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Crazie Irish

31 May 20
Crazie Irish

Emily Wants to Play Too Achievements

Full list of all 14 Emily Wants to Play Too achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Tragic Accident

    It could be dangerous to turn the power off without a flashlight.

    31 May 2020 - 1 guide
  • Let her in!

    Time is key, you must see the answer to know the answer, the answer is near, choose wisely or fail!

    Locked - 1 guide
  • I'm Out!

    Maybe delivering the sandwich order just isn't worth it.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Ma-ma Ma-ma

    Silence is the key and so is that magnetic keycard.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • He Likes the Dark

    Just unlock access to level 3 in the dark with a mannequin and a doll.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Pop Goes the Weasl

    Oh, I see, there's another yellow area on the map.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Old Evidence

    Does that door ever open?

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Midnight Hide and Seek

    Find all seven in the dark.

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Faster Than a Dummy

    Chester incoming! Run, run, run!

    Locked - 1 guide
  • Muscial Lights

    Find the light, before the music runs out.

    Locked - 1 guide