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    A F.E.A.R. 3 review from the perspective of a big fan of the franchise since the original game -

    F.E.A.R. 3 (F.3.A.R.) is the fourth installment (counting FEAR Files) of the FEAR franchise. The game was developed by Day 1 Studios, who were responsible for the Xbox 360 and PS3 ports of the original F.E.A.R game and also developed its expansion, F.E.A.R. Files.

    The F.E.A.R. 3 story picks up 9 months after the events of F.E.A.R. 2, with the core antagonist Alma pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. This time around you assume the role of the first games protagonist, Point Man, and his younger brother Paxton Fettel, who was the main antagonist of the first game.

    Without spoiling too much of the story - The game finally delves into the pasts of the two brothers, Point Man and Fettel. Showing their childhood together and the relationship with Harlan Wade, the man behind the entire franchise drama, who is also Alma's father.

    Having both brothers available as playable characters has created a pretty cool co-op experience that felt pretty unique.

    Point Man has remained mostly untouched since the original F.E.A.R, a run and gun bad ass with the power to slow down time (in reality his reflexes are just super fast). Paxton Fettel is a sort of psychic wraith, who is able to possess the bodies of his enemies and control them to do his fighting or provide support for his brother.

    The game also provides a breath of fresh air with its unique multiplayer modes. Ditching the generic death match and capture the flag type modes of most standard shooters, F.E.A.R. 3 instead opts to go with some original game types like Soul King, Soul Survivor and F**cking Run. For all you Gears of War & Call of Duty zombie fans they even threw in Contractions, which is basically a horde/zombie game mode.

    To keep this short and to summarize my thoughts -

    Graphics - 7/10
    The game isn't ugly , but it's not beautiful either. The enemies ALL look the same. There's literally about 5 different enemy models... but they look decent. The part of the game where the graphics shine are the environments. While not as creepy as the first game, the atmosphere and environments of this game are still pretty nice.

    Sound - 6/10
    Pretty standard sound effects. However, having played all of the F.E.A.R. games it really seems like they reused a lot of the old sound effects from the old games.

    Playability - 8/10
    The campaign is really short but offers lots of replayability. It's fun, which helps a lot. It's a great game to play with a buddy. The cover mechanics in this game feel very solid to me compared to a lot of other games that offer similar features. The multiplayer is also very quick and easy to get in and out of, great for those who don't like wasting 20 minutes of their lives in a match. High score for fun factor and solid game play.

    One thing I didn't like was the lack of scares and creepy factor that made the original game so great. This game seems to focus more on the run and gun action aspect of most FPS' today. Hopefully the next game will return to it's horror roots a little more.

    Story - 7/10
    This installment finally delves into the back story and childhoods of Point Man and Fettel. Was nice to finally see their origins, but it was kind of off putting how much of Harlan Wade there was and how little there was of Alma. Michael Beckett from F.E.A.R. 2 returns, but has a pretty small role.

    Achievements - 9/10
    Having played the older games of the series, I can personally say the achievements in this installment are leaps and bounds much easier to acquire and less stressful. There's also something for everyone. There's plenty of solo achievements, multiplayer achievements, co op achievements, etc. None of which are too much hassle, but not too easy either. Was a nice balance.

    In closing -

    Pros -

    Details some back story on Point Man/Paxton Fettel. Very fun and lots of replay value. Good cover system. Solid shooter. No crazy ass achievements. Point Man is back!

    Cons -
    Very generic enemies. Few weapons. Short campaign. Nowhere near as creepy as the first game. Looks a lot like F.E.A.R. 2. Not much Alma. Point Man still doesn't talk!

    This is a good solid game. For those who love the franchise, this is definitely a buy. For anyone curious about the franchise or just a FPS fan in general, you should atleast rent this and check it out.
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    misfit119Yeah you both get the achievements. As far as Insane goes it also helps to do it all in one run. Don't play Interval 1,2 and 3 on Insane and then play Interval 2 on normal to get the Alma Doll or something. It totally confuses the hell out of the game. One major gripe I have with this damn game - where is Aristide?! Why does ever main FEAR title ignore any expansions or DLC for the previous ones? I get Extraction Point and the other one by why ignore Reborn? Bah! Upvoted.
    Posted by misfit119 on 12 Jul 11 at 12:01
    Leo AscendentNot as scary as previous FEAR titles, which is what I loved about the series. Although I enjoyed this game quite a bit.

