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Games With Gold Revealed For May

May is rapidly approaching and, as we all know, a new month means new games to add to the Games With Gold program. As always, a reminder to pick up this month's games - Child of Light, Assassin's Cre

Posted 6 years ago by Andy Mills

Retail Releases: Week of May 19th, 2014

As the heat of Spring creeps up and blinds us in the face, the game releases keep on flowing at a steady pace. There may not be a huge variety of titles this week, but if you're a die-hard fan of the

Posted 7 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

XBL Sale Roundup: April 15th, 2014

The Dark Knight is the theme for this week's Deal of the Week, with games featuring old pointy ears on offer across Games on Demand, Arcade and DLC, including the popular Arkham series. These discoun

Posted 7 years ago by Chewie

Ultimate Game Sale Daily Deals: February 19th

Today brings another random selection of discounted Games on Demand and Xbox LIVE Arcade titles as part of the Ultimate Game Sale. Remember that these discounts are for 24 hours only, so they will be

Posted 7 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Wednesday XBL Content Roundup: November 20th, 2013

Today's Xbox LIVE Arcade title comes in the form of a HD remake of a ten-year-old fighting game. Get ready to splash the cash as this one carries a price tag equivalent to 1600 MSP. If fighting isn't

Posted 8 years ago by Rebecca Smith

F1 2013 Review

F1 2013 continues Codemasters’ long-running, award-winning overhaul of Formula One racing simulation on consoles. After making major changes in F1 2012 and creating a game that we considered a great

Posted 8 years ago by Keith Gray

Retail DLC Roundup: October 8th, 2013

We have DLC releases for eight Xbox 360 retail games this week. One of the games adds extra achievements to its list and three of the games have region exclusive DLC. Any XBLA DLC that is due to be r

Posted 8 years ago by Rebecca Smith

F1 2013 Launch Trailer Is Here!

Codemasters' newest addition to its popular Formula 1 racing series is now live. Welcome to F1 2013. I'm not even a racing fan, but this video makes me want

Posted 8 years ago by Cindy Minguez

F1 2013 South Korea Hot Lap Trailer

Another weekend is drawing ever nearer and, as per tradition, that means it's time for another hot lap courtesy of Codemaster's latest entry in the F1 series, F1 2013. Looking at the current breed of

Posted 8 years ago by Ellis Spice

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