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Evolve Dedicated Servers Will Close

In September, the game's dedicated servers will close, meaning the game will transition to peer-to-peer multiplayer. While the game will remain playable, the closure will remove some of the game's features.

Posted 6 years ago by Rebecca Smith

March Games With Gold Announced

It's just about that time again. With only six days — give or take, depending on where you are in the world — left in February, next month's Games With Gold lineup is right on schedule.

Posted 7 years ago by Kelly Packard

Evolve's Turtle Rock Studios to Develop New Free to Play FPS

The last we heard from Turtle Rock Studios, they had ended support for 2015's Evolve after a last ditch free to play model failed to revive the game. They've announced a partnership with Perfect World to develop a new IP.

Posted 8 years ago by Kelly Packard

TA Top Five: Games That Failed to Launch a Series

They began with so much hope. Huge ad campaigns. Lots of E3 awards. Massive numbers of preorders. They were poised for greatness, but ultimately never established the series they were destined for.

Posted 8 years ago by Kevin Tavore

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