    FEAR2 > FEAR = FEAR 3

    2 is still my favorite (4/5), and 3 is, in the end, about the same as 1, maybe slightly better (3.5 vs 3/5). They slipped on the story, waaaaaaaaay to short, this is why I say MP should be withheld from some games, FEAR is one of them.

    Agree with SoulEater, especially the sewer part where you go into the little town.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 14 Jul 11 at 18:15
    Omniscient AlFear, Fear Files and Fear 2 were fun. Fear 3 tried to copy Bulletstorm's challenge saturation. If you want to be successful in Fear 3 you have to play the way the devs want you to. I'll complete this one too. But I'm not enjoying any of it.
    Posted by Omniscient Al on 14 Jul at 02:54
  • RedBlinkyRedBlinky1,277,876
    06 Jul 2011 08 Jul 2011
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    Alright after getting my 1000/1000 for this game I am ready to write a review.
    *Some Plot spoilers for old fear games*
    Basics: The game starts out simple enough your character Point Man is being held by the Armacham Technology Corporation because he is the first prototype. If your not sure what that means it boils down to this, a psychically gifted youth named Alma Wade was artificially impregnated twice. You are her first son hence the first prototype. You will notice very quickly that someone is following you offering assistance. This is the second prototype Paxton Fettel. At the end of Fear 1 you killed him and now hes haunting you. So you need to escape to find a former squadmate of yours and find out whats going on.

    Graphics: F3ars graphics are nothing spectacular. Some of the items in the game can be kicked around and then some items are randomly static. You will notice this the first time your power armor is stopped by a traffic cone, meanwhile you've been pushing shopping carts around a giant wholesale store. There really is no telling what items will move around. The character models are passible and you usually dont see too many graphical glitches. Also shooting peoples heads off and seeing them explode in slo-motion is sadistically enjoyable.

    Gameplay: I'll start off with something you probably already know this game is not scary. I think they were trying to portray Alma more positively so she's just not that scary this time around. Unless you get scared by birthday cakes or moving furniture there really isnt much to surprise you.
    So its a scary game thats not scary what does that make it? It makes it a damn fine shooter. The shooting is good the slo-motion works flawlessly and the aiming and hit detection are on par with any shooter out there. The old fear games had this "i might hit it i might not system" but thats gone now. The game also boasts one of if not the best cover system i've seen. The decision to keep the cover system in first person works really well and while you might not take much cover on your first playthrough during your high score runs and hard difficulty playthrough you will come to appreciate the system.
    So how can a game with a great cover system still be made challenging? By AI that is actually quite good. They will flank your cover throw grenades and do the best they can to kill you. Although be warned there accuracy is deadly almost impossibly deadly. The second you pop your head out you will get shot they dont miss very often, but you have slo-motion to get the jump on them.

    Multiplayer Game Modes: Apart from its short 6-8 hour single player that can be played with two different characters the game boasts 5 more modes. All these modes can be played offline as well as online.
    Co-Op: Grab a friend and play through the game. I really enjoyed the co-op of this game. Although the off-line co-op is odd because each person is in a corner of the screen. The two mini-screens are staggered and it takes some getting used to. Playing as Fettel is a blast and combining the different abilities with the two characters is alot of fun. That being said its not much fun to play with someone you dont know.
    Contractions: This mode sends wave after wave of enemies at you will increasing difficulty. This is where the majority of my time in multi-player was spent. This mode is flatout fun and it doesnt matter if you have three friends or three complete strangers get online and kickass as long as you can!
    Fu****** Run: This mode is sometimes called wall of death. The goal is to run from a wall of death while working together to defeat enemies. This mode is extremely challenging and without four competent players you wont make it far. One weak player will ruin the game for you. Its a good idea but i think the difficulty is a bit much as usually one person getting downed is game over for everyone. I would have liked to see this mode allow you to continue once someone dies. There are safe house type areas and having them respawn there would make the game much more enjoyable. No achievements though so no real reason to play if you dont enjoy it.
    Soul Survivor: One of two modes where you actually fight the other players. One person is chosen to be on the other team and his goal is to down and corrupt the remaining three players along with hordes of enemies. Im not sure why but i never got into this mode. Also there were no achievements so I spent little time on this mode.
    Soul King: This mode you possess enemies and kill other players and enemies to get souls most souls at the end wins! Sounds easy because it is. However, due to some horrible design its not very fun. You can literally stand there the entire game and with 10 seconds left kill the first place player take his souls and win. They shouldnt have had you lose so many souls when you die, oh well achievements can be boosted offline.

