2. F1 2013 General hints and tips

Learning to have control of a F1 car is essential to fully getting all the achievements for this game. While Young Driver Test will help you, nothing is better than actually gathering experience throughout racing. As a rule for completionists, this game is by no means easy but it is complete-able. By personal experience, I am NOT the best driver in the world, neither am I ranked high on ANY driver's leaderboards for any racing game. Even with this, the game will be enjoyable but a challenge:

To learn to control a F1, here are some tips:

- If you have a steering wheel designed for racing games, USE IT. On a F1 car, this special device will ensure a lot more control of the car than other racing games.

- It is not required to learn to drive Manual Gears. However, learning this method will allow you to shift gears faster allowing to accelerate and either catch up to opponents or do better in Time Trials / Time Attack.

- Learning to manage Fuel and Tires is ESSENTIAL in this game, especially in career. Learning between the different sets of tires will allow you to have an advantage over the AI while racing and produce better strategies for your race.

- Braking, Turning, and Accelerating. The F1 cars carry a lot of Downforce. This means the cars are designed to attach itself to the ground (for those who are new players). Learning to accelerate your car during a turn will give you the biggest advantage to becoming an expert in this driving sector and winning this game.

- KERS and DRS are KEY to winning the race. Learning both of these will help you improve times on laps and overtake opponents with ease.

- The AI DOES NOT do well under pressure. Keep this in mind. The more you stay behind the AI's car, the more likely he will make a mistake, allowing you to overtake them.

- Not all teams are the same. Some teams have faster, better designed cars than others. This means being on a better rated team will allow you to win with more ease.

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