4. Enchanted Arms (JP) Story walkthrough - Summarized


As anticipated in the previous pages, this "summarized" walkthrough will cover the most essential aspects of the areas of the game. The progression in this game is usually very easy and obvious, thanks to a quick "to-do" reference which you can find opening your main menu (press Y as you are on the field) which tells you exactly what to do, with rare exceptions. The areas are also usually straight forward, and the exploration is limited to few things, and that's why you probably won't need a step-by-step guide for most of the areas.

As in the "other version" of the walkthrough, this one won't contain spoilers either, and bosses won't be named -- you can easily find them in the extended walkthrough searching for the name of the area where they are located, or searching for their "ID" (for example "Boss Fight # 07").

In the game you will quite often be asked questions, but there is no need to be concerned about them. As a matter of fact, most of the times any answer is "correct", and there will only be a difference in the immediately following lines of dialogue, without any permanent or relevant difference other than that. A minor part of the questions requires you to pick a specific answer: if you choose the wrong one, the game will ask the same question again until you pick the correct choice. In both the situations you don't have to worry about what you choose: follow your heart for the former and use your brain for the latter, it's really nothing complicated.
The only exception is at the end of the game, where you must pick the second of the two choices you're given to access the last fights of the game and unlock the last two (missable) achievements. I'll warn you when its time comes.

Story Walkthrough - Summarized

Enchant University

Events: nothing noteworthy, proceed with the events.


Yokohama City

Events: when you have to collect four "Tickets", speak with the Clown near where this "quest" starts; the juice-selling girl NE from the Clown; the Pizza-seller at the stand SE of the fountain; another juice-selling girl S of the fountain.
When you're asked to choose a Golem, however it doesn't change much, Taigalion is probably a slightly better choice.

Other notes: remember that you can auto-fight most of the random encounters of the game to save time. Only near the end of the game you will need to take the fights more seriously and spend time to fight manually instead of leaving it to the CPU.
When the first Shop will be available, avoid purchasing anything and save your TB for later.

Achievement: one (01/25).


Sealed Ward

Events: Boss Fight # 01 in the "Lock Room" area, past a Recharge Station and Shop. Save your EX Gauge on the way to be able to use EX Skills on him.
An event fight triggers after the previous boss fight and you can't win it: skip the turns without worrying about being defeated.

Chests and Golem: 500 TB (Stair Room); 500 TB (Power Room); Knight Servant (Upper Corridor); 1,000 TB (Lock Room).

Recharge Stations: Depths; Lock Room; Lock Room.
Shops: Depths; Lock Room.

Other notes: you learn Atsuma's first EX Skill (Summon Phoenix) here. As for all his EX Skills, it's story-related.

Achievements: two (03/25).


Castle Dam

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB, Crazy Pizza (first area); 1,000 TB, 2,000 TB (West Water Tower); 500 TB (Southwest Water Tower); Lord Onyx (Exterior Path, second one of the two areas with this name); Blend Leg Core, Dariaslez, 1,000 TB (Sewer).

Recharge Station: first area.
Shops: first area; West Water Tower; Exterior Path (second one of the two).

Other notes: since the way is long and there is only a Recharge Station in the beginning, it's a good idea to synthesize a new golem: Lord Onyx is a perfect substitute for whoever will run out of VP (Karin and/or your default Golem) on the way. If you are having serious problems with endurance by the time you are in the "Sewer" area, feel free to Escape the fights (you will lose 5 VP each everytime you escape, but you will get out safely).


London City

Important Warning: you will have your first chance to synthesize "Apo", a Golem who could save you hours of extra grinding at the end of the game. His Core is found in the Casino, and it's enough to just bring him in your reserves (after synthesizing him, of course) for him to get Experience points to collect during the many fights from now to the end of the game. It's really important: let him level up with you as soon as possible (that is to say, now).

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chest: Negate Poison (Inner City).

Recharge Station: Inner City.
Shop: Inner City.

