Xbox 360

Exit Achievements

Most Earned

Complete Situation 2
Complete Situation 25 (5)Cleared all 20 stages through Situation 2.
Complete Situation 4
Complete Situation 418 (10)Cleared all 40 stages through Situation 4.
Complete Situation 7
Complete Situation 741 (15)Cleared all 70 stages through Situation 7.
Escapologist64 (20)Reached a score of 5,000 or more by the end of Situation 5.

Least Earned

Legendary Escape Artist
Legendary Escape Artist267 (30)Reach a score of 22,000 or more by the end of Situation 22.
Complete Situation 19
Complete Situation 19123 (15)Clear all stages up through Situation 19.
Complete All Stages
Complete All Stages123 (15)Clear all 220 stages.
Ultimate Escape Artist
Ultimate Escape Artist217 (30)Reach a score of 15,000 or more by the end of Situation 15.
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