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    FIFA 13 is the lastest edition in one of the most popular sports franchises to date.

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    There are quite a few improvements, and I will try to cover all the games modes and what's new so you have an idea of what you're getting into when you pick up this game.

    EAS FC Match day games

    So the first thing on the menu is the EAS FC Match Day modes. This is new in the way that you can start a kick off game and the game will download new rosters and adjust players so that their form matches what it is in real life. Teams will also get adjusted stats as their play gets better or worse in real life. Once in the menu to choose your team, you can hit the right or left bumber to cycle through real time stats, such as leading scorers, injuries/suspensions, players away on international duty, and team stats. It also shows the teams current ranking in their domestic league. This game mode is where you can obtain this achievement;

    FIFA 13Getting RealThe Getting Real achievement in FIFA 13 worth 114 pointsPlay 25 EAS FC Match Day Games

    Next on the list is called "Live Fixtures" which lets you play the next 4 games of the team of your choice, which is a pretty cool addition, kind of like the live league thing they did last year.

    Next is the "Games of the Week". Which picks 5 games of the week, and lets you control whichever team you like. I have always seen an English fixture in the list, but normally they change them up depending on who is playing each other. This also lets you cycle through the team info, same as the kick off feature.

    Lastly, there is a "View Form" tab, which shows how top players and teams rating have changed recently, including in-form and out of form players, which might help you choose your team for your games.

    Ultimate Team

    Pretty similar to last years edition, a couple changes in this years include the ability to play seasons with your ultimate team, online and offline. There is also an option to play against a friends squad offline, which is a nice addition. The Auction house is pretty much identical to last years, so there will be no suprises there. One thing they did add to the trade screen is the option to search for players from your favorite team, or just gold players, making it faster to find your favorite players. There is also a contracts search screen, which has proved helpful to me. The addition of FIFA points is nice for people who spend money to get packs of cards, as you only need one transaction to get a few packs instead of having to purchase them individually. Other than that, Ultimate team is alot of fun, but it is very similar to last years, so anyone who has played FIFA 12 will not have any issues navigating through this.


    This is an online game mode, where you compete to move up in divisions, starting at Division 10, and trying to get all the way to Division 1. The better you perform the higher star rating you get, and you can compete for higher level cups when the cup window opens. On the main screen, you can jump into a match, or cup match if available, check the leaderboards, and check your trophy cabinet. There is also a display which shows your current standings, which division you are in, best cup finish, and your career history. So everything you need to know is right in your face. When you start a game, you can select any team in the game, and it will try to match you to a similar star rated team, which is nice, if you're like me and don't want to play Spain and Barcelona all the time. In my opinion, this is the second best game mode behind career mode in this game.

    Xbox Live

    This tab features a few games modes. First off is the Pro Club Seasons, which is where you take your online pro and join games with friends, or drop in to another lobby and play with random players. I am really enjoying this, and it's fun to get to play with new people, although you may not like how everyone plays this game. From the pro club menu, you have the option to play a match, drop into a match, check your pro's stats and accomplishments. It is set up similar to the Seasons page with all of your current info up on the screen for you, and if you hit LT, it shows your player, and his skill ratings, and peronal stats. this is where you can get these 2 achievements;

    FIFA 13Good StartThe Good Start achievement in FIFA 13 worth 58 pointsUnlock 10% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro

    FIFA 13Well on Your WayThe Well on Your Way achievement in FIFA 13 worth 106 pointsUnlock 25% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro

    Next is Online friendlies, which lets you play a seasons type setup against a friend. Same setup as seasons, except on the left hand side, it shows your friends who are online instead of the menu to select a game mode. Your stats are still up front though, which is nice.

    EA sports arena I have not tried, but it lets you play online to earn prizes.

    Custom Games is another tab here, which basically lets you set up whatever kind of game you want to play, from Head to Head, Team Play and Match lobbies.

    Skill Games

    The big new addition to the series. This is alot of fun. you select from 8 different skill games including, Penalties, Ground Pass, Lob Pass, Dribbling, Shooting, Advanced Shooting, Crossing, and Free Kicks. Your goal is to complete each level, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Skill Challenge. Some are pretty tricky, but they really do improve your skills in the game, and you will spend quite awhile playing these. They also have added these to the load screen before a game starts, instead of having you run at the goalie like last year, they allow you to play a random skill game which is a nice feature.

    EAS FC Hub

    This is where you will get all your info about your XP and your Fifa coins you earn. You get updates on what your friends have completed in this game, new challenges to complete, and the support your club information and standings. They have also added a catalouge of items to purchase with your fifa coins. These items range from throwback kits, new boots for your pro, financial takeovers for your career mode, goal celebrations, extra slots for ultimate team squads, to extra games for your seasons mode. It does take quite awhile to get these points high enough to get some of the good stuff, but it is fun working towards those items.