Other notes: read about the "Casino - How to ..." method in the extended walkthrough to learn how to get a lot of TB in London City.
Purchase Apo Core and synthesize Apo (Golem): place him in the reserves of your party, so he can gather Experience points and level up passively during your journey.
With the Chips of the Casino and the TB, purchase all the new skills and use some TB to purchase Skill Gems to learn them quickly and give your parameters a little (or medium, or big if you want) boost. Remember to equip the skills after learning them.
Purchase Rio Mimoza Core and synthesize Rio Mimoza (Golem); replace your first Golem with Rio Mimoza.
Among the other skills, make sure you have EP Drain Dance learned and equipped on Karin: it will assist you in numerous boss fights from now to the end of the game.


Londinus Plains

Events: forced Golem fight against "Amazonia" on the way in the Military Path area (consider this a regular encounter).

Chests and Golems: Bulldog (Wild); 500 TB (North Forest); Cancel Gravity (skill), Amazonia (Military Path); 1,000 TB (South Forest).

Shop: Military Path.

Other notes: this is another "endurance" long path; if you want to Escape the last fights, feel free to do so.
Ignore the warp device to the Fire Shrine in the North Forest area: the enemies there are far stronger than you.
Cancel Gravity is probably the most important Support Skill of the game, considering the massive amount of enemies able to add this annoying status which you will find in your journey. Learn it and equip it as soon as possible.

Achievement: one (04/25).


Ragau Coast

Events: Boss Fight # 02 in the "Wharf" area, after the Recharge Station.

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB (Fork); 1,000 TB, Saber Tiger (Cape); Mermaid, 1,000 TB, 1,000 TB, 2,000 TB (Wharf).

Recharge Stations: Fork; Wharf.
Shops: Fork; Wharf; Wharf.

Other notes: fight Mermaid to get the Core to synthesize this Golem. Then replace Rio Mimoza with Mermaid.

Achievement: one (05/25).


Yokohama City

Events: Boss Fight # 03 in the "Port City" area, after the Recharge Station. Save your EX Gauge on the way to be able to use it on the enemies involved (use Atsuma's EX Attacks).

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB, High Blade (skill) (Warehouse); 500 TB, 500 TB (Port Customs); Yokohama Guard, Palace Gunner, 1,000 TB (Port City); 1,000 TB (Port Station); 500 TB (School Area).

Recharge Station: Port City.
Shop: Port City.

Other notes: make sure you get High Blade, it's an important skill for Raigar. Make Karin learn Hi-Return Dance when you get this skill after the boss fight.


Enchant University

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chest and Golem: Lady Azlight (Cafeteria); 2,000 TB (Library).

Recharge Station: South Hall.
Shop: Cafeteria.


Magic Laboratory

Events: Boss Fight # 04 and Boss Fight # 05 (one after the other) when you progress to the Clinic Block area (it's past a Recharge Station). Use EX Skills on the first one and rely on EP Drain Dance for the second one.
When you get the Ether from the "Waste Block" area you can use it on either the two switches, since you will have to activate them both anyway before proceeding.

Chests and Golems: 1,000 TB, Ranged +20% (skill), Spooky Boo, House Guardian (Waste Block); Poison Blade (skill) (Maintenance Block); 1,000 TB, NB Destroyer, Existence, High Power Accel (skill) (Exhibit Block).

Recharge Station: Central Block.
Shop: Central Block.

Other notes: the areas here might be slightly confusing: it's not a bad idea to read about them in the extended walkthrough.
Ranged +20% and High Power Accel are both valuable skills.
Be careful against Lost Golem NB Destroyer.
You learn Atsuma's second EX Skill (Stun Bead Flare) here.

Achievements: two (07/25).


London Castle (through London City)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chest: 1,000 TB (Grand Hall)

Recharge Station: Mechanics Area.

Other notes: use the Casino method to purchase the new skills in the Casino and shop (some of them are usable from a "???" character; & that character will join later).
Stock up on TB (20,000 or more) while you are at London Casino, since you may need a quick boost of parameters for a boss fight (# 12) which will occur later (yet before your next stop by London City).


Nordnia Mines

Events: Boss Fight # 06 in the "Abandoned Mine" area, immediately before exiting SW (past the Shop). Drain his EP to neutralize him.

Chests: 2,000 TB (Gorge); 2,000 TB, Negate Knockback (skill), 4,000 TB (Abandoned Mine).

Shops: Gorge; Abandoned Mine.

