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  • TheDirtySurgeonTheDirtySurgeon208,527
    03 Jan 2012 03 Jan 2012
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    EA Sports, it's all the same.

    A saying we have all been accustomed to hearing, isn't true this year. With my great pleasure I am going to review FIFA 12, the latest installment in EA Sports' FIFA franchise. I came to this game expecting a fun experience, and just a way to kill time. This game went way above and beyond my expectations.

    Graphics- 9

    The graphics in this game are great, be it the shadows from the players, the lighting on the grass, the ball, the animations, and the players faces look to a t like the real life versions. A gripe with the graphics would be the crowd, but in any game getting a realistic looking animated crowd is a difficult feat, and I hope we see more Hi Def crowds as consoles get stronger.

    Sound- 10

    This game has excellent sound, from the crowd screaming, the players yelling, the referee blowing the whistle, and the contact, FIFA 12 shines light on realistic sounds. With an excellent licensed soundtrack ranging from Foster the People to La Vida Boheme, it really outdoes itself in this category.

    Gameplay- 9.5

    I give the gameplay a 9.5, since 10 would be perfect, and I believe this game is great, albeit not perfect. The new tactical defending system is unbelieveable, and gives us a new way to think about timing tackles, covering our man, and utilizing ways to prevent that game changing goal. The career mode is fresh, but they could have updated more. One of my personal favourite things is the celebrations. There is nothing more fun than scoring a quick header and then busting into the robot. The FIFA ultimate team mode is a great mode to kill time, play matches, and have fun.


    It is hard to make a game that is challenging, and fun, that keeps our attention for a long time, and I believe FIFA is an excellent example of a game that has perfected it. With an online friendlies mode where, you guessed it, can play with your friends, is excellent in having some friendly competition be it to warm up for actual ranked play, or for some mate to mate bragging, it is very fun. With tons of replayability, FIFA 12 is a step in the right direction, and an excellent addition to the series.


    I give this game a 9.5 out of ten. With excellent sound, visuals, gameplay, replayability, and online, FIFA 12 is a game that will keep you coming back for more. In conclusion, i highly recommend everyone who reads this to buy this game now. Run, don't walk to your nearest game retailer and buy it. Or wait for next year and get 13.

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  • Dae JimDae Jim685,975
    15 Oct 2011 15 Oct 2011
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    (This is not a professional review, but the opinion from a gamer)

    In this new edition EA Sports has paid a lot of attention for three things, Tactical defending, improved Precision Dribbling and the awesome new Impact system. Dribble past the review so you can see how awesome this football game is!

    Especially the Tactical defending has made fifa completely different, gone is the ' just hold 1 button for defending ' tactic. It wasn't a favorite thing by Fifa players, it didn't require a lot of skill... the new way for defending isn't going to be loved by all off you, it's difficult to master it and I'm afraid that some off you will not have the patience for it. However, if you're like me and invest some time in mastering it you'll simply love it! Like the name says it's a lot more tactical, you'll need to position yourself good, call a teammate at the correct time or choice your tackle wisely.

    Another feature that changed fifa for the better is the Player Impact engine, gone are the wood like animations from past fifa's. Just like in real the size of the player and strength will determine how battles for the ball will come out. Matches against the AI have been improved a lot, you'll have to think a head if you want to win, simply pressing the pass button and hoping that you'll face the goalie 1 on 1 is a losing tactic. Even on the easier difficulties you'll have to use your football knowledge and running lines to score.

    Things on the field have been improved a lot but that's not all, load times are down ( especially when you install it), the menu's look sharp and pretty, the ability for supporting your favorite team is a welcome feature and the challenges that change every day are a way to keep Fifa fresh and a reason to come back each day.

    The only slight thing I'm disappointed with is the Career mode, I feel that it's really time to finally improve it so it's more deep. They have done some improvements, Transfer system and some interviews but it's not enough. I miss things like trainings, pressure from the bosses, interaction with your Squad....

