1. Enchanted Arms (JP) Walkthrough overview

Hi and welcome to the Enchanted Arms (Jp Ver) walkthrough. Achieving 1,000 G in this T-RPG will be simple, not only because of the easy mechanics of the game (see General hints and tips), but also because all the achievements are story related. Only two achievements can be "missed" if, at the very end of the game (before the final bosses), you pick the "wrong one" of two choices you're given, thus completing the game too early. The "danger" of missing them is not the wrong choice itself (you can always reload and pick the correct one to continue), but rather when you are asked to save the game after the credits roll: if you overwrite your data with a useless post-ending file (it doesn't allow you to play, it's only a record for online "Golem battles") you will have to restart all over again.

Speaking of online, all the achievements are offline, and the only online feature of this game is relevant to the "Golem battles" between the parties of two different players.

Make sure you give a read at the General hints and tips page, because all you really need to do is learn how this game works, and that's where I've explained it. The Story walkthrough will be divided in two "versions": one is the full, extended and traditional walkthrough which you can use to know step by step where to go; the other one is a shortened version which provides the essential information on how to proceed, and is meant for players who don't want to constantly keep an eye at the walkthrough while playing an overall straight forward game.

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