Etherborn Reviews

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    29 Jul 2019
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    It is a rare occasion that I desperately want a game to be bigger, deeper and wanting more content than Etherborn. I was lucky enough to play an early build on Steam when it was first available and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, developer have been able to bring Etherborn to console. Totally worth it.

    Etherborn is an excellent example of how you make a third person platform game with puzzles that test your brain and solving skills. Gravity is an oddity here, as gravity is perpendicular to the platform you're standing currently standing on. The puzzle nature here will certainly test your perception of the route needed to complete each of the games levels.

    Speaking of levels, unfortunately there aren't that many which is a crying shame as I would almost give my first born for more content. Etherborn is proof of a game of this genre done right. Sure you can play New Game +, which changes the location of the orbs that activate certain parts of the level layout, but essentially it's still the same puzzles. It is worth playing again though, especially of achievements are important, as you just need to complete the game in both modes to achieve the full 1000g.

    You're a voiceless being, that appears in world where a haunting voice calls out to you, and one that you must follow to learn more about yourself. I wont go into any detail here, save spoiling it.

    Controlling the voiceless one is as easy as moving and jumping. Nothing difficult to learn, except how gravity is effecting you regarding your current location. Controls are tight and responsive making Etherborn a joy to play, as there is nothing worse than janky controls within a puzzle game.

    The downsides to Etherborn are few, but more content in the form of more levels would have been nice, and the fact that the game can be completed quite quickly. Apart from this, which isn't a deal breaker, Etherborn is a game that should be on your wishlist if puzzle games are up your street. Don't let the price put you off either, as its supporting a talented developer who fully deserve your support.

    Overall, Etherborn is a fantastic game and one I would highly recommend to everyone. Support the developer, play a great game and grab a relatively easy 1000g for yourself.

    Developer: Altered Matter
    Publisher: Altered Matter
    Release Date: 18th July 2019
    Price: £14.24