3. Evolve Pre-Elite AchievementsUpdate notes


Once you start the game for the first time, you will be presented with a tutorial on how to play the monster. Simply complete it and earn

Now the goal is complete the Monster tutorial in under 6 minutes. You can revisit the tutorial by going Solo > Replay Tutorial > Goliath. Here is a video of the achievement.

Video credit goes to PowerPyx

I personally killed Val (Medic) first. Don't be discouraged if you can't get this. Come back and get it later if need be as this is a bit luck based with the fights.

Now go to the Hunter's tutorial and complete it under 6 minutes. This one is easier than the Monster tutorial, so have at it. Again, here is a video of it being completed.

Video credit goes to PowerPyx

Now let's watch the credits. Go to Extras > Credits and watch it all. I would like to warn you the credits are long (about 20 minutes), so feel free to go do something else while they roll.

Go to Profile and switch to the Badges tab. Customize your badge and hit save to unlock:

For this next achievement, you are required to watch videos explaining how each Monster, Hunter, and Game Modes work. Go to Extras > Video Gallery. Whether you need to watch the DLC character's video, I'm unsure about, so I suggest watching the first three character's video and if it doesn't unlock watch the rest. If you don't actually want to watch the videos, just stay in the videos for a second or two and back out, this should count as having watched it.


An achievement to watch out for is Death to Tyranny. To earn this you must help a teammate that has been attacked by a Tyrant. You will know that a teammate is being attacked when you see a red skull by the victim. Simply shoot the Tyrant until you have rescued them.

Start a solo custom game and select the game mode Arena with any map. Now in the Extras menu change the following:

  • Difficulty - Favors Hunters
  • Wildlife Population - Low
  • Strikes - Infinite
  • Battle Wins Required - 1
  • Monster Starting Armor - 0%
  • Monster Starting Stage - 1

You will want to choose Hunters, specifically a Trapper class. Damage the monster with the support and then switch out to the other 3 classes using cn_up cn_left and cn_down making sure to damage the monster with each of them.

Now switch back to your original class and do not attack. Chances are your teammates can take down a weak monster by themselves. By doing this you have hopefully not damaged anything, but the monster and unlocked:

and since a Trapper cannot use their class ability in an Arena match

and since you won

and if your aim was well

  • Squerly

    Achieve 95% or higher accuracy against predators in a match outside of the tutorials


If you did not earn the achievement above, do the same setup, but select the Markov (Assault) and only use his Lightning Gun to attack. This weapon only fires when an enemy is in its range which should net you perfect accuracy.

Select an Assault class. For this next achievement you must not take damage and win. The Assault's Personal Shield will protect you if the monster gets to close.

Starting another game, choose any Hunter except a Medic. Now customize your team and change the Medic to Lazarus (if you do not have him unlocked, that is fine, but his Personal Cloak is great for reviving without interruption). Change the Difficulty to Favors Monsters (you can do this in the pause menu) and incapacitate yourself (lose all of your health) change the Difficulty back to Favors Hunters. Now change to the Medic and revive yourself by holding cn_X. Val has a Medgun that can revive a person from far away and Lazarus has Personal Cloak which will make you invisible and the Monster will hopefully ignore you. Any Medic has Healing Burst which is useful to give some health back.

Now, in either solo or multiplayer, choose the game mode Evacuation. This game mode is significantly longer than the other as it consists of 5 matches. If you are playing in a custom game set the Extras to:

  • Difficulty - Favors Hunters
  • Wildlife Population - Low
  • Evacuation Handicap - Off
  • Reinforcement Time - 0:15
  • Strikes - Infinite

Once you have won, you will unlock:

and if you didn't die

While most of the following achievements are available without other players, I would suggest boosting them as it's not worth your time to try to unlock them legit.

2 Player Achievements

Go to Multiplayer > Custom and invite a friend. Start an Arena match with Monster Starting Armor at 0% and Monster Starting Stage at 3. Choose the Medic class. Have your friend choose the monster and kill the other three Hunters, leaving only you alive. Kill him while in the air to unlock:

For this achievement, you must be in a custom multiplayer match with at least one other person. Choose Arena with Battle Wins Required to 1. When given the option, do not choose Hunters or Monsters, instead choosing Observer and sit back and enjoy the match. The outcome does not matter and once the match is done you will unlock:

In Arena have them, as the monster, kill and eat you to unlock:

3 Player Achievements

Invite both friends and have one be a Hunter and the other the monster. Take out the two bots and bring the monster's health low. Let the monster incapacitate you and then kill it. If you did get the final blow, you will unlock:

4 Player Achievements

While we are on the subject of playing with people, get a group of 4 Hunters and play Hunt. When choosing Hunters, make sure to have two males and two females on your team. You must win which should be easy in a custom game with the Extra settings seen above.

