8. F1 2013 Co-op Championship

Co-op Championship is basically a career mode, but with a friend. Accessing the Co-op Championship mode requires Xbox Live Gold Membership, just like the Multiplayer mode. Co-op Championship have 2 achievements in total.

Same as F1 2012, you have to share the points with your partner, so each of you can win the achievements at the same time. If you and your friend you are playing with have the best team, the following will unlock for both of you:

There's No "I" in Team

Win the Constructors' Championship in Co-op.

There's No I in Team
2 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

For the second achievement, you will need to alternate wins with each other. On the last race, the host should quit out and the other player will try to finish the race in first position to get the achievement. Once the second player gets the achievement, they should invite the host back and let him finish the race in first place. That victory will leave you both with the following achievement:

Co-op Drivers' World Champion

Win the Drivers' Championship in Co-op.

Co-op Drivers' World Champion
3 guidesOnline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperativeHost Only

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