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    18 Dec 2012 14 Mar 2015
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    Elements of Destruction - Review

    Hello & welcome to my review of Elements of Destruction. I should point out this is my very first review I've ever written. I'm sorry if I do a terrible job of it lol. This is a game that I've played on the Nintendo DS. Thats why I ended up buying this game. So then I thought I might as well do the review for it on TA because nobody else has.

    You play as crazy meteorologist/research scientist who wants to take revenge against the AIC. This is a company that fired him after he worked there for 60 years. You set out looking for vengeance with your new invention. A weather changing device.

    In the game itself you control a glowing orb that you can move around the screen which can unleash tornadoes, earthquakes & lightning bolts. You use these powers against the AIC. Using these powers will cost you energy. Getting attacked of the AIC will also cost you energy. You can gain energy back by going to power nods that are placed around the landscape.

    Each element you control requires a different controller input when you use them. As you make your way through the game you will earn upgrade points. You can use thess upgrade points to purchase upgraded versions of your elements. You will travel to different parts of the world to destroy the AIC. Each town is made up of simple buildings & enemy units. This game may have been better if more effort went into the destruction effects. The graphics are ok for its time & the game's sound is much better.

    The campaign in Elements of Destruction is short but it makes up for that with different game modes which also includes multiplayer. The multiplayer on this game is pretty much dead with it being a 2008 arcade title. So its best if you have somebody to play the online with if you want those online achievements for this game.

    Overall I think Elements of Destruction is a fun game & I'd recommend you play the trail game first. Then you can decide if its worth the 800MSP price tag. I know I did for some reason lol.
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    Big EllCan I eat trial mix while trying the trail?
    Posted by Big Ell on 05 Feb 15 at 00:30
    TRACKEYI dont see why not.
    Posted by TRACKEY on 05 Feb 15 at 18:38
    PhonySpoonhahaha....i see what you did there. And this game is crap.
    Posted by PhonySpoon on 03 May 15 at 19:04