Other notes: purchase Belladonna Core and synthesize this Golem to replace Mermaid.
If you think you might get lost in the Abandoned Mine area, take a look at the extended walkthrough.
Ignore the warp device to the Water Shrine in the Abandoned Mine area: the enemies there are far stronger than you.

Achievement: one (08/25).


Dolmen Ruins

Events: one easy event fight followed by a slightly harder event fight triggers after the first few events in the Main Chamber, when you are temporarly separated from your party members.
Four more event fights will trigger in the "Exterior" area, followed by Boss Fight # 07 (you have your party back by then) in the "Main Chamber" area; use Raigar's Earth-based attacks to deal massive damage to Boss Fight # 07.
When you're asked to "investigate" about something, the four people to speak with are: a woman NW of the Recharge Station in the Main Chamber; the man who first greeted you in the Exterior area, past the bridge; a man in the bottom-left corner of the Refectory; a man walking on the floor up the ladder in the Dormitory.

Chests and Golem: 500 TB, 1,000 TB (Exterior); 2,000 TB (Main Chamber); 1,000 TB (Operations Room); Potshot (skill), Royal Bone (Dormitory).

Recharge Station: Main Chamber.
Shop: Main Chamber.

Other notes: while the fights aren't hard, it's not a bad idea to save the game on a separate slot before proceeding with the events in Dolmen Ruins; just in case you need to go back and fight to level up.
Fourth and last party member joins during these events.
At the end of the events here you can replace Karin with the character who just joined, leaving Belladonna, Atsuma and Raigar in the party too. You will replace Belladonna with Karin after the few boss fights ahead.
Don't forget to stop by the Recharge Station again when you're leaving this place.


Nordnia Mines (backtracking)

Events: Boss Fight # 08 in the "Abandoned Mine" area, soon after riding the first cart back; use High EP Drain on the "Dabrad" enemy (there are two enemies) to neutralize his attacks, then kill him and take care of the other one.
Boss Fight # 09 in the "Gorge" area, you can clearly see the enemy on the field too; use Levatane EX Skill with Raigar before starting the offensive.

Shops: Abandoned Mine; Gorge.

Other notes: you will obtain HP +20% and High Flare Rush (skill) after the two boss fights, and they are both valuable skills.
Make sure you conserve (or gain back) at least 25 EX Points in your gauge after the second boss fight, as you continue to backtrack (this is for the next events).
Replace Belladonna with Karin again after these fights.

Achievements: two (10/25).


London Castle (backtracking)

Events: Boss Fight # 10 in the "Great Hall" area, and only Raigar will fight; use Levatane and finish the fight quickly.

Chests: High Wide Shoot (skill) (West Suite); God's Ambrosia (Audience Room, speak with the character on the floor); Angel Leg Core, 2,000 TB (Admin Chamber).

Recharge Station: Mechanics Area; last area before proceeding.
Shop: Corridor; last area before proceeding.

Other notes: when your full party is back, replace the golems and include only your "person" characters in the party. The Angel Leg Core will provide a good new weapon for Karin: synthesize it and equip it.

Achievement: one (11/25).


Inferno Temple

Events: two forced fights against Golem "Skeleton" in the "Grave Chamber" area.
Forced fight against Golem "Poseidon" (who is actually Boss Fight # 11) in the "Royal Hallway" area, past the Recharge Station; replace Yuki with Belladonna and drain the EP of the boss with both Karin and Belladonna.
Boss Fight # 12 in the "Royal Chamber" area; see extended walkthrough for a strategy.

Chests and Golems: High Aero Shot (skill) (Grave Chamber); 2,000 TB, Vampire, 2,000 TB (Tyrant Cell).

Recharge Station: Royal Hallway.
Shops: Tyrant Cell; Seal Chamber.

Other notes: feel free to Escape from all the fights here.
Be careful against Lost Golem Vampire.
When you defeat Poseidon and get his Core, synthesize him in the previous Shop and, if you want (or if you see you need it) use Skill Gems (you should have a good amount by now, if you saved 20,000 TB earlier) to boost his Direct parameter; also make sure he has at least around 250 EP. Replace Karin with him to tackle Boss Fight # 12.
You learn Atsuma's third EX Skill (Mega Phoenix; replaces Summon Phoenix) here.

Achievements: two (13/25).


