F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon Walkthrough

A walkthrough is currently in development for F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon.

You will find the walkthrough discussion below....
Posted on 17 May 15 at 23:17
Please use this thread to discuss the F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon walkthrough
Posted on 23 May 15 at 13:31
Who is working on this walkthrough?
Posted on 23 May 15 at 13:37
ASAP Juiceeeeee said:Who is working on this walkthrough?matdan12

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Posted on 08 June 15 at 17:53
Oh wow he doing work on a lot of walkthroughs I see. I guess if i had the time I would be playing the game constantly so I can contribute since I'm achievements hunting as well.
Posted on 09 June 15 at 01:31
Yeah, I am. A lot of the old games do not have walkthroughs or poorly done walkthroughs.
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Posted on 09 November 15 at 01:17
Hey guys,

Will be finishing this walkthrough up hopefully before the new year, it is almost complete so it won't take too much longer.
Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon, Behold the Razgriz, its wings of black sheath!
Posted on 27 November 15 at 06:50
Looking forward to reading this, one of my favorite games of all time and one I'm very familiar with. Interested in seeing what direction you take with it matdan

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Posted on 20 December 15 at 10:54
When this walkthrough is done I'll tackle this sp finally. Looking forward to it mate
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Posted on 04 March 16 at 22:07
Any news about the walkthrough status????
Posted on 10 June 17 at 23:58, Edited on 10 June 17 at 23:59 by LeXXuz
Hmm... it's been 1.5 years since matdan's last post. Anyone still working on this?
Chad Doogle
Chad Doogle
Posted on 21 June 17 at 18:41, Edited on 21 June 17 at 18:44 by Chad Doogle
I'm not working on a walkthrough or anything but I'm thinking about attempting this game again.

I've been thinking about breaking it into three playthroughs for the campaign if possible.

The first playthrough on Extreme Mode which would unlock Fearless and Fearsome

Fearless: Win the Campaign on any difficulty except Low.
Fearsome: Complete the Campaign on Extreme difficulty.

The second playthrough on an easy difficulty (maybe low) depending on how I feel after the first...
The focus of this playthrough would be going for Explorer and Exterminator.

Explorer: Find every Health Booster and Reflex Booster in the single player campaign.
Exterminator: Kill every enemy in the Campaign.

Working on those two together seem logical since you'll have to go everywhere anyways.

The third playthrough which may need to be split into three playthroughs would be for the remaining four...

Survivalist: Complete the Campaign on any difficulty without dying.
No Juice: Complete the Campaign on any difficulty without using any boosters.
Realtime: Complete the Campaign on any difficulty without using SlowMo.
Ammo Hog: Win the Campaign using less than 500 rounds of ammo.

Now I don't know yet how going for all three of those at once will go but I figured in all those cases I'd want to avoid fighting as much as possible

Otherwise just know that 24/47 achievements are online.

Just trying to give a little helpful insight to this game.
Posted on 22 June 17 at 02:28
The way you want to do this to avoid as much pain as possible would be:

Playthrough 1:
Survivalist Complete the campaign without dying. Just dashboard if you see yourself dying.
Real Time Complete the campaign without using SloMo. Best done before you start using this feature.
No Juice Complete the campaign without using boosters. Again best done on the easiest playthrough as there are tonnes of health kits around.

Playthrough 2:
Ammo Hog Won the campaign with less then 500 rounds of ammo used, essentially a speed run avoiding conflict as much as possible. And punching people when needed.

Playthrough 3:
Exterminator Killed every in the campaign, could be done on other playthroughs but requires slomo use.
Intel Found every phone message and lap top file in the Campaign.
Explorer Found every Health Booster and Reflex Booster in the Campaign
Fearless Complete the campaign on Normal, ups the difficulty before your extreme run.

Playthrough 4:
Fearsome Complete the campaign on Extreme.

I will be working on this over the next week and trying to get as much done for this walkthrough.
Posted on 22 June 17 at 11:02
I used the roadmap on x360a which worked quite fine. Right now all I have left is the 1000 matches grind... smile The campaign is still fresh in my memory. If anyone needs help with tough spots let me know.
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