    Achievements: Well this is an achievement site and I Love achievements. This game is not a hard 1000 and the short single player will net you quite a few points. You will need to do a hard mode run (which doesnt unlock until you finish the game) and probably a high score run unless you go for the high scores your first time through. You will need to play some co-op to get a couple achievements if you boost them your looking at an hour tops for both players. There are some multiplayer achievements but they dont have to be done online. There is also a collection achievement but the collectibles move around so it can be a bit frustrating. All in all an easy 1000 if you enjoyed the game the hard setting is not too difficult and there really are no time consuming or really difficult achievements here.

    Final Thoughts: So was f3ar scary? NO. But i still really enjoyed it the shooting was crisp and playing as fettel is a blast. Im not big on multiplayer so the lack of true adversarial gametypes (deathmatch ctf etc.) didnt bother me. Its a fun game and I would suggest it for any achievement hunter as its an easier 1000 then most newer games. Maybe as just a rental if your a die hard achievement hunter you can get 1000 before returning the game. However, if you enjoy cooperative multiplayer like I do you will get your moneys worth on a purchase. Well that was my first review hope this helps you decide wether to get this game or pass on it. As a side note at the time of this review Gamestop just reduced the price to $39.99!
    Final Score: 4.5/5
  • FittedCabFittedCab285,631
    23 Aug 2011 23 Aug 2011
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    Fear 3 is here with Point man and Paxton Fettel joining forces to find Alma.
    It's time to finish what started way back in the first Fear game!

    I have to admit that I never played Fear 2 more than the demo and passed on it because it was too different from the first game.
    Somehow I felt that Fear 2 had the same feel and look of Condemned 2. Plus the original cast was gone so I just didn't buy it.
    I did read the plot synopsis for it so I know what happened and I advise you to do the same if you haven't played any of the previous Fear games.

    Gameplay has changed and is more Fear 2 than 1. Graphics are allright but I've been playing alot of old games so I don't know what the standards
    for graphics are in 2011 but for me the game looks sweet. Enviroments change more then before and you actually feel like you're headed somewhere
    rather than running around in similar offices and sewers. I played the game using Turtlebeach Earforce x41 headset and I must say the sound world
    is very good and really gives a push to the creepiness of this game!

    Weapons are mostly the same as before with different names though. Penetrator still feels powerful and shotgunning in slow mo is just as enjoyable as before.
    Fear 2 players will be right at home but fo us that skipped that it will take a couple intervals to get used to new system.

    Plot isn't as good as the first one. There's not a lot of suprises in the story but it's satisfying enough and ends the trilogy nicely.
    The game is also short. I'm talking about 8 intervals short and the first and last interval take like 10 minutes to complete.
    No doubt Carpenter's involment has brought more focus and cinematics to the story and there's a lot of cut scenes. The game is heavily scripted
    and there isn't much room for the gamer to explore. Fear 3 is meant to be a wild yet short ride where you run forwards and don't think twice about
    going back to collect weapons because rarely you run out of ammo. Fear 3 is also pretty easy even on Insane so to all the veteran Fear players if
    you want a challenge play it on Solo.

    There's a nice change in playability when you're playing as Fettel because of his psychic abilities. You can takeover an enemy and posses him which
    is brand new strategic element in Fear series.There's also another element that's new: challenges! Now you get rewarded for different play styles
    whether you're a camper or a rambo.There's two endings depending on which character you finish the game. If you're playing in co-op the player with a higher score will determine
    wich end you get so challenges do matter! Co-op seems to be a trend nowadays and it's found it's way into Fear 3 also but luckily instead
    of being just an add-on it actually works and is really enjoyable with a friend over Xbox Live. Splitscreen is also an option but I found it a bit
    uncomfortable because the game divides the screen in to these small boxes appearing in upper left corner and lower right corner of the TV. Not cool.

    Multiplayer consist of four modes: Contractions, Soul king, Soul survivor and F'cking run!
    Contractions is your basic Horde mode with a Fear twist. This mode I play the most because there's always a match going for it.
    Soul king and survivor are modes where in King 4 players are trying to collect souls for points. Souls come from dead enemies and you can posses
    anybody. There's maximum of 5 waves. In Survivor one player is trying to infect the other 3 players while they're fighting against waves of enemies.
    Both are good modes but Survivor matches end pretty fast and King can get annoying when players start killing you instead of the real enemies.
    When you get killed you lose alot of points and the one that killed you gains alot of points.
    F'ckin run is a fun mode where you're running away from the Wall of Death. Things get hectic if you don't know where you're supposed to go and enemies
    get tougher the more you advance. If one player gets killed it's game over. Fun with friends annoying with randoms.
    All modes have 3 different maps to be played on. IMO there should've been basic death match modes too. TM Deathmatch with one team of Point mans
    and the other one Fettel's? Sounds good right? Maybe throw in a Phase Caster in each round to mix it up.

