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Posted on 04 September 17 at 08:21
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I consider myself to be decent at this game currently with top 50 times on 7 tracks with my most notable 26th in Singapore and 1st Brazil wet when writing this. I also participate in many competitive multiplayer leagues where I experience clean racing and let me just say the multiplayer is trash right now

I love these games to heart but it has so many issues right now it's not funny, basically all leagues have postponed races due to horrible multiplayer with there being
Loss of force feedback
Disqualification glitches
Blue flag glitches
Invalid lap times glitches
Ghosting glitch

So rights now it's not that great hopefully they patch it but I can say they have improved so there's no side pod glitches and there's a nice ranking system


Enjoy a neat overtake ^

Career for the experienced player could be better it has so much depth and is so realistic but there are too many glitches

External image

Apparently I set a god teir time in Spain, MEEE not an AI, me
There's a stuffed up tyre in the air at China
AI are way to fast in Quali compared to race in terms of pace excluding lap 1 of course (I race 110 AI and I've got their quali pace but dominate races)
Just the stuffed up times

But apart from that this game is amazing and I love all the new features like classic cars and in due course hopefully these glitches are patched or the online community will have to go back to F1 2016
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