    Finally, the big one. Lots of new stuff in this mode. Starting with the transfer system. You can now target a player by "Enquiring" about his availablility from their team, which will give you an email telling what they would take for that player, if they would even consider getting rid of him. You can also send counter offers to teams trying to buy one of your players, and you can add a player from your roster when trying to purchase someone. There is also a view shortlist tab now in the transfer menu, which is nice, makes it faster to find your targets.

    There is now a "Manager's Office" where you can hire youth scouts, request additional funds, check for other coaching jobs, sign contract extensions, and check your career stats.

    Another new featue this year includes the option to play international competitions in your first year, which was absent last year, which is a really nice touch, and if you want to add your team if they aren't included in the international cups, you can replace a team from your league so you can play. You now also have the opportunity to coach a national side, which you can do alongside your club duties. Unfortunately, the list of teams you get offers from is random, and you might have to wait ahwile to get the team you want.

    One more addition is the in game updates from other matches. Before you start your game, once you have selected your kits, there is an option to select Game day updates at the bottom of the list, just select which games you want score from, and in game it will have an announcement when there is a goal or penalty or card.

    In the menus, there is also a new festure that has pop ups of news from around the world, mainly concerning transfers rumours.

    This is the best part of this game, very in depth, lots of teams to choose from and players to buy. I spend alot of time playing this and love every second of it.

    Now for the gameplay and all that fun stuff.

    Gameplay - Controls

    The controls feel pretty similar to last years, which for the most part is great. There is still wierd occurances where the ball won't go where I am aiming, or player control will go to a player that is nowhere near the ball. Skills moves are still pretty fluid, and there is a list of how to do them in the settings menu, which is nice, and they have them separated by star level. Shooting feels more accurate in this game, and finess shots are not guaranteed anymore, you have to really learn to place the ball with different kinds of shots, but once you get the hang of it, you can get some amazing goals. the impact engine is still wonky, and players collide and take forever to get up, and the referees are incredibly inconsistant with what they call as far as tackles and rough play. Although I have not tried it out, Kinect is now involved, and you can yell at the ref after a bad call, and possibly get a card for it. I will be trying this in the future, just haven't got around to it yet.

    Overall : 8/10

    Graphics and Sound

    The graphics are slightly improved, which is saying something, because FIFA 12 looked really good. Animations seem improved though, from skill moves to running, they seem smoother this year. The sound is really good in game, as you get some crowd chants, and the commentary is much better this year in my opinion. The menu music is pretty forgettable, but that is not really that important.
    There is still a couple glitchy little things going on, like players celebrating by themselves but it looks like they are hugging someone. One big glitch I had a couple times was the ball would be invisible, making gameplay pretty difficult. But the fix for this, if anyone is having issues, is by going to settings and changing the ball from default. Seems to hae fixed the issue for me.

    Overall : 9/10


    Very good presentation. The Premier League now has an ESPN format, which is pretty ugly to be honest, but cool that the leagues have different presentations. The menus are easy to navigate and find what you need. Great commentary, and crowd noises.

    Overall : 10/10

    Pro and Cons

    1.) Improved presentation
    2.) Way more game modes than last year
    3.) EAS FC Catalouge
    4.) Improved Manager Mode
    5.) Match Day game mode

    1.) Still some glitches while in game
    2.) Have had career mode freeze quite a few times
    3.) Impact engine needs to be fixed

    Overall, I give this game a 4.5, it's not perfect, but it is a tremendous sports game, and most likely sports game of the year again, and i would recommend this to any fan of football, or anyone who has played previous editions of the series.

    Sorry for the novel, but there was alot to discuss for this game, hope this review helped some of you. Thanks for reading.
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    cheers bud, will do, keep up the good work on your reviews.
    Posted on 04 Nov 12 at 20:29
    SaikredOnly just got round to reading this, but it's a good review. I love this game more than 10, 11 and 12 combined.
    Thumbs up from me, keep it up :)
    Posted by Saikred on 29 Jan 13 at 16:15
    Paully05Thanks, appreciate it!
    Posted by Paully05 on 29 Jan 13 at 16:19
    30 Mar 2013
    4 4 0
    So the game still has its basic features like kick-off mode only made better. They have included a EASFC mode and this adds cool competitons and challenges to the game based on a teams current performance in real life.
    Online features such as ultimate team which i will touch on later. Other online features such as head to head games are similar to FIFA 12 in the fact you work your way through divisions or play cup games if the window is open. Be a Pro is also another mode online where you compete in teams of between 2-11 a team in a game online, also if playing with random strangers isn't your thing then you can make your own team were you control who you want in your team.
    Career on FIFA 13 is the best it has been as there are extra features on transfers and negotiations or requesting additional funding from the board, all these make the career more griping.
    Ultimate team is a feature where you play for coins and then either develope your team by spending the coins on packs or in the online auction house or by spending microsoft points on packs in order to have a good team. This game mode is very gripping and doesnt contain some of the hardest achievements to obtain in this game.

    Overall- The graphics of this game get better and better as the years go on. The amount of changes which happen year in year out just make this game better ever year and thats why this is the best sports game out at current times. Definately deserves a 5 stars and even though its been out for 6-7 months it still remains with its RRP because of this!