Extreme Exorcism Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to my walkthrough for Extreme Exorcism.

Extreme Exorcism is a paranormal platformer. You play as Mae Barrons, who is a medium. Tasked with ridding a haunted house full of evil spirits. However, this game is probably better described as a clone game, rather than a ghost game as although your enemies are ghosts, they are basically clones of your from previous levels, mimicking your previous round and then mirroring backwards to retreat off screen, only to return again.

In my opinion, this game is a straightforward 900/1000G which, for some, might be good enough. The remaining 100G is a little more awkward and will take more time. One level on the challenges called Bring the Chairs is extremely frustrating. If you don't like when game producers add one ridiculously hard level to an otherwise easy game, avoid challenges and save yourself a head ache. As the walkthrough writer. I finished every part of this game and will advise you as best as I can, however it's worth noting that this game will change based on every step you take.

On to the walkthrough!

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