1. FIFA 14 (Xbox 360) Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Walkthrough for EA Sports FIFA 14.

FIFA is a successful franchise and almost everyone has, like me, played at least one edition. There are a few changes to this year's edition in comparision to last year. FIFA 14 is a whole lot easier to complete than FIFA 13 Achievements or FIFA 12 Achievements as there are no annoying achievements such 85,000,000+ Squad Value or finding an In-Form player in a pack (both Ultimate Team achievements). Nevertheless, you still need to put some time and effort in this game to complete it. The game has some achievements that require some luck, skill and friends though. Overall, I think the game is doable and should for 90% be no problem at all for people wanting to put a decent effort in completing the game. You will need a Gold account to complete this game, though.

I have set this walkthrough up in various stages:

1. EASFC achievements

2. Gameplay achievements

3. Ultimate Team

4. Career Mode

5. Pro Clubs & Seasons

I hope this walkthrough will help you to get this game completed. Good luck!

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