    Overall Day 1 Studios did a good job with Fear 3. Playing is fun online and off. After several campaing playthroughs I find these scripted scenarios
    annoying. Some of the "scary" moments are confusing since you don't know where to look and miss the point of the moment. Achievements are pretty easy laughable even
    when compared to Fear 1 & 2. Some may find those score related achievements difficult but a couple of tries and you'll get them. Hardest one IMO was the completionist one
    and that wasn't really all that hard compared to the first Fear games hardest achievements. You can max out this game in one day if you're commited enough.
    Otherwise I don't have any problems with this shooter it's just a little sad to see such a franchise like Fear becoming more of a straight shooter
    like Call of Duty instead of staying true to it's roots. Still after saying that I can't wait for some DLC!

    In short here's the pros and cons:

    +PM and Fettel's different playstyles
    +contractions and f*cking run modes
    +Easy achievements

    -SP campaing is short
    -heavily scripted
    -I'm not scared
    -MP needs more juice (modes)
  • ryanlegend95ryanlegend95194,249
    10 Nov 2012 10 Nov 2012
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    Bring on the scarefest! For the third time.

    In this review I will be trying out a new scoring system that I have come up with so please leave comments below.

    External image

    Fear has been a great series if not faulty because of their low scare factor. The first one was decently scary. The second one was predictable and this one is not scary at all. Which is a shame cause I love horror games. It doesn't mean that this game is crap but rather a disappointment to the horror fans.

    This game is an action game and what I have played is pretty good. While the game is good I just thought that it was too much of a COD game and I don't want that cause I think COD is rather boring.

    In this game you play as pointman and Fettel who are brothers that were rivals in the first game but now they are allies and they have reunited to see their mother who is giving birth. They will have to travel the world just to see her but while the brothers are chasing her there is a new enemy who is even more frightening than Alma herself. The game will answer questions and will fill in the missing gaps to close the book on this series.

    Time to close the book and let's finish this review.


    1 = The Exorcist / 10 = A work of art.

    The graphics are well... good but nothing too fancy. While the first and second game looked amazing this game just looks average. It looks really detailed and the textures are really nice but there are some ugly parts and the level design is very linear. There are great atmospheres in the game like a bloody bedroom with an empty baby cot and a freaky looking teddy bear but my favourite part is the room with a hundred flickering Televisions. While the atmosphere is freaky nothing ever happens.

    External image

    Great atmosphere but nothing happens.

    You would expect to see the TV's break but no it's just a bunch of people running around in circles. The character models and animation are well done but the CGI cutscenes are a bit boring.

    The game runs well with solid frame rate and no signs of technical glitches.

    I give the graphics an 8/10.


    1 = A really hot blonde with a horrible laugh / 10 = Perfect Harmony.

    The sound design is pretty damn good. The guns sound great and the explosions sound loud. The noise that the mechs make are convincing in a Star Wars kinda way and the monster voices are terrifying in a good way. The soundtrack is good and the voice acting is solid but nothing special though.

    I give the sound design an 8/10 (pushing towards 9).


    1 = The next Super Man game / 10 = Revolutionary.

    The gameplay is as strong as ever. The action feels like a cinematic movie and the game pulls it off nicely with the brilliant use of slow mo. The gunplay is brilliant because of it and really comes in handy when sniping. The shotgun may look weird but it's a deadly weapon up close. turn on slow mo and shoot an enemy to see there guts spill out. Just thought that you'd like to know.

    External image

    Mech VS Mech. Kick ass.

    The single player is good but a lot better with a friend cause you can share kills and points with each other. the mutiplayer is a nice addition but a bit tacky and no one is actually playing but the f***ing run mode is fantastic and new.

    While the action is good it does have some problems e.g. taking cover. Taking cover is horrible in first person shooters and should be scrapped really. In this it can be useful at times but there is some collision problems because the bullets still hit you through the wall even though there is no penetration feature in the game. Battling mechs isn't all that fun because of the linear level design.

    I give the gameplay score an 8/10

    Scare factor:

    1 = Fairyland / 10 = I want my mummy.

