Ellen - The Game Reviews

  • TobyLinnTobyLinn443,826
    22 May 2020
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    Ellen is a simple 2D side scrolling adventure game. You play as James, who is investigating the murder of the Smith's and their missing daughter Ellen.

    You can pick up a nice variety of notes, visuals and audio files to give you some backstory into the game and what happened there.

    Graphics are okay. Pretty pixelated but you can tell what most stuff is. Lots of gore and blood and bodies and some jump scares. The soundtrack is good as well and adds some atmosphere to the game.

    Gameplay is pretty easy. You walk from right to left (or vice versa), you can run with RT, you can pick up items from your environment and interact with stuff by pressing A. In the game you basically wander from room to room and pick up items to use in other rooms. There is also puzzles you will have to solve, similar to jigsaw puzzles.
    After a certain point there will be monsters in the corridors which you will have to hide and sneak by.

    The game really gives you no hints or guidelines on where to go so if you play on your own it could take you hours to figure it out. There is also some bugs like pressing B to exit your inventory also turns on the flashlight (which is also turned on by B). Also I ran into a weird bug at the end of the game which stopped me from completing it.

    Achievements are pretty easy with most earned for natural story progression. There are two which I consider missable depending on your play style. If you know exactly what to do and never stop moving then you could miss Lighter, and if you never get killed by a monster (because you're that good) you could miss Game Over.

    Overall, I liked the game and had fun playing it and figuring it out. The UI and the bugs was frustrating at times, and I got stuck twice trying to figure out what to do next, so I am giving it 3 stars.