London City

Events: nothing noteworthy; see extended walkthrough (search for "Securing Light") if you need help with the three "securing" tasks given to you.

Chest: High Aqua Shoot (skill) (Grand Steps).

Recharge Station: Inner City.
Shop: Inner City.

Other notes: the Casino allows you to exchange chips for God's Ambrosias now, giving you a much faster income.
Purchase and learn all the new skills for sale (both at the Shop and at the Casino), especially "Sniper Shot". Also make sure Yuki has enough EP to use it.
Stock on God's Ambrosias before leaving, they might be necessary for some boss fights ahead. Save a good amount of TB (200,000 TB; it should take very few minutes with the God's Ambrosias) for the upcoming journey. Also purchase (if you need) a large amount of Speed Gems (about 150); you'll need 200 of them for a trade soon.


Ragau Coast (through Londinus Plains)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Golem: Orpheus (Fork).

Recharge Station: Fork.
Shop: Fork.


Yalzemp Gorge

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB (Center), 5,000 TB, Harpy (West); Prill Cotton, 3,000 TB, HP Drain Dance (skill), Gale Lancer (Basin).

Recharge Station: Basin.
Shops: West; Basin.

Other notes: conserve the SP gathered on the way, so you'll be able to learn the important skill which you will find in the next area as soon as you get it.


Junk City

Events: when you have to "investigate", speak with Fubial in his mansion and ask him all the three possible questions; speak with a boy in the N part of the area, then bring him some food which you get from the woman in the Southeast part of the central tent area (down the ladder); speak with a man at the top of a long ladder located South of the Recharge Station.

Golem: Crowberry (Rock Pinnacles).

Recharge Station: Downtown.
Shop: Downtown.

Other notes: speak with the woman in the central tent area (down the ladder), on the West side, and trade 200 Speed Gems for VP Cost Cut (skill).


Yalzemp Gorge

Events: Boss Fight # 13 in the "Basin" area; make sure you have Cancel Gravity and use a non-wind-element Golem instead of Yuki.

Achievement: one (14/25).


Zuala Desert (through Junk City)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: Gravity Shot (skill) (Ruins; the central-south ones); Na Eil, Basilisk (Dunes).

Shop: Dunes.

Other notes: there is a warp to Londinus Plains in the desert.
The several warp devices here might be confusing at first; check the extended walkthrough if you think you may end up wandering.


Yamashiro Marsh

Events: event fight against 3x Ninja before the Recharge Station in the "Lake" area.

Chests and Golem: 3,000 TB (Lake); Cancel Overbreak, EX Cutter (skill) (Waterfall); 5,000 TB, 3,000 TB (Forest); Samurai (Lake; reached from the secondary exit in the Forest area).

Recharge Station: Lake.
Shop: Lake.

Other notes: ignore the warp device to the Wind Shrine in the Forest area: the enemies there are stronger than you.


Iwato Village

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Recharge Stations: Inner Hamlet; Sayaka's House.
Shop: Inner Hamlet.


Kyoto City and Kyoto Castle (through Yamashiro Marsh)

Events: event fight against 3x Ninja; it triggers after the events in Kyoto Castle, when you head to the spot marked with the red symbol on the map. Replace Karin with Poseidon (or any Golem you prefer) for this fight.

Chest: 8,000 TB (Tower area of Kyoto Castle).

Recharge Station: Kyoto City; Kyoto City.
Shop: Kyoto City.


Ninja Hideout

Events: Boss Fight # 14 in the "Stone Chamber" area, past the Recharge Station; kill the spawned minions to keep the boss busy respawning them and avoiding the massive attack by all of them (see extended walkthrough too).

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB (Living Rooms); Kunoichi, 1,000 TB, Kabuki (Corridor).

Recharge Station: Stone Chamber.
Shops: Front; Lookout (after using the second Ether).

Other notes: if the fights are getting troublesome, feel free to Escape and speed things up to reach the Recharge Station.
There are several rooms and forks; it's not a bad idea to use the extended walkthrough for this area.

Achievement: one (15/25).


Kyoto City

Events: nothing noteworthy.


Iwato Village (backtrack through Yamashiro Marsh)

Events: Boss Fight # 15; see extended walkthrough for a strategy.

Achievement: one (16/25).