    The game fails to scare you. It just doesn't try and when the developers try to scare you it is pretty predictable. So far is only one bit that made me jump but even then I still predicted it. It's all atmosphere and no poo stain.

    External image

    And AHHHH! to you too chum.

    I give the scare factor score a 3/10.


    1 = Senseless writing / 10 = The next Deadly Premonition.

    The story is nowhere near good as the first game but it beats the second one by miles. The game does answer some questions and does have a little mystery but you won't care much for the characters because they lack personality. The two different endings are decent but nothing special.

    I give the storyline score a 7/10.

    Is it your cup of tea?

    If you liked fear 2 then you'll like this.
    If you want a good action game then go for this.
    if you want skid marks in your pants then no.


    +Great gameplay.
    +Great sound effects.
    +Playing co-op.

    -The story kinda ended in a whimper.
    -Bad sense of horror.
    -The last game.

    Overall I think this is a great game but could've been better since that it's the last one in the trilogy. I give this game an overall score of 8/10.
  • Balsin FaseBalsin Fase170,897
    01 Aug 2011
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    The Fear series is one I tend to come to with pretty low expectations. Maybe it comes from the fact that everyone set me up for an incredible horror experience for the first one and I ended up with a game that didn’t even manage to make me blink out of turn. Oh, Alma can be seen from the ladder, how scary. With their emphasis on looking for stupid hidden junk, I tended to be looking the wrong way for most of the scares as well. Maybe something truly terrifying did happen in the previous games that I missed while looking for folders on the ground. I wouldn’t know. Fear 3 isn’t any scarier than its predecessors, I’m sad to say, but it makes up for it by being an utter blast to play.

    I tend to not like shooters for a handful of reasons. Mostly, I don’t like having the computer read when I’m not looking at the spot a guy is in, and then having him finally stick his head out of cover to shoot at me. I just can’t stand it when it’s obvious that the game is just doing things based on your input. It’s why I gave up on everyone’s beloved Uncharted series, with its bad guys who literally bend around wherever I happened to point my crosshairs. That’s how you keep the enemies alive the longest and provide challenge in a shooter these days, though. On easy? They just run straight at you, heedless of what you are doing, or do so little damage that you don’t even need to take cover. Fear 3 managed to bypass those feelings, creating a tight shooter where the enemies are smart, and not just doing the single player equivalent of screen peeking.

    For starters, each firefight is set up in areas where there are lots of ways to move in and out. There is rarely just one path that leads to the end of the area, and in those places, there is almost never a place that is safe for very long. What I’m getting at is that there is never a route that feels like the game is coaxing you along it. There is almost never a place with better cover to take, or is more likely to sneak you past the enemies.

    And you can bet those enemies will see you. You can never stay hidden for long, and once seen, you will be dogged with some of the coolest tactics I’ve ever seen in a shooter series. These guys don’t grenade spam you to death. What they do is a systematic sweep of where they think or know you are, spreading a defensive line of machine guns around you while guys with shotguns close on your position. Grenades will start heading your way once that guy is near, forcing you out of cover and right into his path. While dealing with him, the machine gunners will move up, closing around you in a ring. Your slow-motion abilities might help you, but you always need to keep in mind that these guys won’t wait for you to decide what you’re going to do next. They will force you to make fast decisions, and only a nimble mind will get you away safely.

    The usual edge of slowing time is still present, making things a lot easier (You want to play a really hairy game? Play this without using slow-mo at all. Whew, it’s hard). That ability alone makes the days a lot easier, but after a long level of playing as Point Man, you can also bust out the previously killed Fettel for some ghostly action. The other character has the ability to lift people up almost at will, effectively taking someone out of the fight. On top of that, he can hop inside of an enemy for a limited time, doubling his health and taking on whatever weapons the guy was holding. Even weakened boss characters can be used in this way, turning this into a brand new game with just a few feature changes. It drives the replay value through the ceiling.

    And in co-op? These two make an unstoppable combo. The game’s difficulty does get thrown out the window with these two monsters fighting side-by-side, but it makes for some of the most hilarious and action-packed co-op play I’ve had in years. There is just no stopping these two powerhouses when they work together, with enemies dropping left and right from slow-motion headshots and sudden betrayals as Fettel switches bodies every few seconds. It changes a clever shooter into a run-and-gun shooting gallery, and has become the staple game I play when I have buddies over. It’s just so much fun.

