Exception Achievements

Full list of all 32 Exception achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. It takes around 10-12 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One.

  • Regression

    Achieve a four-star rating on 32 levels

  • Random

    Achieve a 4-star rating on 64 levels

  • Delegate

    Destroy 50 enemies with up dash attack

  • Process

    Run five kilometers

  • Float

    Jump 2000 times

  • Overload

    Destroy 100 turret enemies

  • Algorithm

    Destroy 200 flying enemies

  • Method

    Destroy 150 ground enemies

  • Modifier

    Upgrade a special attack

  • Attribute

    Fully upgrade a special attack

  • Extension

    Fully upgrade all special attacks

  • Source

    Finish 32 levels without destroying an enemy

  • Void

    Finish 64 levels while destroying every enemy

  • Interface

    Finish a level with three bonuses

  • Framework

    Finish a level with four bonuses

  • Array

    Down dash four enemies in one jump

    1 guide
  • Class

    Up dash four enemies in one jump

    1 guide
  • Truncate

    Complete a level without using all transitions

  • Asynchronous

    Earn an air combo bonus

  • Buffer

    Earn a style bonus

    1 guide
  • Return

    Escape the monster in world four

  • Instruction

    Destroy the boss in world eight

  • Element

    Defeat the monster in world twelve

  • Reflection

    Destroy the player