Everyparty (HK/KR/TW)

Xbox 360

Everyparty (HK/KR/TW) Achievements

Most Earned

I Done Made a Character!
I Done Made a Character!11 (10)My Room: Created a custom character in My Character.
Serious Gamer
Serious Gamer18 (15)Practice Board: Complete 1 practice game.
Item Lover
Item Lover12 (10)All Modes: Collected 10 items.
Lavish Medal Spender
Lavish Medal Spender23 (15)All Modes: Spent 50 medals.

Least Earned

Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer492 (50)Public Hall: Listed all Hall of Fame categories.
Beautiful Memories
Beautiful Memories148 (15)My Room: Viewed all Story Board Memories in one sitting.
Character Ph.D.
Character Ph.D.161 (20)My Room: Collected and read every page of the Character Scrapbook in one sitting.
What's Yours is Mine
What's Yours is Mine139 (20)My Room: Collected all the items for My Character creation.
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