Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Reviews

  • Redbolt77Redbolt7754,843
    17 Oct 2010 17 Oct 2010
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    I will start off with the basic review design, story etc.

    Story: The Strogg (Mutated aliens) have invaded Earth, so it is up to you in order to defend it, or invade it, in terms of the defense, you must protect volcanic bases, destroy oil stealing strogg machines, defend technological studies on the Strogg, or by just blowing everything to bits and letting your bots do all of the real work, as for invading as the Strogg, basically undue all of humanity, and infect everything with your evil alien plots. Now did that sound like a story? That's because there really isn't one, but its not really about the story, and if you would notice the little Enemy Territory title, its basically Enemy Territory Wolfenstein for PC (the free online MP one).

    Graphics: Now this is very debatable, but let me try to put you in the right mindset, imagine the earth being coated in dust, about 80% of the landscape is brownish grayish, but that is kind of a good thing, don't worry about the graphics, focus on the gameplay, well it kinda doesn't work too well for a 360 game, but it sort of smooths the frame rate, and keeps things basic.

    7.0 for Graphics.
    AI: Now since this game is a very good MP one, how about the bots or AI? Well let me just say, they are absolutely, stunningly mind blowing, the best AI I have ever seen in a console game, they strafe you with bullets, heal you, protect you, stop to give you a lift in a vehicle, will order in precise tactical air strikes or artillery bombardments, and will assist you in every objective you try and take, rather it be driving a giant MCP (think of an elephant transport from Halo 3) or escorting you to secure a Strogg or GDF (Global Defense Force) device, they are just genius, but even deadlier on the highest difficulty out of three.

    AI: 10.0 out of 10.0
    Game Play: Smooth as butter, this makes up entirely for the graphics, many different classes to choose from, all of them important for objectives, all fun to play as, whether you want to be a akimbo pistol assassin, or a macho heavy machine gunner, to a basic by the book soldier, its just so unique as to how each one plays, that anybody can pick up and play, find the class and weapon sets they like, and destroy some face entirely, the game play is a well done piece of art, that can really change the way you look at a FPS objective MP game.

    Game Play: 9.0 out of 10.0
    Final Judgment
    If the game had better polished graphics, and maybe a few more online players, this would have been a really good game to stick with, but since some of the things aren't there, and a few things that need improvement, vehicle controls etc. it is just considered, one of those games that nobody plays anymore, and that my friends... is just sad.
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    In my opinion this game is VERY underated.angry
    The idea of capturing bases, destroying enemy hardware, and killing guys is far-from-new.
    But this game has extra's i like such as; teleports, upgrades, and kick-butt weapons.wink
    ET: QW has very few glitches and has a nice difficulty curve too.
    The graphics are behind a LITTLE bit as well

    If you like strategy, shooting, or action games I would consider renting this to see if you liked it.

    Choosing your sides, a prolonged campaign, and instant action will keep you playing for a while, but i dont think people like to play this MP... sorrycry

    Overall, a very risky 4/5... or a 7/10
  • SpectreSubZeroSpectreSubZero369,482
    03 May 2009 03 May 2009
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    I just played this game and it actually a good online game. I was surprised to find it came out spring of last year. I think the major thing that hurt this game is the graphics aren't all that impressive for last year. I would compare them to original xbox graphics (a little exaggerated lol!). I'm going to breakdown the game into bullets:

    Graphics: 6 out of 10

    Campaign: 1 out of 10 (this game is pretty much for online only; the
    campaign is just instant action. If you want a
    story with a little depth, play Quake 4)

    Online Game Play: 8 out of 10 (The online is very fun, and very underrated;
    You have character classes, good weapons,
    All different vehicles you can drive, you
    can also set mines, turrets, EMP's, etc.)

    Sound: 8 out of 10

    Replay Ability: 10 out of 10 (The instant action kind of reminds me of
    Duke Nukem 3D for the N64)

    Suggest Price: $19.99 (The game is actually only $9.99 at Best Buy, so
    I feel it is defenitly worth the price!)

    Overall I give this game only 3 stars.

    Reason: Campaign is terrible and comparable to Chromehounds
    Graphics were outdated when the game came out
    Not to many people play it online
  • That SAM GuyThat SAM Guy142,399
    16 Feb 2010 28 Feb 2010
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    NOTE: This is not intended to be a detailed review of this game. Imagine this to be the comments of a random game store customer that gave you their two cents on something you were looking at. Take it or leave it.

    About the closest thing I can compare this game to is Starsiege:Tribes on the PC back in the day. At least graphically. The objective based game play and scale of the maps was interesting. It could have been a very good game. It seemed to me that the game was rushed to market. Or that the graphics may have been so retro to keep frame rate high. It did play fairly smooth even online. Mind you that was my experience right after it came out. As a rental for me I was happy to return it after a week with about 3/4 of the achievements, and those last few were a struggle with boredom.

    Review provided as-is, and is completely opinion on experience. smile