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What games could leave Xbox Game Pass in May 2023?

May is almost here, and to help you plan out your achievement-hunting efforts, we've delved into some data to produce a list of games that might leave Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in May.

Posted 5 months ago by Sean Carey

The weirdest games on Xbox Game Pass

If you're tired of open world collectathons and cookie-cutter shooters, the Game Pass library is home to more weird and wonderful experiences than you might expect. Here are a few of the strangest games on Xbox Game Pass...

Posted 5 months ago by Luke Albigés

Xbox game releases — November 15th to 21st

Xbox game releases — November 15th to 21st

Another 23 games launch for the Xbox platform next week, including Battlefield 2042 and a couple of new additions into the Xbox Game Pass library. Your backlog is about to get bigger!

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Xbox Game Pass adds Exo One next week

The mysterious adventure game Exo One finally has a release date and will launch for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and into Xbox Game Pass on November 18th.

Posted 1 year ago by Sean Carey

Xbox exclusives for 2021: a complete guide

We've got the whole of 2021 and all its upcoming games to look forward to, but if you're wondering just what you'll be playing, why not take a look through our detailed breakdown of all the exclusives arriving for Xbox in 2021.

Posted 2 years ago by Heidi Nicholas

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