit the Medical Bay via the red door.

Follow the hallway around the corner and turn left at the intersection.

The first 3 rooms (Living Quarters A, B and C) are locked but look at them anyway. Head into Living Quarters D, which is the 2nd door on the right.

Turn right. On the bed, there is a magazine (Neoscience - look at and read 2 pages).

Head further into the room and on the left, you will see Yoon-Sook Rain Park on her bed. Interact with her for a short dialogue.

At the far end of the room, there is a small recreation room. On the table, there is a box with some dice in it. It can be difficult to line up the cursor, but keep interacting with the dice until you unlock:


Pair of sixes

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Exit this room. Turn right in the corridor. The door at the end leads to Living Quarters E, which is Elea’s room.

On the desk inside there is a tablet (Crew Subject: Re: Request - look at and read 2 pages). There is also a lamp to turn off and on.

Click on the window for some dialogue.

Opposite the desk, you can interact with the left cupboard, which is empty, and the right cupboard, which contains a uniform.

Under the bed, there are 2 drawers. You can get stuck here so stand at an angle when opening them. The left one is empty, while the right one contains a moon rock to rotate.

Lie down on the bed for Lazy – 6 of 7.

Opposite the bed is a doorway to the bathroom. There is a spray tube in the drawer under the sink. Opposite the sink, there is an empty cupboard next to the door.

Exit out of Elea’s room and go left at the intersection at the end of this corridor, heading back to the elevator where you started.

As you approach the elevator, a man will walk out of a room and up the corridor ahead. Run after him to see him kneeling down at the end of the next corridor. Follow him again to find he has disappeared. Look at both doors at the end of the corridor.

Turn around and backtrack to the small corridor you passed (on the right as you head back).

There will be 3 doors down here, but only the door straight ahead to the Planetary Lab is open. Head inside.

Directly in front, there is a table where you can turn a hologram off and on.

Over the right, you can talk to Andrew Huang.

On the opposite side of the room, there are two desks. The one on the right has a lamp and a tablet (Treadmill Repair - look at and read).

To the left, there is another lamp on the next desk to turn off and on.

Exit out and go back to the elevator. Opposite the elevator doors is the entrance to the Recreation Quarters. Head in there.

Over on the right side is a kitchen area. On the bench at the front is a magazine (Neoscience - look at and read) and a light on a counter.

In the back right corner, you can talk to Gabriel Romijn Ganz.

Head down the stairs at the back left of the room and interact with the Spotology Arcade machine at the bottom.

Head through the door to the left into the gym. You can meet the first requirement for a two-part achievement here. On the right side is a basketball, it’s not clear what the minimum requirement is here, but getting at least 5 baskets successfully seems to be sufficient. Remember you pick up the ball by holding cn_RT and throw it with cn_LT.

Now head all the way back to the elevator. Enter and go up to Deck 3.

Enter the room straight ahead. Turn to the right to see a drink can on a small table. Pick it up by holding cn_RT.

Walk over to the back left of the room and find a bin there. Drop the can in the bin - just release cn_RT to let it drop rather than throwing it - and you should unlock:


Play basketball and clean the bridge

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

On the left as you enter, there is a chair and a table. Interact with the machine and the book (Y-Chromosome - Physical Remnants of Love - look at and read) on the table, and turn the light off and on.

Sitting on the chair is Lazy – 7 of 7 and you should unlock:


Sit on all available chairs & beds

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

Interact with the white square on the large table for some dialogue.

Interact with the laptop on the table. You will have the choice to hack by pressing cn_A so do that.

There are two radio wave patterns overlaid. Use cn_LSr to move the red top pattern. The waves will compress and eventually the colour will change to a light blue when it matches the other pattern. Stop it at that point where it has changed colour.

Now use cn_RS to move the front pattern so it matches the back one perfectly. Press cn_A when they match up.

If you run out of time, you can just try again.

Exit the room and go back to the elevator. Take it down to Deck 2.

Follow the corridor to the right and head into Reactor Control. Inside there is a desk with a few icons on the desk. Interact with them a few times.

Exit Reactor Control and continue around the corridor. To the right, you will come across the door to Engineering Core on the right side.

Inside you can talk to Tatjana Leonova Smith.

Over to the left, there is a desk with a light to turn on and off. Ignore the highlighted box on this desk for now. On the next desk, there are 2 mechanisms and a light.

The last desk has another light and a single mechanism.

Head back to the elevator and go up to Deck 4.

Alice will talk as soon as you enter. Grab the mug from the table next to her. Take the Elevator back down to Deck 1.

Go straight ahead into the Recreation Quarters. Head into the kitchen on the right side. Straight ahead is a machine labelled “Coral Culinary”. Click anywhere on the machine to put Alice’s coffee mug into the left slot with the coffee symbol to fill it up. You will automatically pick it up again.

Now head back to Elea’s Quarters – exit the Rec Quarters, turn left, follow the corridor around and turn right at the next intersection. Go through the door at the far end.

Inside, turn around and face the door. On the left side there is a medical kit on the wall. Interact with that twice, once to select an item and again to drug the coffee.

Now go back to the elevator and head back up to Deck 4.

Place the coffee mug back down where you found it.

Go back to Deck 1 and head to Elea’s Quarters. Kaz will tell you about a message, which will play automatically when you enter your quarters. Now go back to the elevator.

You will see a crew member enter the elevator as you turn a corner, so you will need to press the button next to it to call it back to your level. Head up to Deck 4.

