FIFA 14 (Win 8)


FIFA 14 (Win 8) Achievements

Most Earned

First Step
First Step5 (5)Win your first match.
Clean sheet
Clean sheet11 (10)Finish a match without conceding a goal.
One on One
One on One6 (5)Score after going 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.
Feather touch
Feather touch12 (10)Have no fouls awarded against your team in a match.

Least Earned

Natural born talent
Natural born talent36 (20)Score a goal with your GK!
Shot stopper
Shot stopper18 (10)Win the Penalty Shootout without conceding any goals.
Aerial Threat
Aerial Threat8 (5)Score with a header after a cross.
Double Hero
Double Hero25 (15)Win the Penalty Shootout by having your keeper defend AND score a goal.
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