    The career mode is disappointing but it's all made up with the impressive and awesome online modes. You now have divisions when you play online, win, lose or draw in 10 matches and you'll get points, have enough points compared with other players? Then you'll move up a division and play against other gamers that match your skill! When you play against your friends everything is stored and you'll get points for it, have enough and you'll win a trophy, it's a addicting and fun way of competition against your friends, and you can be sure that when you win a trophy your friend will want it back :)

    Without a doubt this Fifa is better then the competition. The improved gameplay will get you hours and hours of fun and challenging moments. Play on the virtual field and start earning your EXP to support your favorite team!
  • Joe R NettoJoe R Netto189,962
    06 Jun 2012
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    I see many people talking crap both about fifa 12 and also pes 2012... putting it simple it goes like this (my POV):

    FIFA and PES have gone their own way and aren't really comparable nowadays, by this I mean that one is for who's looking for a kind of gameplay going towards Arcade play (once again, the way I see it since I've played both) you definitly should go for PES (or putting it in another way, you shouldn't go for FIFA 'cause you'll end up frustrated and riping off the controller :p ), but if you're looking for a real, intelligent and chalenging football simulation, FIFA got just near perfection.
    The only flaw one might face in FIFA is the annoying "momentum" during the game that makes you have to go from slight pressure to take the ball from your opponent to almost unhuman defending and even then the "beautiful sphere" somehow goes and swings the net after a mindblowing teamplay with a bunch of rebounds. But this flaw only leaves you "boiling" if your not smart throughout the whole match (even with the annoying glitch it just makes it more chalenging to keep your calm in those troubling periods of the match). So I find this FIFA 12, finally, for pure simulation lovers, a perfect grasp of real chalenging football. So far I couldn't find a way that allows you to score all the time, even with "1-on1" with the keeper you find it that not always things come out as you plan.

    Come to conclusion to say that people that come and say that the gameplay is poor, it just isn't your kind, not the way you like it. If there weren't peolpe saying that it is superb it might be one to consider that it just wasn't good... but there are millions of players loving it and playing it.

    PS.: I'm not a FIFA fanatic, I've been with PES many years (played ISS to PES 6 until FIFA 11 was released) I'm a football fanatic, that my friends... I am :)

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    29 Nov 2011
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    career mode: 6/10

    This games campaign/career mode is very affective because it let you choose from a team from any of the most famous leagues in the world so lets you choose from a wide verity. The new transfer deadline day let you go hour by hour to get your new players up until the last hour I think this feature is pointless because if you wanted to get a player you could have got him at any point in the transfer window you don't need to get him at the last moment it's not like you need to enquire like in real life. But the only problem with it as a whole is once you have done it once the next time is almost exactly the same. At least at the end of the season you can take a job at new team and get the players you want there.

    Graphics 6/10

    The graphics in the game look pretty good as they have improved what the players look like from last year's game again they have done it so much they now almost look like the player they represent but they still need to improve it. Virtual pro builder graphics look good as well there are lots of new ways to customise what your pro looks like. And the stadiums look amazing as well but they still need to improve on the crowds as they still look nothing like people and when they celebrate they do it all at the same time which still looks dodge but overall the games looking good.

    Sound 5/10

    I don't envy the sound tech people at EA this year as they needed all new commentators because of the big story about Martin Tyler and Andy Gray being sexist to one of the female lines women which lead to them being sacked by sky sports. New commentators meant a lot of time in the in the recording studio recording all of the things they had to say and I am glad to say they did a average job at it as some of the players' names were pronounced wrong but they did get some new lines in there but obviously after time these lines stat to repeat themselves and get boring and finally there's the music in the menus which in my opinion was really bad but that goes down to peoples tastes. Finally they have added chants to the crowd which sound pretty fun because there relevant to which team you play.

    Multilayer 6/10

    This part of the game has been improved quite a bit from the last game as the match making has been greatly improved the matchmaking is better now and its easier to find a game also I like the fact that you always find someone near the same level as you and also the same team rating as you have picked which makes the game more fair. Also if you play online it's the same as offline but the banters always good. But the new big multiplayer feature they have added is the ranking of your favourite team where you choose your team at the start of the game and then your score for the day gets added to the score of everyone from that team then you get the average of everyone then get points compared to how all the other teams do as well, but I don't think this feature has worked out very well as it seems the teams with less players do much better than the teams with lots of players such as man u .

    Ultimate team 7/10

    When I first got this game I thought that this was the best part of the game which regular fifa players would recognise it is basically a added mode to Fifa which is all online it is like a card game where you get money for winning matches which then you can use to buy packs of cards to make your team better I would rate this the big 10 but like in past after about 3-4 weeks the economy on the game just gets worse and worse until if you go on the trade centre you can buy some of the best cards for dirt cheap and the game has got to easy again. So the next time EA need to find a way to stabilise the economy

    Final views

    Overall I think this game is quite fun football lovers a like and should defiantly be bought but if you don't like it you will hate the game next I am still looking forward to next year for the slight changes next year they just need to try and find a way to keep the game interesting and some fun new features but defiantly get this game which I am going to rate 7/10

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