Ascetic Court

Events: forced fight against Golem "Hydra" (who is actually Boss Fight # 16) in the "Earth Temple" area; use Sniper Shot by Yuki.

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB, Yuzuriha, (Approach); High Recover (skill; Stream; from a secondary exit of the "Approach" area), 3,000 TB (Stream; from the main exit of the "Approach" area); 1,000 TB (Cliff); 3,000 TB, No-Power Shot (skill), Blue Imp, 8,000 TB (Spirit Region).

Recharge Station: Cliff; Spirit Region.
Shop: Approach; Cliff; Spirit Region.

Other notes: the path is long and has several forks; feel free to Escape from the fights and use the extended waltkhrough, especially in the "Spirit Region" area.
You learn Atsuma's fourth EX Skill (Force Pain) here.


Iwato Village (after Ascetic Court)

Events: Boss Fight # 17; kill the minions with massive attacks and drain the EP of the main enemy.

Achievement: one (17/25).


Kyoto Castle (through Yamashiro Marsh and Kyoto City)

Events: Boss Fight # 18 in the "Audience Room" area (top of the Tower); nothing special.

Chests: 1,000 TB, 3,000 TB (Underground).

Achievement: one (18/25).

Other notes: you get Direct +20% skill after the boss fight; make sure Atsuma, Raigar and Yuki learn and equip it.


Ascetic Court (from Kyoto Castle)

Events: Boss Fight # 19 in the Earth Temple; see extended walkthrough.

Golem: Straw Shaman (Pass).

Recharge Station: Spirit Region; (Cliff).
Shop: Pass; Spirit Region; (Approach; Cliff).

Achievement: one (19/25).


London City (optional; through backtracking to Zuala Desert)

Other notes: the Shops will sell the Mega Skill Gems now, and new skills are for sale. Most relevant of all, Double Exp, Double SP, Encounter Evade and Wide Range. Purchase and learn everything.
Read about the suggested boosts and skills in the extended walkthrough: if you get those parameters, you can use Encounter Evade through the rest of the dungeons of the game; which is advisable considering the low income/effort rate.
Stock on God's Ambrosias and Return Powders while you're here.


Vorbios Volcano (through backtracking to Zuala Desert and opening the way speaking with a character in Junk City)

Events: nothing noteworthy.

Chests and Golems: 3,000 TB, Minotaur (Wind Tunnel); Fire Guardian+Mega Flare Rush (skill) (chest in Magma Cave).

Shop: Magma Cave.

Other notes: you can tackle the Earth Shrine location, using the warp in the "Wind Tunnel" area. Refer to the extended walkthrough for information about it.
Make sure you open the chest containing the "surprise" fight against the Fire Guardian, so you get the valuable skill "Mega Flare Rush" for Atsuma.


Sage's Tower, Gravekeep Holm, Final Dungeon

There are many events, dangerous enemies, chests, Golems, Shops and Recharge Stations in these last three story-related dungeons, and it's not a very good idea to "summarize" them, losing precious information and references.

There are three important notes about these last places:

- In the "Inner Garden" area of the Final Dungeon you are given two choices: pick the second one, "Never!", or you will miss some events and two achievements

- Be warned that the last bosses of the game (noticeably Boss Fight # 25) are very powerful, and you need a powerful party to be able to get through. If you have brought Apo with you it won't take long to increase your parameters the minimum which will result enough to win. If you didn't, the golem Omega, obtained through the Shrine Temples sidequest, is the best choice you can make

- DO NOT SAVE THE GAME ON YOUR PREVIOUS SLOT from the moment when the game tells you that there is no return past that point (it will be after Boss Fight # 24, as you go up a long staircase) because you may get stuck in a place where you can't fight battles to level up and the upcoming bosses might be too powerful for you. If you have Omega you can hardly lose; if you don't, make sure you don't overwrite your game data from before that staircase

For more information about the two side quests available (one to get Omega and the other to get the last valuable skills for your characters, especially Ethereal Armor for Raigar), search for "Optional Quests" in the extended walkthrough.

Achievements: two in the Sage's Tower, one in Gravekeep Holm, one in the Final Dungeon and two more in the Final Dungeon (these last two only if you pick the second choice when you're asked) (25/25).

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