    And with an experience system in place that crosses every game type? Just unbelievable. There are various challenges in each stage that you can do, varying from how many kills you get with certain weapons to how many people you can melee to death during a slow-motion use. These challenges award you with experience, taking away the need to search for stupid boosters by just giving you better stuff no matter what way you choose to play. It also coaxes you into trying new weapons and keeping your combat style varied, encouraging you to play around rather than get comfortable with one weapon or attack style. The only drag is that the level cap is at 21, which you will get to long before you finish a second playthrough, but for most it will be more than enough. For me, I just wanted more.

    I haven’t tried the multiplayer, but given that it will be down in a few months from lack of interest, I doubt this will be the draw for many people (And how are those multiplayer boards going, Dead Space 2? The Darkness? Stranglehold? Ghostbusters?). The continuing story of the series might be, though, but it didn’t do all that much for me. If it does, just so you know, there are two endings you can get, depending on which of the two brothers you’ve done more work with. This ended up being my one real problem with the game, in that you have to beat a level with Point Man to unlock the ability to play it as Fettel, so you’re pretty much forced to get the Point Man ending first. Short of replaying levels over and over as Fettel and doing as little as possible with Point Man, there’s just no viable way of getting his ending on the first run. If they wanted to split up the endings that way, they should have let you choose who to play as from the get-go.

    As for the ending I got, I was pretty happy with it. The plot is kind of a meandering mess leading up to it, but the ending left me feeling pretty satisfied. I find Alma to be a figure I pity a great deal no matter what she does, and this story ended on what I felt was the right note for that. It still leaves room for another one, though. Not that I mind. Another game along the lines of this would easily get my money again. No matter what way you are looking to play this, if you like clever shooters or just crazy co-op, then this is where your money should be going. You will not regret it.
  • Removed Gamer
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    After dragging myself through the mediocre but highly playable 'F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin' back in 2009, I had insanely low expectations for the sequel, although I didn't expect it to be this bad. Let's get the positive aspects out of the way first, shall we? Tight controls and quite challenging difficulty, even on Normal. Sound design is nothing short of phenomenal; those with a 5.1 surround system or headset are in for a real treat. There, all done. Everything goes downhill from here.

    NOTE: I'm (mostly) a single-player only type of person so I won't be covering multiplayer as I haven't played it. Nor am I planning to. Please refer to other reviews for said portion of the game.


    After shaking my head in distaste at the terrible artwork I came across three leaflets upon opening the game's box: an online pass (which I won't even bother to redeem), a promotional flyer for John Carpenter's 'The Ward' and a two-page pathetic excuse for a manual with a bunch of disclaimers concerning Xbox Live, PEGI and health warnings; stuff which nobody even reads.

    Starting up the single player I was immediately greeted with laughable and cringeworthy voice-acting in a poor effort to gain the player's interest. What it boiled down to was this: "Your mission is to shoot stuff. Do it."


    A stupid, incoherent & preposterous mess not even worth talking or caring about.


    The Intervals (read: levels) got progressively more generic as one ended and the other began. You will be carrying the same two guns throughout the entire game except for a few encounter-specific occasions where the game will conveniently place a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher for you to use against a generic enemy type that requires such treatment to be swiftly disposed of. Clear the areas and advance.
    Basically, there's nothing to hold one's interest other than some mildly entertaining mech shootouts (for those of you that have played F.E.A.R. 2; think of the same battles minus the excitement.)

    After completing the campaign as the silent and overly generic Point Man, one can play through it again as Fettel for a slightly different, and admittedly more exciting, experience as it does spice up F.E.A.R. 3's foul-tasting main course.

    Still, this single player campaign counts as one of the most tedious, unfrightening but mostly unsatisfying experiences I have ever encountered in my 20+ years of gaming.


    This abomination isn't worth your money due to an abysmal story, piss-poor voice-acting, lackluster level design, failed attempts at horror and a cover mechanic ripped straight from Killzone 2 and 3. Though obviously not as good...

    F.E.A.R. 3 - I blatantly refuse to write it the way it is advertised - is what happens when some dollar-sniffing bloke in a suit says: "Let's not break a sweat. Put in some standard shooter stuff, a prison and sewer level at the very beginning, focus on multiplayer and co-op because that's hot nowadays. And... Well, that's it. Oh no, wait! Have the consumer pay more for less as well."

    Every single bloody thing about it reeks of sour milk and pus squeezed straight from a cancerous breast-like blob on life support.
    This is not F.E.A.R., this is shooter #596451 with a F.E.A.R. stamp on the front of the box. A proper and final insult to fans.