Your coffee concoction has done its job, so now you can grab Alice’s Wristcom from the table next to Alice’s seat. And back down to Deck 1 again!

Turn right. You will now be able to enter the first room on the right, into Network Support. In the first room there is a light on the desk.

Go through the door to the right. There is a light on the desk in here too. On the right side interact with the 2nd cupboard with the green arrow icon to grab a tablet (The Advent of AI - look at and read).

Take the Poke Key from the desk. You need to inspect the key. You can do this when you first pick it up or by pressing cn_up or cn_down to select the Poke Key in your inventory (shown on the left). Rotate it to see the Security Codes on the back.

Exit and head to Deck 2.

Take either corridor to the opposite side and enter the Engineering Core. On the far side of the room is a desk. You can now grab the Memory Add-On from the green-lined box on this desk. You may have move around and open and close the box several times until you can pick it up.

Exit this room and turn right. Follow the corridor around to the Server Core which is the next door on the right.

Despite the red scanner, you can safely walk through and interact with the door and use Alice's Wristcom to open it. Click on the desk at the far end only for access to be denied.

Turn around and walk back to the door. On the right side there is a bank of lockers on the wall. There is a keypad on the middle locker.

It's been reported that the codes may be switched between lockers. One of 9 8 6 5, 1 3 4 5, 3 1 5 5 or 5 4 6 9 will work.

Enter either 9 8 6 5 or 1 3 4 5 to open the locker. Inside is a Skyrim Helmet (?). Pick this up, which should finally unlock:


Complete Elea’s optional interactions

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

If it doesn't unlock, you can try exploring as much as you can again but, unfortunately, you may need another playthrough.

On the opposite side of the door is a similar locker with a keypad. The code for this locker is 3 1 5 5 or 5 4 6 9.

You will pick up a tablet. Read it for some complicated codes. This is the ‘solution’ for the following puzzle.

You need to use the code for Friday:

F I 1, A II 3, C I 1, F II 3, B II 2

Have a look around the room. There are 6 server stacks, labelled A, B, C, D, E and F, near the ground facing the centre of the room.

Each stack has a side labelled I and II, marked on the side of the stack at the central edge.

Along each side, there are servers 1, 2 and 3, marked on the floor.

External image

You need to place the card on the servers marked in the solution.

Simply find the stack, then the side, then the server and click on it. You will place a card up against it.

If you mess up, you will hear a low error tone and have to start again from the start.

Once all 5 are done, interact with the desk again for a cutscene. Select “Allow” when given a choice.

Exit the room. You will receive a call so answer with cn_A.

Approach the elevator (turn right when you exit the room) which will cue a dialogue with Kaz. The elevator will get locked down.

Follow the corridor around to the opposite side and enter the Engineering Core. On the far side of the room there is a suit on the ground near the table where you grabbed the Memory Add-On. Interact with the suit to put it on.

Exit this room and approach the door to the Maintenance Core directly ahead.

Grab the lever on the left side of the door and use it on the door to force it open.

There is another achievement here. You need to fall down the hatch and press cn_A to engage the jets in your suit as you reach the bottom. Fall and wait until the walls turn blue before pressing cn_A. It’s fairly generous so as long as you let yourself fall for a little bit, you should unlock:


Enable the suit just before landing

2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable

If you are too late, you will die and automatically reload to the last checkpoint. If you are too early and land safely without unlocking the achievement, exit to the menu and continue. Either way, you will be back to just after you put on the suit, so just exit the room, open the Maintenance Core door and try again.

At the bottom, find the only green-lit panel you can push open. Press cn_B to crouch and head through the tunnel.

Turn left, right, right and straight at the intersections. The lights will go out, then you will see sparks and a glowing thing will appear. Follow it around to the right and then to the left. Open the hatch ahead and step out into the corridor.

Turn right and hold cn_LB to run. Keep going straight, ignoring the intersections and turning only at the ends of the corridors. After a left turn Park will charge at you. Press cn_RT or cn_A to kick her out of the way.

Just past her turn right to reach a blue-lit room. The door will close behind you so you are now safe from crew members. Entering this room unlocks:


Complete the “RSS Recovery” chapter

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If you are caught in the running section, you will reload the checkpoint just as you stepped out of the hatch into the corridor, when you started to run. You will respawn facing the hatch, however, which is very disorienting. Turn LEFT and run immediately to get back on the track.

Head through to the next room. On the left is a door labelled "ESCAPEPOD 3". Look at this to see you cannot interact with it yet.

Just past it on a bench in the middle there is a pair of helmets. Grab the blue one which should be highlighted in green. You may need to wait or move around a little before you can grab it.

Look back at the "ESCAPEPOD 3" door. It will be still be unavailable, but after a short dialogue Kaz will unlock it. Interact with it for a long scene.

Let the credits roll - there is a short epilogue to play afterwards for the final achievement.

If you accidentally skip, you can continue from the main menu which takes you back to the start of the chase sequence.

When you regain control, you will be looking down at some water, in a small hallway. Walk to the door at the end, then turn around. A figure will be at the other end and the water will drain away. You may have to walk back to the opposite end before this happens, depending on which way you went.

As you approach, the figure will disappear. Turn around and look back to see the figure run towards you.

Now interact with all 10 screens along the walls to turn them on. You can then open the door at the far end. The final scene will play and you will unlock:


Complete the episode

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

If any of the achievements didn't unlock, you will unfortunately need to start up a new game and play through again.

Hopefully, though, everything did unlock when it was supposed to – congratulations if that's the case!

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