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1. Walkthrough overview

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Alright guys Strategy One here to help you get through this short but slightly difficult game, but to be fair if you are using this guide you will be at a massive advantage from anyone who doesn't read this guide laugh. I put 2-5 hours for this completion because it depends on your skill/luck/adaptation to the game. It could probably be done in under 1 hour if you are crazy lucky, use my guide, and almost never mess up. I myself completed the game slightly after 5 hours due to wasting about 30 minutes in the beginning and I did 5am-6am 3 times when 2 are required due to a small glitch (I will say more when we get to 5am).

So first I will tell you how the game works. I for one was extremely confused when I first started it. You will immediately enter a random house or apartment complex for a pizza delivery. My first thought was why would you enter a place if no one answered the door because in my country that's called breaking and entering so this must not be the U.S laugh.

Anyways once you enter it is 11pm and every hour is 6 minutes. You must make it to 6am to get the ability to leave the house winning the game.

So without further ado, let's get this fast completion!

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