There is also a Monster achievement at the end of the Monster section below that requires 3-4 people. I suggest your team does that achievement as well.

The online achievement may also require boosting if the servers are empty.


Set up a solo custom game in the game mode Nest. In Extras:

  • Wildlife Population - Low
  • Round Length - 5:00

Choose to play as the monster and, once you enter into the game, sneak by pressing cn_B. Stay aware of your surrounding and do not attack anything. There will be creatures that try to attack you so stay away. The AI Hunters will not be able to destroy all the eggs in time.

  • Mud Monster

    Win a match having spent most of your time in Sneak outside of the Tutorials

    Mud Monster

  • Darwinism

    Win a match without losing any health as a Monster outside of the Tutorials


Now do it all over again. except this time choose Kraken and stay in the air. To do this, aim up to the sky and press cn_A.

  • Bone Jockey

    Win a match while having spent most of the time in the air outside of the Tutorials

    Bone Jockey

Start a custom Arena game and in Extras:

  • Difficulty - Favors Monster
  • Wildlife Population - High
  • Strikes - 2
  • Character Perks - On
  • Battle Wins Required - 1
  • Battle Duration - Infinite
  • Monster Starting Armor - 100%
  • Monster Starting Stage - 2
  • Sudden Death - Off

Choose the monster you want and select the Feeding Speed perk. Your first goal is to incapacitate a Hunter, the Medic being top priority, and let them bleed out and die. Make sure to protect them from being revived.

Now take down two more Hunters leaving only one. Start to feed and evolve to stage 3 to unlock:

To win, sneak up on the last Hunter, pounce on them, and kill them.

  • Gotcha!

    Sneak pounce the final living Hunter to end a match outside of the Tutorials


Start a custom Hunt game on Aviary with Extras:

  • Difficulty - Favors Monster
  • Wildlife Population - High
  • Round Length - 5:00
  • Reinforcement Time - 2:00
  • Strikes - 0

and Map Effect set to Second Monster. Stay where you spawn and wait for the Hunters to drop. Once they do drop, kill them all as fast as possible to earn

Start a custom Evacuation game with Extras:

  • Difficulty - Favors Monster
  • Wildlife Population - High
  • Evacuation Handicap - Off
  • Reinforcement Time - 2:00
  • Strikes - 0

Choose a monster and win to unlock:

Start a custom Nest game on the map Barracks with Extras:

  • Difficulty - Favors Monster
  • Wildlife Population - High
  • Round Length - 40:00 (Don't worry, we won't use all of it)
  • Reinforcement Time - 2:00
  • Strikes - 0

Select Map Effect: Canyon Striders. Go out and hunt and evolve to stage 3 without damaging the Hunters on your way their. Once you are at stage 3, kill the Hunters and earn

  • Unbeatable

    Win a match as Monster without damaging Hunters until Stage 3 outside of Tutorials and Arena


With these same setting, do this until you have evolved to stage 3 25 times.

For this next achievement, I recommend 3-4 other players to help you earn them.

Start a custom Hunt match with Extras:

  • Difficulty - Favors Monster
  • Wildlife Population - Low
  • Strikes - 0

and move away from the spawn. Once the Hunters have spawned, have one Hunter move away from the group. If a bot is following the lone man, have them move far away and kill one of two at spawn. If the lone man is not being followed by the bot, have him go over to you and kill him.


By "online", I mean no custom games, but you can still have a party.

I will also warn you that the game is pretty unbalanced, which is why Stage 2 was deemed necessary.

For this achievement, you must play and win a match of Hunt, Rescue, Defend, and Arena. It is unclear if Evacuation is needed, as it is just a compilation of the aforementioned game modes, but I would suggest playing it since it seems Rescue is left out of Quick Play (the description reads: Play Hunt, Arena, or Defend on a randomly selected map)and Hunt (which is just the Hunt game mode).

This achievement is a bit luck based as your team may be garbage or the monster may be a pro. Online seems pretty dead, so you may need a boosting session for this one.


As you have been completing achievements, you may have been unlocking some that were not mentioned here.

Award Addiction

Don't go out of your way for this one, as there is still a lot more game to play and these awards come naturally.


Again, comes naturally, although you can only get this as the monster.

Taste of Shear

For this achievement, play different maps until you kill every creature. You can check your progress by going to Profile, going to the Accolades tab and looking at the accolades that are tied to killing wildlife.

Wildlife Genocidist

You most likely have not gotten this one and I suggest you go for this one last and set all future custom games to have high wildlife population. For those who want to complete it now:

Set up a custom Nest game on the map Barracks with Extras:

  • Difficulty - Favors Monster
  • Wildlife Population - High
  • Round Length - Set this to however much time you want to commit
  • Character Perks - On

and Map Effect to Canyon Striders. Select a monster with the perk Smell Range.

Now kill everything that moves while keeping your distance from the Hunters.

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